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  • Guns, Games, and Mutual Appreciation ~ A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction {Book I}
    279K 15.8K 37

    "My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people do not know." ~Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Sherlock Holmes is a man of impenetrable coolness; logic rules over empathy, and reason underpins all actions. Millie Shon, a budding detective, is a woman who wants nothing mor...

  • Benedict Cumberbatch Imagines
    171K 5K 56

    **Thank you, lovelies, for over 100K reads xx** A collection of random, fluffy, heartbreaking, and wicked crazy imagines about the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch and you, the reader! I also take requests if you have a particular scenario in mind. Message me or comment on a chapter if you're interested. Your feedback i...

  • Sherlock Imagines [ Book 1 ]
    453K 14.4K 100

    You and the world famous consulting detective! Aswell as other characters #24 in #johnwatson 9/8/18 # 143 in fanfiction 1/18/17 #147 in fanfiction 1/18/17 #154 in fanfiction 1/17/17 #196 in fan fiction • Requests are open! My inbox is always open. • yes I changed the cover

  • Sherlock x reader One-shots
    148K 5.1K 42

    Okay, so this is a book strictly on Sherlock x reader one-shots (BBC of course). No other characters sorry. You can request if you like, just message me. All of my one-shots are going to be fluffy, cuddly, etc. They may start out depressing, but they will always get better. Hope you enjoy!!

  • Sherlock Preferences
    101K 3.1K 33

    Sherlock Preferences -Sherlock -John -Moriarty -Lestrade -Mycroft

  • BBC's Sherlock Imagines/Preferences
    217K 5.3K 129

    Heyo. King of the Skelebros here. I'm back from the hiatus. Updates should start again. I will try to get to the limit we have on here (200 parts), but please don't get your hopes up. Enjoy. →Story Count Goal: 140←

  • Sherlock Imagines {COMPLETED} Wattys2017
    80.9K 1.7K 50

    #36 in Sherlock [03/10/18] #16 in sherlockholmes [20/11/18] These will be a series of one shots (imagines) about characters from the TV series Sherlock. I don't think they will contain smut but we shall see. I do not own any of the Sherlock Holmes characters as they are the BBC's. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

  • Sherlock Imagines (Discontinued)
    54.3K 1.5K 47

    A collection of imagines all about 10 or less short chapters long. All imagines will include fluff In progress: Sherlock x Reader Enjoy it!

  • Sherlock Imagines and Preferences
    618K 25.8K 198

    This is a collection of Sherlock oneshots written by yours truly. The majority of these oneshots are about the adventures you share with Sherlock Holmes, but I occasionally write other stuff too. You can also expect things like Johnlock, Mystrade, Mormor and reader inserts with nearly all of the BBC Sherlock character...

  • BBC Sherlock Imagines
    875K 29.2K 101

    The hiatus is killing me. Taking requests for any characterxcharacter, or characterxreader.

  • Unfit
    56K 1.4K 43

    {COMPLETED} Sherlock Holmes knew of his daughter. He just never knew her. He knew that one day he might have to go to her house and say hello, then pop off. He never expected she'd be with him. Pandora Holmes knew she had a father. She knew his name. She knew that she would probably never get to talk to him, and that...

  • Sherlock's Long Lost Daughter {The LOST Chronicles, BOOK 1}
    119K 3.9K 39

    If your mother had been killed, where would you go? If you received a strange text, would you trust it? If you'd never met your father, would you wonder why? Madeline's life gets turned upside down one fateful day when her mother's life was brutally no more. She runs away, yet with no destination or aim. That being...

  • Katie Holmes Sherlock's Daughter: Lost [Book One] (A BBC Sherlock fanfic)
    71.1K 2K 41

    (This book is currently under renovations ( I am not removing it just improving it)) Chapters under renovation or correction. Ch: 3-20 Chapters renovated. Prologue Ch:1 Ch:2 Katie Holmes sufferes from posttraumatic stress, because of her amnisea she has gaps in her memory, but her accident was not an accident som...

  • My High-functioning Sociopath (BBC Sherlock fanfiction) *Under editing*
    132K 4.4K 24

    Elizabeth Peyton is Sherlock's best friend from school. They are like two peas in a pod. Both are smart, they can do deductions, and they do almost everything together. Join them from childhood to adulthood with their adventures, and how far they have accomplished. And also what their feelings are for each other. I do...

  • Back To The Start (Sherlock fanfiction #Wattys2016)
    252K 7.8K 26

    Three years before Sherlock Holmes met Dr. John Watson, he met a young lady by the name of Abigail Watson. Abigail is beautiful yet sarcastic and sassy and, after meeting Sherlock, learns she has the power to deduce someone. It could be said that Abigail is Sherlock's female counter part. What will happen when the hig...

