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  • Unexpected Encounter (Originalshipping)
    234 11 5

    An AU where Red is a prince and Green is the grandson of a famous herbalist. Red saves Green from a group of Pokemon attack when Green was gathering herbs in the forest. The beginning of their friendship that begins to bloom, but what will happen when Green found out who Red really is?

  • Unravel Me { A Namless / OriginalShipping & PreciousMetalShipping AU }
    363 12 3

    just two boys trying to find the truth in each other , yet neither of them are willing to reveal it { nameless / originalshipping & preciousmetalshipping }

  • Together in Sinnoh / Originalshipping
    5K 145 13

    Professor Oak asks Red and Green to watch over his lab in Sinnoh. What will happen between them?

    Completed   Mature
  • Taming a Beast
    82 3 1

    Blue groaned in frustration. He just wasn't getting it. That monster is in a league of its own. In all the 148 wild Pokémon Blue had captured, nothing had even compared to this. Nothing could have prepared him for the brutality that this Pokémon displayed. Red had no idea what he was getting himself into. Somehow, eve...

  • Mess (Red x Green/Blue one-shot)
    2.9K 76 3

    Green's been feeling suicidal ever since Red went to Mt. Sliver. His relationships regarding his friends and family are at an all time low and he's just waiting for a reason to smile once more. He just wants to press "reset". When he can't bear it anymore he goes to the ocean to end it all. But a certain champion st...

  • I Love You, Don't You Get That? (Originalshipping Yaoi)
    15K 325 8

    Red has a nightmare about Green and it makes him worried about his best friend, just as Red is about to leave, Green shows up at his door and stays for a while. What will happen while Green is visiting Red?

    Completed   Mature
  • Twinception / Originalshipping (Editing)
    5.1K 165 43

    Red and his sister Leaf has moved to Pallet Town. They meet two boys next door, Blue and Green, who happen to be twins. What trouble can Red get himself into with two hot dudes near him?

    Completed   Mature
  • Life at pallet town high
    1.6K 71 9

    Red, his sister leaf, and his mother move to pallet town his junior year of high school. His old friend yellow goes to the same school as him and has some devilish schemes in plan. How will red adjust to the new people and town. Will yellow be able to match her best friends. ( duh she is yellow she is a goddess of sai...

  • ..Close? (preciousmetalshipping)
    3.8K 200 14

    Gold is a guy who loves flirting, is a little impatient and is madly, deeply in love with Silver. Silver on the other hand, doesn't care about him. actually not about anyone, really. He also has this pure, unexplained hatred for his own father. At least, he never explained why, quoting "It's none of your business, b...

  • Run For Your Life {SnK/PokeSpe Oneshot} [PreciousMetalShipping]
    978 33 2

    Silver and Gold travel outside the walls again. But now Silver's nervous since recently he became corporal and he's afraid that if something goes wrong, it's his fault. But hey, the sun is about to set and Titan's can't move at night so, what could possibly go wrong? [Snk(AoT)/PokeSpe crossover/AU] [PreciousMetalShip...

  • 30 Days of PreciousMetalShipping
    11.6K 293 20

    P.M.S OTP Challenge!! Enjoy!

  • Forgotness...(Preciousmetalshipping)
    1.2K 57 5

    Silver disappears for a really long time. Gold misses Silver a lot but suddenly he got the strength to move on to an another life. When Silver returns, Gold had forgot about him. Will Gold remember Silver? Or will Silver be filled with sadness?

  • I Am Who I Am // Preciousmetalshipping
    2.6K 132 9

    Silver gets kicked out. He decides to move into Gold's house. Watch these two go through adventures of fun, self-identy, romance, and more :D

  • Our Facades (TO BE REVISED)
    168 11 2

    Fixed: Silver's struggling with his past, he's been cold and pushing away Gold even though he's trying to help. Noticing Silver isn't mentally well and that he won't let Gold hell him leads him to issues of his own - - - Old: Gold's depressed because Silver's depressed and he can't do anything to help or fix it. Which...

  • Speaking the Truth - Gold x Silver
    185 13 1

    Translation for past sleep deprived description: A one shot about Gold gathering the confidence to approach Silver and confess what's been going on in his head It's a slash fic so run now if ur not looking for queer boys - - - GAYGATGAYDHS I WRITE ALL GAY AT mIDNight or 1A M IDK I FEEL LIKE I AHOULd try FinISHING SOM...

