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  • My Husband's Girl
    7M 276K 68

    [Highest Ranking: #1 in Romance] ❝ I don't love you and I never will, because I love someone else ❞ Ian yelled in frustration. ❝ Who is she?❞ Alison asked as calmly as she could trying her best to keep her demeanor straight, to not to break down in front the man she has loved her entire life. ❝ Ashley, your sister❞ I...

  • It's Only Temporary
    17.9M 601K 63

    Mr. Powers has a way of making women change their plans... Highest Rank - Romance #3

  • Mafia Boss loves me? manxboy
    240K 8.5K 27

    Austin Tim O'Brian was your average 18 year old that worked with his uncle at their family bar. Austin lives on his own but still lives close to his uncle which raised him since he was a young boy. He lost his mother when he was a young boy and his father was murdered by an unknown person 2 years after his mother's de...

  • Sold to Him
    7.2M 261K 54

    ••• "Y-You don't want me. I'm tainted," her tears stained her face as she backed away from me slowly. "I will never leave you. Tainted or not, you're still my Queen, and you will always be my queen," I pulled her gently back to me before I placed a passionate kiss upon her rosy lips. ------------------------------ Dar...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mute Mistress
    17.8M 558K 35

    (fka "The Millionaire's Mistress") Mary Georgia became a spectacle at eight years old. With her notable disability, she never wanted to be in the center of attention. Unfortunately, her eyes, being her most alluring feature, brought people closer than she ever wanted. Struggling to make ends meet, in the slums of th...

  • Damien
    23.8M 967K 88

    Damien Stryker, notorious for his cold hard personality is someone you don't want to get too close to. Unfortunately for Serena Mclane, she doesn't have much of a choice. Always at the mercy of her family's name and legacy, Serena has to do as her father says. So when her father practically forces her into an arranged...

  • Accidental Babies
    8.9M 284K 44

    Jason Halloway had a hard time finding a nanny for his recently acquired 9 month old twins, Daphne and Tanner.They hated all of their previous nannies and drove them away.However, maybe they didn't need his help to find their nanny? Maybe they could find her all on their own. April Saunders couldn't believe picking up...

  • Irresistible Attraction
    9.7M 243K 32

    The Devil met his Angel. Zachary Reynold Knight is dominating, arrogant, billionaire playboy and CEO of Knight Inc.,. He is simply called the devil. Girls literally worship the land he walks and he likes it... no loves it. He uses them and throws them like crap. He is well known for his playboy ways and his cold deman...

  • His Very Personal Assistant
    12.6M 331K 38

    Nicolas Witmore is the hot beast and hot topic for Los Angeles paparazzi. He is the C. E. O and a billionaire. He is a playboy with an arrogant attitude. He is known as the most cold hearted person a person could ever meet. But why did he become like that? It is the reason only he knows. But once he finds the person h...

  • Exclusively Mine
    24.6M 610K 35

    EXCLUSIVELY MINE [Petrakis Series] When a good boy turned BAD. FINN MARTINS returned to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after ten years with a sole purpose, to collect a debt from an enemy, who ruined his life and his family. He came back as a different man. The poor, sweet, handsome good boy became an extremely rich, dashing...

  • The Bodyguard | LGBT (Complete)
    5.1M 185K 57

    • Featured By Wattpad 08/2017 In General Fiction • Aiden James Grayson is the young and reckless CEO of Grayson Enterprise. Trouble is what people associate him with because he can never seem to stay out of it. As of late, Aiden has had to hire himself a personal bodyguard after becoming the target of an anonymous...

  • Daddy
    4.8M 172K 36

    Mateo put his entire life on hold when he found out that his father's Alzheimer's had gotten worse. He dropped his textbooks and returned home despite his dreams of graduation, never once outwardly complaining about the turn of events. It was his duty as a Rosales to provide for his family now that his father was un...

  • He's My Mate
    2M 66.1K 39

    (boyxboy/manxman/malexmale) Aiden is a 15 year old rogue, not even old enough to have a solid place in a pack yet let alone a mate. What will he do when he is suddenly caught in the middle of hunting in someone else's territory and what do the Northern Tribes know about him that he and his loved ones don't? This story...

