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  • Not Likely
    78.7K 3.1K 11

    "My beautiful Noami," Asher said in a mocking tone. "Would you ever consider going out on a date with me?" I laughed at him and said, "Not likely." Only if that were true. --------- Noami has just moved to college, and she doesn't like it at all. She much rather be at home with her mother baking sweet chocolate chip c...

  • All Natural
    12.6K 696 36

    This book is created to give tips, remedies, motivation & DIY's for naturals all around the world

  • Black Girl Magic | BWWM | (COMING SOON)
    226 14 2

    #blackgirlmagicSeries _____________________________ Kayla Diaz is one of the few Latinos present in her predominantly white school. Not only is she a Latina but also brown skin, the and I quote "The Worse Kind there is". Kayla's sass , sarcasm and snarky attitude catches the attention of the school's bad-boy Devin Ho...

  • t e m p e r | ✓
    124K 5.7K 14

    [IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING REWRITTEN] So, there's this girl. His beautiful dark chocolate fantasy sculpted to perfection. He thinks she's impossible to obtain, she thinks he's untouchable. For her, he'd go insane. Burst into fits of rage even. Yet, she still can't quite decipher the meaning behind his gorgeous ocean b...

  • Despite our Differences .
    276K 11.2K 31

    When Jasmine and Carter get paired together for a school project being the top two smartest individuals of their class, will it become competition or will they get to know one another? Will one of them start catching feelings?

  • The Alpha's Black Beauty.(Interracial)
    192K 5.9K 21

    [#772 in Romance ] Sixteen-year-old Hazel Grey, is a black hipster girl. She's shy,sweet and funny. What happens when the Alpha's eighteen-year-old son, Jason Lance is Hazel's mate? He's white, she's black. "this isn't gonna work out" "why?! because I'm white and your black, Hazel I love you and I don't care about the...

  • I'm in Love with a White boy: Soulmates? (Bwwm)
    49.1K 2.1K 13

    Lunette Winter was just an ordinary seventeen- year-old black girl, who moves from L.A to London. But that was into she finds herself in confusion and danger when she falls in love with a white boy who's a werewolf, Zeke Dawn.

  • Twist (Disney w/a gay twist) {BoyXBoy}
    64.8K 1.6K 13

    ******PG-13****** Modernized stories of some of the beloved Disney characters as gay men. See how much them being guys changes your whole look on them. This book will contain six stories, starting with Cinderella, followed by The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Best, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, and Alice in Wonderlamd. Th...

  • Falling From Grace
    48.1K 1.7K 18

    Completed (Sequel to The Heroes Curse) (SPN/TW) After Stiles "death" Dean and Sam criss cross the country in search for him. What they don't know is that he can't be reached as Lucifer manipulates him, controls his mind twisting the innocent boy to become the one thing he feared the most. With out control over his...

  • Twilight Love
    27.2K 404 6

    Completed   Mature
  • Love in The Heart Of Camelot
    1.3K 41 3

    Isabella is Merlin's twin sister, she goes with her brother to Camelot. With magic in the heart of Camelot will love flame or will they succumb to the wraiths of Uther

  • The Kissing Booth Again (Fan Fiction)
    202K 6.8K 38

    What happens next for Elle and Noah, do they stay together through their long distance relationship? Whats next for Elle and Lee as they navigate their last year of high school and have some big decisions to make? Will love affect those decisions? I have fallen in love with the book The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles...

  • (Possibly permanent Hiatus) Mieczyslaw Mikaelson - The Original Heretic
    63.9K 1.5K 13

    Hidden for over 500 years, it's time the youngest Mikaelson sibling reunites with the family I don't own anything used in the story, including the picture. I don't know who owns the picture, I found it on google Might be changed later to mature 1st chapter is just a list of all the cannon changes, pairings, and the s...

  • But He's My Brother?
    432K 14K 22

    Elisa is turning eighteen in a week, this will be a crucial moment for her because not only does it mean she will soon shift into her Wolf for the first time but that she will also find her Mate. However this is a prospect she is not entirely thrilled about as she believes most mates are oppressive beings. Samuel is h...

  • The Aphrodite Twins - Alternate Version
    504 18 9

    Aphroditus was an abnormal small-town boy, what with his perfectly bleach blonde hair and perfect body. He was one of the only gay boys in his town, and couldn't wait to escape. He is now attending Parsons, a high-end fashion school in New York City. When he gets a surprise visit from his unknown twin sister Aphrodite...

