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  • Ramona Park Legend
    243K 16.5K 50

    leg·end 1. a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated. 2. an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field. When you look at Marcel Young (Vince Staples) you see an average height, slim, black male. He doesn't look like much and not intimidating at all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cutthroat: A Ramona Park Legend
    99.2K 6.6K 62

    A spin-off to Ramona Park Legend. This will overlap that story. To better understand this story it is suggested that you read the original story. cut.throat 1. a murderer or other violent criminal. 2. fierce and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures. In some people's eyes Joey was way different from his cous...

    Completed   Mature