  • His Angel( Complete✔)
    87.4K 5.5K 41

    COMPLETE NEEDS MAJOR EDITING. DIALOGUES ARE IN HINDI TILL I EDIT THEM. About the book.... Randhir Singh Shekhawat is your so called heartless and definitely ruthless Mafia who doesn't gives a fuck about anything but himself and his best friend Parth Kashyap. He is feared by all but that doesn't stops women from thr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beast
    36.9M 1.3M 57

    To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything. He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have. For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w...

  • A Love Like No Other [MxM]✔
    795K 32.1K 32

    After a bad breakup, Eddie Blue Sharpe decides to move on, he decides to go and leave everything that reminded him of his ex behind. He moves in with his best friend, got a new job and his life was getting better. He reaches a new height of happiness when he captures the attention of his company's CEO, Elijah Sherid...

  • Talk About My Man (ON HOLD)
    234K 8K 28

    The more time I spent with the Devil, the more I sinned. His fatal spell had cast over me without an exception, and it was then that I knew the Devil's heart was not completely bitter. - "Stop." An unbearable sob wracked through my body at the loathsome scene laid before my eyes. His response was a deep chu...

  • A Mob Boss's Heirs (Book 3 of New York Mafia Trilogy)
    992K 54.9K 2

    Fiction Awards Winner in 2017 & Crystal Awards Winner 2016 Please read this book after Book 2: A Mob Boss's family but also this book does make sense on its own so you dont need to have read the previous books. This book is a story of a rivalery between Vincenzo Rosario...

  • Mafia King Wants Me
    2.7M 65.6K 32

    21 year old Doutzen was done with college her 4 years were done.Now she expected this as a time for her to start fresh but her family is in debt.And she has no choice but to start working at an Italian upscale restaurant to help her poor family pay the bills.And with her dads debt and her college debt she gets help fr...

  • Seduced by Danger
    128K 6.5K 31

    |•COMPLETED ✔•| 🎲Book 1 of Dangerous Desires series 🎲 Detective Dominic Moser is an undercover detective that lives his life normally, well as normal as a busy detective can get it. He spends his days and nights chasing murderers, rapists, and the occasional drunkard or panty thief instead of hitting up bars or club...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia Protection (Sample)
    31.4M 147K 9

    Having lived a sheltered life under her father's strict rule, Ella's newfound freedom is tested when she meets Angelo Tomassi, the most well known crime boss in Miami. Despite Angelo's duty to marry another woman, Angelo shows Ella a softer side that wins over her heart. She refuses her chance to leave and willingly g...

  • The Italian asshole
    233K 7.9K 20

    What happens when a rich Russian boy meets somebody he shouldn't? Nico is a outstanding highschool student with a perfect family and friends, but his life and personality is far more complicated as it seems. But what happens when his whole life changes just because of one unexpected encounter? Changes he never expect...

  • Virtue and Vice
    12.1M 309K 31

    "If I'm going down, I might as well pick my poison. I pick you." *** A Cobalt Bay Billionaires story. *** She couldn't be sure whether he was her predator or protector... but she was doomed to love him either way. *** It was a summer they will never forget. Young and naive Cassandra Collins finds herself offe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dangerous Conceit (Removed)
    8.9M 62.1K 9

    Poor, neglected Lexi was exchanged for debt at seventeen. At twenty-two, she is now a killer under the guise of bartender. Her and three friends have been under the strict hand of Moretti with no choice but to aid him in his savage attempts for power. Escaping him is futile. With a four year old girl in their midst...

  • The Art of the Hustle
    806K 18.3K 58

    Self-made billionaire, Trevor Morrison, recounts his life from being a poor kid from a small town to creating one of the largest companies in the world, all before his 30th birthday. A true underdog tale is told in The Art of the Hustle. When Trevor Morrison graduated high school, he was desperate to find his purpos...