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  • Brute (Angels of War Series #2)
    83.5K 5.8K 36

    Haven Hill Animal Sanctuary specialises in the rehabilitation of patients with mental health issues, which is exactly what Bret O'Neil signed up for when he saw no light at the end of the demon filled tunnel. Bret needs help, and he needs it bad. Destroyed by the devastation of war, he's given an ultimatum: Find hel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Uncovered
    3.5K 156 5

    When former adult film star Tucker Graham moves to Ellis, Texas to help care for his brother and niece, he finds himself instantly attracted to kindergarten teacher and preacher's daughter, Jillian Taylor. Little does he realize, that sweet kindergarten teacher will give him a run for his money and his heart.

  • On Santa's Lap *Published*
    3.2M 94.6K 28

    Evelyn Monroe hated Christmas, she wasn't always like that. Even till the age of seventeen she believed that Father Christmas existed somewhere, but just before her 18th Christmas her world changed and so did her beliefs and thoughts. That's till she runs into the plaza's Santa who sported a very sexy six pack under...

  • In Love With My Gay Friend (EDITING)
    98.3K 2.8K 32

    My name is Joey Lerman. And I... was just going through a phase of 'moving-on' from a 2-year relationship with my ex-boyfriend. In this screwed up story, it practically involved a lot of things - such as my break-up story, my dreamboat gay BFF, and of course, our ludicrous plan of making my ex-boyfriend regret ever l...

  • Even After All
    698K 24.5K 59

    Matilda has rebuilt from the hell of her past. And now just as she's finally starting to make something of her life a voice...a face from the past returns and threatens every aspect of her life. Is she strong enough to fight him and fight the past?

  • My Highland Home
    1.5M 61.5K 40

    Pretending to live in the historic days of old in the highlands of Scotland wasn't exactly how Kenzie McDowell thought to spend her summer, but then things go from bad to worse when she finds herself transported over 250 years into the past. Sick, confused and furious the 17 year old finds herself at the mercy of Lair...

  • Blood of the Highlands
    903K 31.5K 21

    Tackling her had been a mistake. The feel of the soft curves pushed up against him was overwhelmingly sensual and he'd been too damn long without a woman. Jesus the lass was as soft as a kitten. Mumbling a curse; he held her down and warned, "Don't move lass, I won't hurt you" There was something dark and promising in...

  • A Scotsman's Promise
    238K 14K 34

    When French Canadian aristocracy and Scottish pride clash, the results can never be predicted. Micara DeMonae, a budding socialite in late 1700's Canada, is entrusted by her father to a Scottish courier to take her down the St. Lawrence. Her money and status me nothing when she is faced by a defiant, handsome Scot det...

  • Truly Yours
    1.8M 64.3K 39

    Growing up wasn't easy for 22 year old Farrah Ahmed. Being a victim of cruel and relentless bullying in school had left her confidence in tatters and crippled with self-deprecating thoughts for years to come. However she discovered happiness once again with the help of her loving family and devoted friends, fulfilling...

  • #AskEmma
    256K 11.7K 21

    Synopsis They say motor mechanics always drive broken cars and that plumbers' homes always have leaking water pipes. Dr. Haley Stafford a psychologist is also a leading relationship expert. She writes a very popular column for an international fashion magazine as a relationship consultant AND she is also writing a bo...

  • Meeting Ophelia (Now on Radish)
    46.6K 1.8K 16

    "So," Coffee Shop Boy said. I was watching his web-show. He took my earlier and programmed his number into it. Out of curiosity, I texted him and asked him his name. Coffee Shop Boy said 'don't worry, cutie, watch my show and all will be revealed.' So here I am, watching his show as I tried not o look at my scars. "I...

  • Breaking Bailey (Now on Radish)
    24.1K 1K 19

    She steals, she lays in the streets at night, she's tired, and hungry, and alone. Bailey Lillian Nova was abandoned by her parents who never wanted her in the first place. She's the youngest of five, the most rebellious, and the one her parent's couldn't handle. Her biggest secret got her kicked out of her home and no...

  • Healing Holly (NOW ON RADISH)
    852 23 6

    Hallelujah-Holly- Abbi Snow was the golden child. Her father and mother heirs to one of the biggest bed and breakfast chains that is still family owned and operated, the oldest of four. She's a straight A student, captain of the cheer-leading squad, perfect quarterback boyfriend, most popular girl in school. And she c...

  • Earning Gracelyn (Coming Soon)
    1.3K 32 4

    Gracelyn Rebecca Grant is the daughter of a single father, who would give her the world if it made her happy. Her mother left the two a year after she was born, so father and daughter grew close. Gracelyn was not used to luxuries or even getting more than what she deserved. She was a rare breed of humble, down to eart...

