SykeJustKidding's Reading List

  • The Werewolf Keeper
    77.4K 1.4K

    Sexy vampire Russell is a predator, cold hearted and all about the kill. Yet Hannah breaks down his walls. She’s beautiful, brave and unavailable. But she’s al...

  • First Born (2)
    4.7M 124K

    Ever since Eveline was born she knew she was different. Her parents, Eric and Adrianna were powerful Alpha's but she didn't realize what that meant until the W...

  • My Werewolf Prince
    40.1K 914

    Grace Spencer has always felt over shadowed by her popular older sister, who seemed destined for the limelight. She doesn't even fit in with her own family; sh...

  • She's Back (1)
    2.3M 61K

    Adriana shouldn't have happened. Her parents, though destined to be together only spent one night. Her mother killed herself because of the heartbreak. Her fat...

  • The Alpha's Omega - The Mates Series Book 1
    8.7M 98.7K

    The old Alpha hands over the reins to his son Logan, he has sensed his mate yet she has not shown her face to him. As the transfer of reins take place Logan p...

  • Bloody Red & Sky Blue
    1.1K 148

    Jessie is a girl who went through allot when she was younger, she was different, she had something others around her didn't, she had a right Blue and a left re...

  • All That Matters
    5.1K 124

    For as long as Ash can remember it's always been him and his Mom from day one. But one day his mom come's home with some news that changes that relationship...

  • Off The Pole
    16.9K 355

    Lily Regan's a stripper that ran away when she was fourteen. On her break she gets arrested and in the cell across from her is her brother that abandoned her w...

  • Life of a Nomad
    580K 19.5K

    Life as a were-cat isn't an easy amongst a pride of were-cats as the runt is unbearable. Meet Christina, a were-cat who's looked down upon by her...