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  • Detective Files Untold
    196K 7.7K 6

    Collection of untold scenes and events disclosed in an unchronological manner. Detective Files Untold Written by: ShinichiLaaaabs Started: November 9, 2017

    7.6M 312K 66

    So she tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong. Crimes. Clues. Mysteries. Deductions. Detective Files (File 3) Written by Shinichilaaaabs File 3 of 3 Published: November 22, 2016 Republished: 10/10/17

  • As You Lie Awake
    903K 37K 56

    Her tears fell as her hand traced the scar on his back. A scar indicative of wings that must have hurt a lot when it was ripped. "You shouldn't have broken the rule!" He caught her hands and gently pressed it. "Sorry but I already did. I don't mind losing my wings if it means being with you." "Your sweet words are th...

  • When Death Fell In Love With Life
    42.5K 2.2K 20

    Find a reason to live. Cover by snowysnoe Highest rank: #139 in Teen Fiction

  • That Twisted Love Story
    11.6M 216K 66

    If you ever thought that you already have that perfect love story you've always dreamed of, think again. Everything in this world is not what it seems to be. Everything's twisted, including your story.

  • Angel in Disguise
    33.9M 603K 61

    Once upon a time, I am the biggest jerk in the world, until I met this crazy little angel, and everything turns upside down.

  • When Gangsters Meet the Sadist SEASON 2
    591K 14.4K 42

    READ FIRST WGMTS SEASON 1 ! thank you.

  • When GANGSTERS meet the SADIST
    8.6M 126K 93

    [COMPLETED] Naging MAGULO ang BUHAY ko ng makilala ko ang mga MAAANGAS na to pero aaminin ko naging MASAYA ko ..may POSSIBILITY kaya na MAGUSTUHAN ko ang isa sa KANILA ? sabi sa LAW OF ATTRACTION . do OPPOSITE attracts . Ganun din kaya sa LOVE ? This is a battle between MISSION and AFFECTION. [ NO SOFTCOPIES ]

  • Breakaway Souls
    14K 472 1

    "This is my story- our story, a roller-coaster ride, which started when I entered his death-defying life. I mean, when my soul linked in his body." -Harper Vignette Granada -- Book cover by @PsycheJermyn

  • The Perverted Vampire (PUBLISHED)
    18.3M 344K 71

    [The Walkers Trilogy #1] PUBLISHED UNDER LIB. Now available in all Precious Pages Stores and leading bookstores nationwide! Grab your copy now for Php 129.75. Thank you! Simple at tahimik ang pamumuhay ni Kisha Louise Madrigal hanggang sa makilala niya ang ubod ng manyak na bampira na nangngangalang Van Rei Isaac Feni...

  • DETECTIVE FILES. File 1 (Published under PSICOM)
    11.9M 388K 55

    Crimes. Mystery. Clues. Detectives. Deductions. Love story. Detective Files. File 1 Written by: ShinichiLaaaabs (FILE 1 of 3)

    10.1M 357K 62

    More crimes, baffling codes and clues. New mystery, same detectives, different deductions. Join Gray and Amber as well as the other characters in discovering the one and only truth. Detective Files (File 2 of 3) Written by: ShinichiLaaaabs. Must Read: Detective Files. File 1 (COMPLETED) Originally Published: 07/11/16...

  • Night Sky (Published/Preview)
    32.3K 500 10

    Ano'ng gagawin mo kung napunta ka sa future at nalaman mong ang boyfriend mo sa time na pinanggalingan mo eh boyfriend na ngayon ng best friend mo? Honestly, akala ng fifteen-year-old Gia eh 'yon na ang pinaka-bad news na matatanggap niya nang mapunta siya sa future. Pero may mas masama pa pala kesa sa nasira niyang l...

  • My Rival Is My Last Kiss | ✓
    721K 27.7K 51

    [BOOK 2 OF MY RIVAL STOLE MY FIRST KISS] Highest Rank Achieved #1 in Humor (12/22/17) When you find your love but she don't love you anymore, Are you going to fight for it or just let it be? Are you going to trust yourself just to win this hard game of destiny? Is it realy possible that love will conquer all or not? ...

  • Limelight [HDWY Series Sequel]
    664K 14.9K 18

    They say that the best things in life are free. The ones who said that are all crazy. Everything has a price. Even our dreams. And I never thought that it will be this expensive.

