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  • My Senpai is a Zombie (comic)
    319 33 2

    Just a little love for zombies

  • Love is color
    514 47 7

    It's love triangles taken to the extreme as second-year high schooler Aoi tries to help her best friend and crush, Akihiko, find someone to heal his broken heart after he was rejected by an ex-girlfriend. She finds a (charming?) American exchange student, Tori, to take up the task of dating Akihiko, but as their relat...

  • Heavenward
    113 7 1

    A comic/graphic novel about some wacky teens.

  • Petectives: The Webcomic
    21K 1.3K 40

    Ever wonder what your cats are doing when you're not around? Most likely they're just sleeping but housecats Yoshi and Gatsby also manage to solve a few crimes in between naps. To combat the boredom of being pets, these two conduct private investigations for their fellow animals. Gatsby's a smart-mouthed orange, strip...

  • FlowerFell (comic)
    23.5K 588 9

    Based on the music from "Secret Garden" inspired by the wonderful game! 'undertale' :D

  • Endgame (Manga)
    438 59 10

    Kodi Blau is a rebel. Not the kind that plays silly pranks, no, he's got a fondness for C-4 and explosions. A victim of human experimentation as a child, Kodi Blau seeks revenge on the organization that killed his best friend, gave him countless scars, and numbered his days with a lethal virus. When an accident nearly...

  • Freakshow (Comic)
    2.3K 151 9

    Please note that updating this will be slow, for I have to draw each frame of the story. Welcome to a world where appearances are taken personally and very seriously. Where living beings become guinea pigs for the government. Where the helpless become toys for others. Where reputation, good or bad, has no value. Wel...

    1.4K 137 4

    Just random comics I make OvO Maybe a potential dōjinshi as well?? (Cover drawn my me 0u0)

  • Artificial Love Of A Skeleton (Gaster x Reader) ARTBOOK
    145K 7.8K 81

    Yes, the whole thing is made with arts. not words. I'm lazy to type. Btw this is Undertale and the aus of undertale + my oc and people's oc. If you do not know Undertale: It is a game developed by Tobyfox and his crew, cost about $10. Do support him by buying it. With cracks, you might have a hard time to find Gaste...