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  • You || Joker
    169K 6.4K 24

    Where Joker writes letters for his love who left him. book two

  • Stolen (joker x reader)
    145K 5K 41

    You're a scientist with a bad side, you love to cause trouble as a villan who's gotten the name Smoke. You meet the Joker once and he double crosses you, then you meet him again. Your past starts to creep up on you and some interesting stuff happens. Will you fall in love or get revenge? Guess you'll just have to read...

  • Stuck? Now I'm with a Psychopath?! | Slow Updates
    19.8K 506 38

    Hazel is from a military family and a big fan of DC she loves the batman movies and of course the joker is her favorite villain, though she always hated that he abused Harley even if she is really annoying. She doesn't understand how the joker turned out the way he is and how it didn't happen to her she always wondere...

  • Who's next, hm?|| English version
    18.8K 593 12

    As a part of her prize for the won competition, an eighteen-year-old Polish girl is going straight to the United States, to the safest city in America, Gotham, where all criminality has consigned to history thanks to The Masked Hero - The Batman. Is that true? She doesn't even know that soon her life will be like maki...

  • Shatter Me
    76K 2.8K 43

    "Now the real reason why you're here in..whatever this is. Is because I want to make you a deal", I nodded for him to carry on. "I'll give you a week to give in, or else", He said, getting extremely close to me. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. "Or else what?", I whispered, trying to slowly get away from...

  • Twisted, But So In Love *The Joker*
    7.7K 246 4

    He was completely insane, he has killed so many people, yet he is sitting here in front of me completely bare and exposed. He is giving me the one thing that he has never given to anyone else, and it's making me debate my own sanity. Do I really feel this way for a psychopath?