  • A Hundred Days with You (Published)
    18.9M 247K 55

    I just want her to realize that she likes me too. The only way to do that is to use someone to make her jealous. 100 days. Just one hundred days and then after that I'm sure I'll be able to get the happiness I've always wanted. || PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION (IMPRINT OF SUMMIT BOOKS) || Available nationwide for Php 19...

  • If I Fall
    12.2M 199K 91


  • Stupidly In Love Again (PUBLISHED UNDER LIB)
    3.1M 94.4K 23

    If you ask Charry Pineda, if there's one person she wants to erase from her life, she won't hesitate to say Brixx Harris -- her first boyfriend and also first major heartbreak from five years ago. But what if, after five years ago, they meet again? What will Charry do? Nothing. Because she is sure herself that she...

  • The Player And The Desperate
    645K 12.3K 3

    (Falcon Series #2) How far will you go for the one you love? Handa ka bang magpakatanga nang paulit-ulit? Handa ka bang gawin ang lahat para lang mapansin niya? Handa ka bang indahin lahat ng sakit at pighati na ibabato sa'yo ng taong mahal mo? At handa ka bang ipakita at iparamdam sa kanya na mahal na mahal mo siya...

  • That Promdi Girl (PUBLISHED)
    24.2M 932K 64

    (Wattys 2015 Winner, People's Choice Award) PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM. (Falcon Series #1) Nagbago ang buhay ng Promdi Girl na si Althea Josefa Marinduque o Althea nalang para kyot nang pumunta siya sa Manila. Akala niya kasi trabaho ang pupuntahan niya pero hindi pala. Bakit hindi sinabi sa kanyang mag-aasawa na pala si...

  • Everyday, Every You (Published Under LIB)
    2.6M 93.3K 22

    This story is about best friends. About friendship. About love. About taking risks & chances. About sacrifice. A story about what happens when you fall in love with your best friend? They're best friends. Until she falls in love with him and everything gets complicated.

  • The 10-Year Gap (PUBLISHED under LIB)
    6.2M 184K 11

    Minsan ko nang ibinigay ang tiwala at pagmamahal ko sa isang tao. Pero ano ang nangyari? Ginamit at sinaktan lang ako. Since that day, I vowed tonever trust again. I vowed to never let anyone have the chance to hurt me again. Until he came. Sa kabila ng lahat ng pagtataboy at pagpapahirap ko sa kanya, he stayed. Paunt...

  • Psycho next door
    1.4M 80.3K 51

    Cosima Sanctuary is a safehouse for teenage survivors. But when the survivors realize that one of them is a psychopath, all hell breaks lose as this time the survivors are no longer interested at becoming victims again. Tables turn as the hunter becomes the hunted.

  • Dear Andy Lim,
    664K 40.6K 18

    a chasing hurricane and stay awake agatha side-story.

  • Good night, Enemy
    3.9M 248K 74

    (FHS#1) All she wants is to make her friends happy. All he wants is to get some sleep. She's hell-bent on making the world a better place. He's desperate to get some rest. When their paths cross on a midnight bus ride, he finally finds the remedy in her. But then there's a catch... he just so happens to be the captain...

  • Task Force Indigo : Remember me, Harmony
    1.4M 82.5K 49

    Harmony is your average teenager, aside from the fact that she's an amnesiac and can control people's dreams. Together with her friend who can see ghosts, they try to use their special abilities to solve crimes in the small town of Adelaide's bridge. But when supernatural creatures start wreaking havoc in the small...

  • Skeletons in her closet
    1.9M 86.6K 32

    "My name is Maddieson Paredes but everyone calls me Maddy. I'm an 18-year old college student. I go to school by day and I work at a convenience store every night. At bago ko pa makalimutan, isa nga pala akong serial killer."

  • Slaughter High | Published under LIB
    2.9M 50.1K 16

    Slaughter High is now available on bookstores for just 58 pesos! Grab a copy and don't miss out on Parker and the gang's deadly journey! <3

  • Playboy meets Badgirl
    100K 2.2K 34

    Ano kayang mangyayari kung ang Isang Playboy ay mainlove sa isang Badgirl na dati ng nasaktan sa pag-ibig? Magagawa na kaya ni badgirl na magmahal muli kung ito naman ang dahilan ng pagiging badgirl nya? O sadya nya na lang kakalimutan ang salitang pag-ibig? pano kaya masasabi ni playboy kay badgirl na mahal nya ito...

  • Korean Lesson 101 Level 2
    606 9 2

    Coming Soon!