  • Friends to Rivals to More (REVISING)
    1.8K 55 7

    The actual game doesn't give you much information about Red and his rival Blue What relations did they have? Why did they act like they knew each other so well? Here's their childhood, teenage years to adult --- I like haven't been in this fandom for years I'm rusty on my knowledge so like don't expect my story to be...

  • You and I. Together - A Pokéspe fanfiction
    5K 107 18

    A new student called Green Oak gets introduced to Red's class. They become great friends and Green starts to develop a crush on Red, but there is a small problem. Luckily it's not too difficult to get rid of. (Temporary book cover, the art isn't mine if it wasn't obvious.)

  • Red's Diary / Originalshipping
    5.8K 241 5

    Green finds Red's diary that he wrote in while he was on his adventure. He discovers Red's thoughts and feelings for him as he reads. What will Green do?

  • A sad secret (Red x Green) Yaoi
    103K 1.3K 22

    This is a man on man story don't read if you don't like. I do not own these characters. Red had a secret and told know one but what happens when Green finds out?

    Completed   Mature
  • Say Something! (Red X Green One-Shot)
    1.1K 41 1

    Red has finally returned from disappearing to Mt. Silver, and Green isn't happy with the raven haired boy at all.

  • Rules That are Laws
    892 38 2

    What are Rules? Conveniently Placed Laws or Something more? What are Laws? Freedom, Sanction, or Sin? Well, if they were sin, then I wouldn't be stuck in this jail disguised as a life. Green O./Blue O. x Red Green will be a little OOC (Non Tsundere).

  • Making Friends / Originalshipping
    2.5K 88 16

    Red is about to start school at Viridian High School. His main objective is to make friends, but will he get more out of it?

    Completed   Mature
  • Originalshipping - Tomorrow Is Another Day.
    184 0 4

    Red and his crush Green are just a week away from graduating their Pokemon School. Right after school, Team Skull tried to stab Green, telling him they have enough information about Red, that Green himself has given them. Red quickly saved Green, now the two boys ran into the jungle, knowing Team Skull is after them...

  • The Loud Warmth And Winter's Silence (Originalshipping Story: Boy x Boy)
    1.3K 46 10

    (Going to continue writing in this story) A/N: Red is like his in game self in this story, I would love to read the manga though :000 Green (I will say his name is Green since it's his Japanese name) Warning: Kinky shit and possible rape. Course this shit gon' be lemon scented. This ain't sweet. Info: Red has been on...

  • Heart of Gold, Soul of Silver(DISCONTINUED)
    2.9K 59 7

    DISCONTINUED since I have a new account Sorry if you wanted more romance lmao Gold is often surrounded by swooning girls, and because of that, the boys always get jealous of him and call him names like "Goldie-Locks". One day, a new student comes to school, and Gold finally thinks of a way to stop the name calling. B...

  • Gender Offensive! (A RedxBlue Rival Love Story)(Pokemon Yellow Fanfic)
    2.7K 58 4

    Synopsis: Professor Oak has come up with a new experiment for Pokemon breeding: the gender-bender potion! Out of the blue, the old rivals (Red and Blue) return to Pallet by his request. By accident, Oak spills the potion into both of Red and Blue's welcoming drinks, and he begins to figure out that the potion doesn't...

  • PreciousMetal On Crack
    2.7K 105 6


  • Red's Diary (Past & Future)
    36 7 1

    Each week I update with something new that happened to me recently. (-: Enjoy!

  • Perfect Opportunity for a Perfect Love
    3.4K 58 9

    ORIGINALSHIPPING (Lemon) Green swears he will get Red off of Mt. Silver if it's the last thing he does. Can he? Can he get him to journey with him on his dream vacation to Alola? Will the vibrant atmosphere bring warmth into Red and Green's hearts? They say the ocean brings true love to soulmates in waves. (RedxGree...

  • Flowers and Chocolates (preciousmetalshipping)
    2.7K 75 2

    First off this story is gonna get hella gay. Also don't judge the story by the description because I suck at them. Silver had no idea Gold was in love with him until the day he arrived at his house with flowers and chocolates. Their life would be full of angst and plot twists from that point on. Seriously I suck at...