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  • Belle & Edward
    5.4K 162 14

    'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST X EDWARD SCISSORHANDS {AU} "Ever just the same, ever a surprise, ever as before and ever just as sure, as the sun will rise." A tale as old as time... Inventor Maurice Delacour and his daughter, Belle have lived their lives as outcasts to a small suburban American town since moving there...

  • A Sparrows Love for Me
    52.1K 1.6K 11

    Cora Turner was an average 24 year old. If you don't count the fact that she was pretty much an expert swordsman. Cora was found with her brother floating along in the Caribbean sea. While he became a blacksmith apprentice, she was adopted by the governer and was trained to be a proper English woman. Which she hated...

  • Just Another Fan (Johnny Depp fanfic)
    51.3K 2.1K 70

    Eleanor Adams, an ordinary 17 year old living in California, in an ordinary house. But what happens when she is chosen by her college to meet the actor she has admired ever since she was 9? The one she has pictures of on her phone, the one she has posters of on her wall... What happens when they meet? The world says s...

  • Forever a Fan (Johnny Depp fanfic)
    3.7K 157 10

    Isabelle Peterson, an ordinary 17 year old teenager in college living in California in a tiny apartment. She has outstanding grades and is a professional writer and studying to be an actress and author... Although she might seem pulled out from the crowd and doesn't have any friends at college, she is selected to writ...

  • Edward Scissorhands returns
    2.1K 94 4

    You know the story of Edward Scissorhands. He is taken into the real world full of real people, where he feels right at home with Peg, Bill, Kevin and his beloved Kim. He is then thought of as an outcast and sent away, back to his castle where he kills Jim and says his last goodbyes with Kim. What happens when a gir...