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  • Meeting Ms Rich
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    When a down on his luck struggling musician was asked to house sit for his brother, he knew that he'd have a great time. The last thing he imagined would happen was him befriending the millionaire in the penthouse suite. *** "You're insufferable!" She yelled. "You don't have direction nor drive, you're always in some...

  • Where there are ghosts
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    What happens when a hunter falls in love with the very thing they were after in the first place? Meet Ashton Cree. A sixteen year old girl with no friends to share her many stories and secrets with. At least that was, until you showed a little interest. It's no wonder that she's anti social, apathetic and, sometimes...

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    in which the contents of my thoughts are spilled .

  • A muses musings
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    The tepid wandering of my imagination through dimensions nonexistent. Or in layman's terms: some freaky shit

  • Often confusing
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    Second part to a muses musings because wattpad has a story limit. . . I mean an enthralling book of stories

  • The RAD Girls
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    Rachel, Arya and Diya have more in common than just a nail colour or TV show. Whether it's high school, heaven or hell, they deal with their shit in a totally RAD way. They do exactly what people think they can't, and that's why makes them the RADs. But as the 30 days long summer break begins, their lives change in a...

  • Darkest
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    Dark matter : one of many mysteries concerning all of the universe. Damon Bane : a wielder of dark matter. Sofie Carlos : A elemental manipulator and love of Damon. Rory Donahue : An agent of Time commanders sent to find and protect Damon from engulfing temptation of the easy path. ...

  • The Celestials
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    when the world is threatened by people with uncommon abilities its up to the SIA (secret intelligence agency) to monitor these threats.The SIA appoints to the Celestials, but things get a lot harder

  • ➵ young god
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    he thought was a god until his heart made him human.

  • Directions
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    ❝No way! Why'd you call?❞ ❝What do you mean why? Did you give me your number so I would just stare at it for hours? Well, to be honest, I did but that doesn't matter.❞ ❝I'm so confused...❞ ❝Okay, let's make it less confusing. I'm South.❞ ❝I'm sorry, what?❞ ❝I said, South. My name is South.❞ ❝Are you serious? What's yo...

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    A world of creatures living by the powers of YUMINITE...

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    The gun in his hand a look of carnal hunger. Nothing else mattered, only the mission. Blood on his face and the familiar sound of a gun clicking. Then darkness took over.

  • A Shadow Of Ruins
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    Some things, no matter how big, are hidden in plain sight. ********************************************* She thought she was normal. She thought her fate would never cross the boundaries of her small town in Spain. She thought she had the most predictable life ever. But she was a girl whose fate had already been deci...

  • taffy | ✓
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    "hello?" "hi. is this the person who owns the dog called.. uh, taffy?" "yes! have you found him?" "yep. he's at my house and he's perfectly fine." "oh, thank god." "yeah, just one question. who the hell names their dog taffy?" • • • two days after losing her dog taffy, azalea had lost almost all hope of finding him. b...