  • Sooner or Later...You'll Want Me Again
    5.1M 95.5K 42

    Five years ago, Isyss Dulay left home to pursue her modeling career. Behind, she respectably left friends and family. Now, as a 23 year old famous supermodel, she's returning home to the life and people she had to leave behind. She finds out that not only has the scenery changed, but the people as well. Among them all...

  • Mission impossible with Mr impossible
    4.5K 114 13

    To stay alive they must first learn to get along without killing each other in the process. His eyes met mine. “Are you the infamous Roxanne Knight?” I swear I see every pair of female eyes turn my way enviously, great so much for being a chameleon. I raise an eyebrow and try not showing my disgust as he scans down...

  • My Boss Got Me Fallin' In LOVE
    1.1M 4.3K 5

    Katee's first impression on the guy in the elevator was: hot at first sight. Little did she know, that guy's her boss, specifically, the Vice President of Leighton Industries. As a college working student, all she wants is a great job experience and review from her boss. After the job's deal -which includes Katee work...

  • The Boss in New York
    407K 2.2K 5

    Kristine Roberts just moved to Manhattan, New York from Los Angeles, California, leaving her family behind, wanting to work in a large business company in the country. Little did she know, her new boss, Mr. Johnson, is a 'hunky' 24 year old who is an arrogant bastard. What will happen between the relationship of Krist...

  • Beyond the Walls of Greenmoor Manor
    226K 13.1K 21

    At the age of eight, one should be running about the streets with the neighbor children, playing tag and screeching like wild banshees. While the other children were doing just that, dashing through the alleys and terrorizing their mothers, Mary Noble was packing all of her belongings into a single tattered bag. Sent...

  • When Winter Falls
    371K 18.1K 18

    Lydia Rowley had been sheltered her whole life but she just got a taste of men in her first season. She is naive and ignorant but she seems to think she knows more about the ways of the heart than she really does. When autumn comes and the Militia marches into town, Lydia is quickly seduced by the charming, young Dani...

  • When Rose Blooms
    417K 21.4K 20

    Rose Rowley has always been the belle of the ball, the youngest and most beautiful of her siblings. She has earned herself a reputation as a notorious flirt and a heartbreaker; however she is still the object of desire on the London dance floors. Having refused countless proposals, she returns home to her family's co...

  • When Dawn Breaks
    289K 15.3K 17

    Love was fiction, found in novels and fairy tales, wild and fanciful. At least that’s how Dawn Rowley saw it, as a plot in a book. Dawn is the daughter on a wealthy Barron of Wellborn and an aspiring writer. She spends her time immersed in her books and stories, scribbling down adventures and romances which she had d...

  • When Morning Rises
    306K 14.2K 16

    Simon could hardly believe when his parents shipped him off to Brighton to stay with his aunt and uncle. They insisted he needed to learn a sense of responsibility before he inherited the tittle of Baron of Wellborn. Not only does he have to deal with his younger cousins running around his feet, but also their beautif...

  • When May Wilts
    272K 14.5K 16

    When a boarding house burns to the ground and a young woman is dragged from the wreckage, Jasper Rowley bets against death to revive her. Being a young doctor, he patches her up and treats her burns as best he can. However when she wakes, Jasper discovers she can only remember her name, May Shaw. Jasper tries to remai...

  • When August Comes
    429K 22.2K 17

    August Rowley just recently inherited the title of Barron of Wellborn from his great uncle. He knows nothing of the ton and society, as he grew up on a farm but he steps into his title with a preconceived idea of all the ladies being nasty gossips who cinch their corsets a little too tight, though for the most part he...

  • Pride and Prejudice (1813)
    7.9M 128K 61

    The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of early 19th-century England. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman living near the fictional town of Meryton in Hertf...

  • He'll come through
    294K 10.1K 28

    Lilah's job as a nanny in sunnier climes comes to a rather dramatic ending. She has to rely on the attractive and charming mercenary Quinn Southland to get herself out of the mess. But how can you trust a man who is in love with the past and doesn't even trust himself?

  • Under My Skin
    287K 10.2K 29

    Isobel has run away from the man of her dreams, hiding away in the middle of nowhere, but he wants to find her, and he's nothing if not persistent. For Isobel she needs to deal with both her past and his to even think about a future together, but then nothing is ever as it seems, and with every action there's a conse...

    Completed   Mature
  • Touch (Will not be completed on Wattpad)
    2.6M 49.4K 40

    Leah's dreams of a happy forever with her boyfriend come crashing down when he leaves her to pursue his education far away from the school she just committed to. She is still holding on to hope that he will realize his big mistake. She may have a broken heart, but she still believes in love and forever. Noah has spe...

  • Library Love
    8.7M 317K 43

    Dewey Decimal Daniels. That isn't a name you would expect a girl to have, is it? Thanks to her parents, who first met at the small town's library, she's stuck with the name. But no matter how ironic it may be, she's absolutely in love with the library. She volunteers there as much as she...