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  • A Thousand Year Obsession ✔
    162K 7.9K 62

    Morgana was anything but ordinary. She had no memories of the time before she was fifteen years old, of the time before she'd appeared out of nowhere on a young woman's doorstep. She was haunted by strange, scarily realistic nightmares that not even the doctors could explain away. And there wasn't a trace of her any...

  • Obsession || h.s. au
    2.5M 88.2K 46

    "I was scared... but wouldn't you be? If a serial killer was utterly obsessed with you?" Highest rank: #2 in Thriller

  • Friends✓
    12 2 2

    When two souls meet, they click. But just as friends? A SHORT STORY.

  • Queen's Award
    74 13 9

    OPENED Need of judges, contestants and a will to live.

  • Rebel Wars - 2018 Awards [CLOSED]
    10.7K 347 19

    We've announced the winners, and now we get to kick back and party! Keep an eye on this book for all kinds of shoutouts, winner reviews, thank yous and fun! And of course, keep it in your library for news about future Rebel Wars. Cover by our Graphics Winner: @Sarah_Maclean!

  • When Love Meets Unexpectedly
    4.4K 360 35

    ◆WLMU◆ It is a love story which started because of a social media site haha I know it's sound weird but it really did happen with a boy from America and a girl from India . "Meet Cole smith ●He is not like other boys, ●He is not a play boy, ●He appreciates the beauty of the soul rather than the physical beauty, ●He s...

  • Adella✔
    3.2K 223 5

    Adella Johnson. Living alone in New York city is not as easy as it seems like. Adella is a girl whose struggling to get a job. She doesn't have anything except a house and few thousand dollars in her bank account. That's all her parent's had left for her. It was a normal evening when her parents left to have dinner bu...

  • In Love With A Stranger✔
    852K 31.8K 73

    (Most impressive ranking #3 in romance out of 1.07M) "What!?....what are you doing Zach? Let me go." "I won't let you go this time." "Zach stop this please." "You can't stop me loving you Rose." _______________________________________________________________________ Rosaline Knights. Beautiful 17 years old girl with a...

  • The Caged Princess✔
    144K 4.6K 65

    A dark King on the tail of a beautiful and fragile princess, claiming her as his and only his. ________________ Revenge, fear, lust, determination Scandalous thoughts, aims and actions. Love and Hate. What more will follow the lives of the two people that hold much power than they think?