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    ❝some days i am more wolf than woman, and i am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.❞ [nikita gill] Lyanna Snow was born a bastard, alongside her twin brother Jon. The two grew up inseparable from each other and were very close, especially considering the cold shoulder Catelyn Stark always gave them, whi...

  • Drarry- It Was All Just a Game
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    When Draco comes up with an idea to mess with Harry during the Triwizard Tournament, will he be the one who will get burned in the end? Drarry #wattpride #drarry

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  • Crave ✔
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    Copyrighted 2017 *Completed* Highest rankings: #6 in Werewolf #1 in Wolves #3 in Featured He was said to be powerful, the most powerful of them all. A king of kings- a dark king. Complete control. He needed it- thrived on it. He was power, he was dark, and he was beautiful. They say he was a de...

  • Inferno
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    At the Choosing Ceremony four years ago Tobias Eaton left more than an abusive father behind; he also left his younger sister. Now it's time for the Choosing Ceremony again, where Crystal Eaton's future awaits. She decides to go to find her brother, and find out what her new life may have in store for her. Is she prep...

  • Indiana Jones ↠ Peter Pan [OUAT] ✓
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    𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐀 𝐉𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒 | ❝I wished for a big adventure.❞ In which one Indiana Jones is framed for a crime she never committed. Or, alternatively, the tale of a lost girl who never stopped chasing the truth, no matter how hard it tried to run away from her.       © w0nderwriter 2016-2017       ONCE UPON A TIME;...

  • Echo ➳ Once Upon A Time ✓
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    Loneliness taught her. Trauma raised her. Betrayal drove her. Bloodlust marred her. True love saved her. But none dared to tame her. ───────── "Every story I ever read, every movie I ever watched, Rae Hood was always the one doing the saving. What happened to that?" "It's funny," The practically immortal girl scoffed...

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    Hey welcome to my trailer shop where you can request trailers for your Wattpad stories enjoy. Cover By L1GHTN1NGBL4ZE

  • We Three Kings
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    The Twilight saga had it wrong. Isabella Swan wasn't the only sibling caught in the mythical world of vampires & shifters. Charlie had another daughter, older half-sibling to Isabella, Anastasia Swan. Her story, however, had taken her to the heart of Volterra & the Volturi. Aro/Caius/Marcus/OC Cross-posted from my own...

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  • She Belongs To The King | ✓
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    "She's hot." "Yeah, I know. I'm kinda jealous..." "I'm gonna ask her out." "Are you crazy? You're asking for a death wish." "What's so wrong with me asking her out?" "Everything! You just can't." "Why!?" "Because she belongs to the king." - Mia White was just an ordinary girl that walked the face of earth. She was who...

  • His Moon
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    || In his eyes, she glowed. Her pale skin was like a canvas, just waiting for him to paint it with his dark colors. She was his moon and his hope. || { He kissed her tears as he always had and always would. } Kaia's life is a prison. Ever since her mom was murdered, her dad hardly ever lets her out of the house, eve...

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    two years ago, he was left with two words on a crinkled piece of paper. two words that would loom over him for days, incessantly taunt his mind for hours upon end. those two words were 'green light', and with the return of the horsemen, those words had never been more important than they were now. [ SEQUEL TO 'TREPIDA...

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    [COMPLETED] ❝ we need someone to replace blake and i think we should give her a chance. ❞ ❝ spence, she's a criminal. ❞ the four horsemen had earned the title of the most dangerous group that the behavioral analysis unit had ever worked against. luckily for the team, in their possession now was quinn carson, the membe...

  • Coffee // Dr. Spencer Reid
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    In which her coworkers finally force her to speak to the cute boy that gives her heart eyes every morning when he grabs his coffee, and things turn out better than expected. [based on season seven of Criminal Minds] || book one of one || started: july 22nd 2016 ended: july 27th 2016

  • Lone Wolf || Tyrion Lannister
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    Ferocity and strength, no one could live without it. To be a wolf meant that flames of ice ran through one's veins, and with one stare from the eyes the color of storms, all who met her gaze knew what she was. Honor and loyalty, neither could be bought. Especially not hers, one need only meet her to know. There was a...

  • A Forbidden Finale (Student/Teacher Romance)
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    Thrown in at the deep-end when she gets a scholarship to an elite ballet Academy, Carly's only saving grace is her handsome personal tutor, Mr. Langley. Her ballet is below par, her classmates dislike her, and her only friend cares more about the environment than her. Even Mr. Langley dislikes her... at first. But...

  • Cold Blooded (Carlisle Cullen Fan fiction)
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    Book 1 Annabeth Swan is a seemingly ordinary girl. Behind her anxiety driven walls, she has a pure heart and a caring nature. However, she holds a dark secret; a secret that she doesn't even know of yet. One that will tear down everything that she has grown to love and know all her life. Moving to Forks proves to be...

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    DISCONTINUED. In which the quiet, witty and observant, Ravenclaw prefect takes a particular interest in the strangely polite, handsome Slytherin star. She'll soon realize that evil isn't always presented with hideous, distorted features 一 rather it takes the form of dark haired boys with charming smi...

  • Skinny Love → Sebastian Stan
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    ❝I will never forget the way you made me feel like I was everything, and I will never forget the way you made me feel like I was nothing.❞ A cliché tale in which two best friends are head over heels in love with each other, but both are too afraid to admit it. [mostly social media] [book one] [Highest ranking: #4 in f...

  • The Santa Clause Act (Completed)
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    ❝ Wait," I say, backing away. "Let me get this straight- you're Santa Clause?" I stare at the boy no more than a couple years older than me. He had to be kidding. He rolls his eyes, his handsome face illuminated by the lights on the tree. "Well when you put it that way, I suppose." The ca...

  • Through His Eyes
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    What do you think would happen if you started seeing glimpses through your soulmate's eyes, knowing you're due to meet them in a week? [Book #1 of The Soulmate Series] © felicitate | 2015

  • Jesus Christ For Life
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    This is a personal story of my encounter with Jesus Christ, based on true events. It is truly inspirational and will also help you to get closer to Christ and increase your faith in Him. All glory to my God for helping me with this book! With beautiful verses from the Holy Bible and motivating prayers, this book will...