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    "Come on, you dickfuck!" I screech as I'm held back, legs kicking in the air like a wild horse rearing. Kaleb scoffs indifferently. "What the hell are you gonna do? Give me a wedgie?" "I'll skin you alive with a cheese grater, you asshole! That's what I'm gonna do!" Highest Ranking: #1 in Werewolf

  • A Lacey Christmas
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    Christmas is around the corner and for Tyler, Kayden and Storm, nothing is more important than finding the perfect gift for their girlfriends. All three have their eyes set on a certain sexy piece of lingerie to give their girls. But problem is: there's only one set left. Curses are exchanged and fists are quick to co...

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    "Does this whole mysterious thing work for you?" My words are laced with bitterness. Amusement swims in his mint green eyes after hearing my question. "Work for me how?" "You know." I keep my scathing gaze on him. Unlike others, he doesn't squirm the tiniest bit and merely smirks devilishly at me. "With getting laid...