  • Consulting Daughter (BBC Sherlock)
    466K 18K 25

    Kyna Jocelyn Graham is unusually talented and intelligent, much to her mother's unending and embarrassing horror. For sixteen years Kyna's mother has been desperately trying to stamp out any traces of the man who is her father. But she is unsuccessful and when Kyna's mother dies from breast cancer, Kyna is forced int...

  • Orphan on Baker Street
    154K 6.2K 53

    Mickey is an orphan who plays her violin on the street to earn money. When she hears gunshots, she chases an odd pair towards the sound. She later finds out that this was the perfect way to escape the orphanage - and enter a life of crime solving.

  • The Holmes Sister - BBC Sherlock
    19.7K 608 3

    | Completed | When Beth Holmes gets sick of boarding school, she runs to her big brother. But will Sherlock be willing to let her stay? Written way before Sherlock season 4:)

  • I got adopted. By Sherlock Holmes
    135K 4.9K 36

    Mary Anne Grace. Just a normal girl with normal problems. Until she turned 13. That's when the trouble begins. Sherlock Holmes. A high functioning sociopath who solves cases with a Dr. John Watson. What will happen when he saves Mary Anne from near death. Read and find out...

  • The Third Holmes - A Sherlock Fanfic
    898K 29.2K 56

    [Contains JohnLock] Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. The two brilliant, emotionless, sociopathic brothers. But there's another Holmes. A female Holmes. Enter Avery Holmes - the brilliant, crazy sister - the Third Holmes.

  • No Vacancy at 221c: A BBC Sherlock Fanfic
    306K 11.4K 51

    *As featured on the official Sherlock reading list* The daughter of a wealthy Australian diplomat, Celestia Firethorne has fled to London to avoid her family's high expectations and a client turned stalker. When she comes across the long empty 221c on Baker Street, she has no choice but to turn to the notorious Sherl...

  • How They Met Alice (BBC Sherlock Fanfiction)
    630K 13.8K 92

    Sherlock and John are just starting out when a cryptic Alice White comes into their acquaintance. Sherlock begins to grow attached to her, but not in the way you think. John trusts her as much as he trusts Sherlock, but is that right? This is just how they met her. There is a lot more to... uncover. DISCLAIMER: I do n...

  • Read Me Like A Book (BBC Sherlock FanFiction)
    432K 13.1K 35

    "So then, enlighten me, Amelia Robbins. What did you find?" Sherlock Holmes and Amelia Robbins meet on the same case by accident. The two deducing masterminds have it out, the case becoming a battle of wits and intelligence. When Amelia moves into the third room at 221 Baker Street, she falls head first into the world...

  • Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic}
    2.2M 67.6K 52

    Amelia Watson is a thunderstorm, and her temper a wildfire. Sherlock Holmes is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, his mind a place very few people can understand. Who'd have thought the two would have anything in common? It isn't easy to capture Sherlock Holmes' attention, so what does Amelia have that caught Sherlock's e...

  • BBC Sherlock Imagines (Book 2)
    472K 18.9K 100

    The hiatus is still killing me and I'm still writing. #SHERPRESSION (Requests are always open for any characters)

  • Sherlock Parent Preferences (For Girls)
    30.6K 988 22

    Ever wondered what it would be like to be the daughter of a Sherlock character? Featuring Sherlock, John, Jim, Molly, Lestrade and Mycroft.

  • Sherlock Preferences
    222K 5.8K 29

    So I'm making more preferences!! And it's Sherlock! So I'll be doing it in this order - Sherlock -Greg -Jim I hope you enjoy these. I'm always taking request.

  • Sherlock Preferences and One-Shots
    391K 9.9K 173

    Highest Ranking: #18 in FanFiction [9/10/16] 'My dream come true.' -Drayizzle 'This was so cute! This is the first Sherlock preference book I'm reading, and I love it so far! I'm not exactly romantically attracted to Sherlock as much as other fictional characters, but I honestly really, really love these.' -Hollyjoll...

  • Fandom Imagines
    350K 8.7K 147

    Imagines and Preferences for various fandoms. Requests- Open [ ] Closed [X] I write/wrote for the following fandoms- • Star Trek • The Maze Runner • Jurassic World • Gotham • Merlin • Sherlock • Heroes • Supernatural • X-Men • Valerian **UPDATES WILL BE VERY RARE** DISCLAIMER- I own none of the fandoms or characters...