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  • Arranged Marriage - Distance (A Nightwing/Dick Grayson Fanfiction)
    191K 10.4K 53

    Dad says it's good for business. 'Cause your ex-Marine-daughter marrying someone she barely knows who has a girlfriend, secret life and a dislike for said daughter can only be good. ≠≠ Cleo Perich is put into an arranged marriage with Richard Grayson in order to join Wayne Enterprises and Perich...

  • The Shadow Warrior [Legolas Fan Fic]
    714 77 11

    ***Second in The Ghost Warrior Series*** Eruheran has returned once more, centuries after Morohtar played his game with the Mirkwood Prince, planning to complete his mission. Now a full grown adult, Legolas agrees to a journey with his previous kidnapper, his mind having blocked the childhood traumas he faced long ago...

  • The Ghost Warrior [Legolas Fan Fic]
    9K 583 27

    ***First in The Ghost Warrior Series*** Little Legolas and Thranduil are in Imladris for meetings to discuss the growing darkness in Middle-Earth. Within two days of being there, an elleth is attacked and a note is left behind that details a threat towards someone, who ends up being the Prince later on when another no...

  • The Nevermore Princess (Book #2 in the Peanut Butter Fingerprints series)
    22.4K 865 36

    A life of murder is all nineteen-year-old Raven has known. A successful assassin living in Illéa, Raven finds her wings growing too big for her cage as she comes of age. Wanting to break free and fly, Raven accepts her most daunting mission yet in hopes that her father, doubling as her boss, will free her. Her missi...

  • Peanut Butter Fingerprints
    161K 3.2K 47

    It's been five years since America Singer won the heart of Prince Maxon Schreave in the Selection. Now Queen of Illèa, America struggles with balancing her royal life and family life. When forced to choose between love and loyalty, America wonders if the price of freedom is really worth the pain, suffering, and heartb...