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  • My Stepbrothers
    6M 201K 70

    Kali has to live with her moms new boyfriend and his five sons. Kali tries her best to fit in but living with five boys is really tough. Definitly when three of them are the most popular boys at school. They also get into many fights. The five boys aren't all perfect though. They all have their personal problems and s...

  • Blooming Romance (Dipcifica)
    4.7K 84 6

    Slight AU. With Weirdmagedon over and already behind everyone, a romance started to bloom between the richest girl in Gravity Falls, OR and a boy with a taste for paranormal activity from Piedmont, CA. Chapter 1 starts off with how I wanted the finale to end. *Note: Gravity Falls and it's Characters are owned by Alex...

  • My Girl Meets World Episodes
    1.5K 24 8

    A collection of Girl Meets World Episodes that I wrote.Written as if actual episodes.

  • Liv and Maddie (fan fic)
    3.1K 70 5

    Liv and Holden are off and on but he still has feelings fo Andy and Josh is hitting on Maddie but dig gives back from Australia who will pick who read to find out

  • Maybe
    18K 422 27

    Diggie decides to move back to Tundrabania for a year. Josh figures it his time to steal Maddie's heart. Maddie has reached the crossroads of her life when she has to decide who to choose.

  • Liv and Maddie- Miggie One-Shot
    7.8K 94 3

    My take on how the Liv and Maddie episode "Twin-A-Rooney" should have ended. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Beta's Sister, Alpha's Mate
    966K 27.9K 38

    My whole life has literally sucked. My mom cheated on my dad when I was 11 and then both my dad and I moved out. My name is Chloe and I'm 16 years old. My dad just got married and we are now living with his new wife and her son. I don't like either of them but never could I imagine that they could keep such a big secr...

  • The Baby Dreamcatcher(Rove)
    14.6K 686 32

    What If Dove and Ryan have a baby girl? And then a boy? And then twins? And then adopt a boy?

    Completed   Mature
  • Dating Hollywood AU
    17.4K 1.3K 63

    Dove is a normal girl having a chill time at high school. One day she is suddenly asked to be the oh-so-gorgeous superstar Ryan Mccartan's fake girlfriend for a publicity stunt. She would be paid. She decides to do it as she quite likes his acting. While this happens twists and opportunities come to Dove. Will she ac...

  • Bal: a King and his queen
    83.4K 3.1K 76

    This story starts straight after the final scene of descendants and is focuses around Bal and their struggle to both gain acceptance from the kingdom and to maintain their blossoming relationship while ruling a kingdom and facing more personal challenges both as a couple and by themselves, will they make it out of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rove: we never expected this
    14.5K 1.2K 70

    So life has been going great for dove and Ryan, three beautiful children with this book starting just at the end of Rove: life after Disney and the birth of their third child, a daughter named Emily, but with dove soon returning back to work and Ryan joining her soon after are their lives about to get even more chaoti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rove: life after disney
    23.8K 1.6K 73

    So I tried this before but my wattpad was messed up so I'm starting again basically this is a story about dove and Ryans life together after they leave Disney. This story is set about 2 years from now after Liv and Maddie has ended and descendants 2 is out. The girl and the dreamcatcher have put out their first album...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Third Sister
    33.6K 1.1K 22

    What if the Rooney twins were actually triplets, we'd just never heard about the third, not helga the scary crazy girl from Halloween but another, one who had been sent to boarding school in New York as a child, a smart girl accepted into Einstein academy for geniuses, what if she finally came home and had to try and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Girl Meets Jessie
    18.6K 568 11

    Ok, they both are in New York, am I crazy for thinking what would happen if they met each other? So many things are going to happen in this books. I can't even say which couple this is about because a lot of romance is going to happen. And if you like Girl Meets World, please read my other book, The Bad Boy (A Girl M...

  • Gifted
    32.2K 1.2K 82

    (1st book of the Disnick Tales) High School girls from some of the Nick's and Disney Channel's shows have met each other at a boarding school for gifted students. Starts out bad, but the end always turns out fine. Find out what happens when Disney Channel meets Nickelodeon.

  • Liv and Maddie: Love a rooney
    12.9K 313 11

    When South Salamanca comes back to Wisconsin with her Sister North, things are shaking up in the rooney household. Maddie and Diggie are fighting, Parker's crushing on north, Liv's got love problems with Holden, and north and willow are fighting for joeys heart. Will their differences set them apart or will love preva...

  • My best friend a Liv and Maddie fanfiction
    101K 2.5K 26

    "We've known each other our whole life's how did I fall for her" a Parker Rooney love story

  • Just Like Fire ▹ Dump Truck | Liv and Maddie
    106K 3.5K 14

    ❝You have fire in your eyes. Never let it burn out.❞ __ [Liv and Maddie] [Season 2]

  • The Other Sister {Liv and Maddie/Descendants}
    8.9K 298 3

    Liv and Maddie are normal twins... Or is it triplets? What happened when they figure out their biological mom... Is Maleficent. Meet their journey to the kingdom of Auradon to find out all their fairy tales are actually... True. And not only that, but they have another sister. Mal. "I'm a princess?! Maddie! We are...

  • Liv and Maddie
    63.4K 1.2K 41

    Liv is a Disney star. Maddie is a killer jock. When these sisters come together the whole Rooney house is filled with drama, laughter, and joy(sometimes). But no matter what, Liv and Maddie always remembers that they are sisters by chance,but best friends by choice. *Contains Swear Words* Read at own risk.