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  • Church On Sunday {Billie Joe Armstrong}
    19.4K 706 41

    Trying to deal with the death of her father, (Y/n) thinks that her life will never be anything more than what it is now until she meets Billie Joe and after that her life is never the same. Warning: May contain some smut and strong language

  • St Jimmy
    17.2K 426 21

    Inspired by Green Day, the story of a girl who finds a bad ass who just needs someone to love... Jett is 21 and she returns from a punk club one night and is followed by a gang of guys. She is then mugged and left on the sidewalk of an alley. She is rescued by Jimmy, a guy inspired by Green Day. He's suicidal but with...

  • "SCOOP ME" - spoon X icecream
    960 55 4

    "oh spoon, scoop me harder,"

  • the fault in our squids
    688 66 1

    a tragic love story idk get this famous lmao