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  • Messages (Karma X Gakushuu)
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    Messages between Karma Akabane and Gakushū Asano from AssClass My otp ❤️ Story takes place before the events of season 2 episode 10 Think you ship Karmagisa? Not after this story you don't

  • Something Beautiful Or Something Sweet ( Bill Cipher x reader x Dipper )
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    (Y/n) a 15 year old girl stayed in Gravity Falls for the summer. Two boys falls in love with her. Who will she choose? An ordinary boy or a Demon? ( this story takes place after Weirdmageddon like 2 years later )

  • Broken Strings
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    Anisha Hayes stayed in a broken marriage for fourteen years, just so she could give her children the family she had always desired. It wasn't the easiest decision. It wasn't the right decision. And now, five months ago, she got a letter. A letter that promised to set her free of the pain she'd suffered her entire life.