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  • Fairytales
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    "prince tyler you can't be running around with that silly peasant john." "josh." "what?" "his name is josh." "it doesn't matter and neither does he. you know what your stepmother would do to him." but what if i love him

  • Dear Josh. (a Joshler fanfic)
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    "Dear Josh, I started this blog because I want to write you letters so that I can cope with this. I could write you actual letters and give them to you, but you wouldn't be able to read them anyways. So now I'm gonna post them here, and read every one of them when I visit you. I'll also sing you a different song ever...

  • Markiplier X Reader FanFiction: Frustrating Perfection
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    **EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING, GO INTO EACH CHAPER PREPARED** ••• You were going about your boring everyday life, when a man stepped into your life, (more like ran into your life) that would change everything. It would make you forget about your present issues, and your disturbing past. This mans name is Mark Fischbach. (...

  • Message Sent
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    Markiplier: hey babe Jacksepticeye: um.... who are you? Markiplier: Mark? Jacksepticeye: wrong user bro Markiplier: well shit. Message Sent - completed series - 20,828 words first book in the 'message' series lowercase intended septiplier boyxboy other ships may be included such as ryan&matt (supermega) and felix&ke...

    Completed   Mature