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  • TGIN 2: A Definitely Gangster
    109K 3.5K 54

    The Gangster is Nerd BOOK 2. A story about a girl who became a gangster like her mother. What will gonna be her future for being a gangster?

  • Weston Academy: School Of Gangsters (COMPLETED)
    4.7M 149K 68

    DKS#1 || "To save the future, You must alter the Past." || c o m p l e t e d All Rights Reserved 2016 Cover By: @nyctoclypse ♡ Thankyou! Highest Rank Achieved : #1 in Action ❤️

  • COLD PRINCESS: (The Vengeance) [Complete] Under Major Editing
    859K 21.1K 72

    She has an amnesia, sa loob ng 12 years ay namuhay siyang puno ng katanungan at kulang sa buhay niya, (ang kanyang alaala). Sa pagpasok niya sa isang music school ay isang hudyat na syang simula ng kanyang paniningil..... the Vengeance. Date Started: November 2015 Date Finished: October 2016

  • Ms.Nerd Turns Into A Gangster PRINCESS
    21.3K 649 45

    Tahimik Lang Ang Buhay Ko Noon Pero Isang Araw Nalaman Ko Na Lang Na Gangster Pala Ang Ate Ko Ang Tamik At Simula Noon Ang Tahimik At Boring Kong Buhay Ay Nag Karoon Ng Buhay At Adventure Ms.Nerd turns into a gangster PRINCESS

  • That Mysterious Nerdy Gangsters (Book 1&2)
    4.1M 112K 114

    HEARTLESS... MERCILESS... RUTHLESS... They are the demon of all demons Legendary gangsters seeking for revenge.... They need to disguise themselves as a nerds, to hide their identity. As they go back in the Philippines they will meet another four gangster's, four arrogant gangsters... Sa dalawang grupong palaging...

  • When the gangster prince meets the Mafia Princess [NOT- EDITED]
    480K 12.5K 80

    The story of an extraordinary gangster prince and mafia princess collides ..