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  • Perv | Grayson Dolan
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    "People like you need to fuck people like me." "People like you need to fuck off and stop grabbing and slapping my ass, or in other words stop sexually harassing me." My story idea so fuck off. @artealota

  • House maids
    84.8K 1.7K 10

    "Twins I'm guessing, and all I thought, was.. I'm gonna be living with two hotties for my job."

  • poison// dolan
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    the bartender winked at me and I felt myself blush a little. "what's your poison?" he asked in a raspy, low tone making me swoon. "you." all rights reserved to @yungdolan copyright 2015©

  • bully; g.d
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    hey, I'm Casey and well this is all I'll say Grayson Dolan is my bully. Read more to find out what happens.

  • Bullied by the Dolan Twins
    2M 65.6K 91

    Hi, my name is Cadence. I have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I can't wait to get out of this hell hole! I live with my mom that abuses me and my dad that doesn't even talk to me. They say that I should just go and die, maybe they were right. In school is just the same. Nothing really changes. I have no friends...

  • valley girls / g.d
    162K 5.2K 56

    "when you said those three words to me, it was like the broken pieces of my heart were being stitched back together but i didn't want to admit it to myself" ~ based off the song 'valley girls' by black bear

  • Gang Bang ~ GD
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    This isn't the Gang Bang you're thinking about 👉Twitter👈 ThicccEthan *Updated version*

  • Sugar Daddy. | Grayson Dolan
    171K 2.9K 22

    "Now if you make a noise I will punish you" he winked which sent my mind to a whole different world.

  • Cherish || grayson dolan
    2.9M 47.8K 72

    "I will cherish these moments, for as long as I live." "As will I." He smiles, kissing my forehead. ~ Hayden Forest stay's with her Aunt for the summer in New Jersey, and finally finds her true self with the help of new friends.

  • Instagram G.D
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    Graysondolan is now following you!

  • rejected - g.d
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    In which a young girl ask a boy out in middle school and gets rejected. Then in high school the same boy asks her out because she looks amazing now, he gets rejected. - ©exhuastedolan completed

  • elevator - gd
    544K 9.6K 20

    elevator © 2016 DISCLAIMER: this book is horrible and i was high when i wrote it, for your own sake please do not read. RANKED #49 IN DOLAN FANFICTION RANKED #2 IN GRAYSON DOLAN FANFICTION

    Completed   Mature
  • just a fan ; grayson dolan
    6.8M 146K 120

    "I'll never meet him, I will never be able to touch him, I will never be able to breath the same air as him, and the worst part is that he doesn't even know I exist. I'm just a fan" highest ranking: #1 in fanfiction

  • Mess// Grayson Bailey Dolan
    1.5K 22 25

    Brayley, is the victim of Nate, Ethan, Alex, and Grayson. After a few months, Grayson comes infatuated with her. She lets it happen. After high-school ends, she finds herself moving away. Grayson and Ethan follow after a movie scene make up. Until she finds out Grayson's two secrets -disclaimer- i wrote this shit as...

    Completed   Mature
  • girls chase boys; g.d
    2.5K 98 3

    in which two people switch personalities

  • Rude - Grayson Dolan
    2.1M 36.6K 49

    { R U D E } He was rude, but I just couldn't resist. - "I want to do so many dirty things to you" - Mr Dolan, 23, the richest man in New York who built his own company; Dolan Enterprises, one of the biggest companies in the US. His only priority was his job, however can Angela - the awkward assistant who works in Bu...

  • Remorse // g.d.
    88.4K 3.1K 34

    " with regrets since you've been gone." -the sequel to catfish

  • Catfish // g.d.
    195K 6.1K 27

    exposing is the most bittersweet thing to do, but what if it's someone you least expected it to be? highest ranking: #414 in Teen Fiction

  • Fu*kBoy G.B.D
    154K 3.6K 31

    "What do you want fuckboy?" I asked sitting on my bed "I want you babygirl" he said biteing his lip getting closer to me thats when I noticed that I had fallen into his trap...

  • Trouble//g.d
    33.3K 581 8

    She moved to New Jersey. He met her. He fell in love. She was trouble.

    32.6K 347 4

    Netflix and chill, or Child of God? This has sexual content and explicit language.

  • imessages - g.d
    846K 25.9K 33

    New phone, who dis? You texted me first so idk Oh yeah. You're so stupid ©Madison Hotzel

    Completed   Mature
  • °MANIAC° G.D
    827K 20.8K 27

    He was just a hurt boy who needed love and affection. That's all he ever wanted, that's when I realized that's all I ever wanted. I just wanted to help him, but damn, I wasn't even supposed to know he exists. ___ ©simplydaani

    Completed   Mature
  • wrong number | grayson dolan
    1.4M 33.6K 44

    it all started with texting the 'wrong number.'

  • table six; g.d
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    "New order at table six!" under construction