  • Stilinski One Shots | Editing
    14.9K 369 20

    These are a bunch of One Shots. It's a bunch of Stiles pairings. There will be smut. If you don't like that, don't read this book.

  • Paul Wesley✆Social Media |1|
    181K 3.5K 35

    Sophie Dobrev aka Nina Dobrev's superstar twin sister who also played Stella Argent on Mtv's Teen Wolf is now casted in The Vampire Diaries Season 4 thanks to her sister Nina Dobrev. Who will her character be? Perhaps another Mikaelson or maybe another Gilbert. Find out this October on The Vampire Diaries. (completed)

  • Jasper's Twin Sister{Emmett x Reader}
    271 11 1

    Jasper's sister Tori Whitlock lives with Peter Charlotte Whitlock and Bella Whitlock (Swan).They are almost as powerful as the Volturi.Bella is a vampire that can also let other vampires have children.Bella is Mated To Jasper while me I'm mated to The Bear Emmett Cullen

  • Expelled.
    1.5M 7.9K 9

    Ace Aaron Jones is a badass, she just got out of juvie for something that didn't happen and is living with her loving mother. She just starts senior year. She's gorgeous and can make the girls glare at her and all the guys stare at her. She goes to her new school and the she immediately grabs the bad boy's attention...

    Completed   Mature
  • Giving Your All
    161K 5K 29

    Some say that in the dark of night he creeps after all that is bad. Others say they saw him first hand, taking down Gotham's enemies. Behind him is a friend, a red cape. Friendship can become something more in the blink of an eye, though. Request is by lovely Hanna, feel free to ask me to fix mistakes. I don't own Bat...

  • All Hale the King (Sterek)(Hale Twins)
    50.3K 3.5K 54

    It's been three months since Derek left Beacon Hills. He didn't say bye to anyone. He left his pack without an alpha. Then all of a sudden he's back, but he seems out of character. Stiles automatically assumes he's been cursed, that is until he finds out that he isn't Derek at all, but his twin brother, Gage. Gage is...

  • Amelia? (Editing)
    39.9K 1.3K 14

    Amelia Tro, a secret street fighter who goes by the nickname, Turbo and is a nerd at school. She thinks she can keep her secret forever, but can she? Damon, the biggest jock, tries to find out who Turbo is. What will he do if he found out? --- Story has a lot of grammars and wrong words siNce autocorrection.

  • the nerds aren't real nerds
    130K 3.5K 24

    "Fuck you I'm trying to sleep" she said "Fuck you too." Was all she heard before her earbuds were pulled from my ears. "What th-" she stoped herself remebering she is at school her eyes looked up to see one of the schools bad boys greg fucking parish God damm she hated him.... (i know I'm bad at descriptions but I...

  • Stiles Salvatore
    221K 6.9K 57

    My name is Stiles Salvatore. Yes you heard that right I'm a Salvatore. I ran from my two older siblings after growing sick of their petty feud and made a life for myself in the one and only Beacon Hills where I met Scott my best friend. However he just thinks I'm a weak pathetic human who cannot defend himself- boy i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty and The Beast(Klaus Mikaelson)
    899K 19.3K 61

    Arabella Salvatore has done something horrible back in the day to a certain Original Hybrid. Can he forgive her? Can she forgive herself? Even though she did what she did; Arabella loves Niklaus Mikaelson more than anyone could realise. "You see yourself as the beast and I as your beauty. But you are more perfect to...

  • I am Number Twelve
    66.2K 2.2K 29

    When a new girl named Isabella Swan comes with what they think is her mother the Cullen's, well most, become curious about this new girl. Edward can't read her mind, Alice can't see her future and Jasper can't feel her emotions. The Cullen's are curious but become even more curious when Jasper becomes distant and says...

  • I love someone else
    808 44 1

    A one shot Supercat!!!

  • Sugar sweet
    7.4K 278 13

    The smell of sweet sugar is filling the room and that's when I know she wasn't just someone ordinary.

  • Cousin Miguel
    109K 4.1K 45

    After everything that has happened with Boyd, Derek can't stand living in the loft. When he is offered to live with the Stilinski family he doesn't know if this is going to end well or not. But with nowhere else to live and Stiles being, well kinda, his friend he accepts the offer. But living together may change thing...

  • Four and Six Forever(Lorien Legacies)
    33.9K 462 31

    A Lorien Legacies fanfic about Four and Six!