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  • Obsidian
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    When Alec Nikolai arrived in her city, Queen Viktrina saw something volatile in him and snapped a collar around his neck. Five years later, he is the crime lord in a city full of sin. His freedom was taken from him all those years ago, and now he has the means to earn it back. When he is offered a job to recapture th...

  • Chat Logs. (On hold; To be reconstructed)
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    'SureGeeksALot' has entered the chat. "Wtf?" "Who's that?" "...Hello?" SureGeeksALot, or their name (which they would rather not reveal just yet) lives a simple enough life, having been adopted at a young age by a loving woman who was never able to birth a child of her own. They are constantly confined in their room...

  • Broken Hearts
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    he was once broken she is broken He smiled everyday she hated his smile they were so different yet so alike And once they meet the universe was just too cruel A short story~ #168 in short stories 23/1/15

  • The Broken Heart
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    Aubrey Mitchells loves her brother;she can't live without him.They are as close as siblings will get. When Luka and his mate, Sky, leave for college across the country, Aubrey has to go and live with her parents. The day she arrived they started abusing her. She already had trust issues and because of the abuse, she i...

  • Seven Weeks to Forever (YA Romance)
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    ☆ NEW EXTENDED VERSION! ☆ Eighteen-year-old Cassidy Jordan won't open her heart to anyone, and with good reason. She's a second-timer, returned from the afterlife after a devastating romance caused her death. All that stands between her and eternity is finding Riley Davis and helping him get his life on track. But nob...

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    The first book of the USA Today Bestselling series! "Though much of the book is light-hearted and occasionally outright hilarious, the author sneaks in a few home truths along the way that will hit you where it counts, like how even someone’s best intentions can box you in." --Everybody Needs a Little Romance "This...

  • Love Locked | ✔︎
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    The flat next door has always been empty--or at least it has been for the longest time. Rafael knew that for sure. It's been empty for longer than he's been dating this girl, and it's been--what--six months? It had to be six months, max. However, instead of beating his new neighbor to the invitation, he is met by a cu...

    Completed   Mature