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  • A FeMENist's Guide to Feminism
    229K 16.1K 23

    [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. FIRST PLACE YOUNG ADULT READS 2018] Beckett Carlisle is having a rough time. He's just trying to enjoy senior year, but the Feminism Alliance Club keeps interfering. Specifically, Imogen Takinami, club president and possibly the most irritating human on the planet, who's hell bent on spreadi...

  • Peck of Gold (Gold Series #2) | DISCONTINUED
    177K 7.3K 6

    DISCONTINUED. With a jealous former Queen for a sister and knowledge of a secret the King is keen on keeping, Czarina Tchaikovskaya's life just got a bit more complicated. Add in blackmail, a blood pact, and a possible threesome, and you've got a big, big mess on your hands. [Book 4 in the Gold series, following the...

  • The Anti-Delinquent System (TBBSMB stand alone spin off)
    446K 19.8K 9

    "You five," Mr Blythe clears his throat, a small smirk on his thin lips, "You five are the key to making our school a better place." When Erika Monroe began her high school year senior year, she did not expect to return to a completely different place from where she left. Nor did she expect to be recruited for a maste...

  • High School Hit List
    14.5M 751K 58

    Payment is usually a part of a basic transaction. You give and then you take. But, at Arlington Preparatory, people take at their leisure. They take their entertainment in the form of humiliation. They get what they want at the expense of their pawns. But they never pay. Chloe Whittaker has a hit list. But not exact...

  • Fraternizing with the Enemy
    5.5M 274K 44

    (alternatively called: slow burn, second-hand embarrassment, and shenanigans) A girl made up of short fuses, clumsy feet and copious amounts of sarcasm has to team up with her irritatingly obnoxious neighbour in the name of love (also known as raging teenage hormones). Because in the grand scheme of things, what's a l...

  • The Moose Lamb
    1.5K 135 1

    A poem I wrote in my senior year of high school for an assignment, that I thought I might share.

  • Tea Drunk
    40.2K 1.7K 7

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY How to fall in love? Help him get over a break-up. How to help him get over a break-up? Give him tea and pat his back. Be warned, though. Tea drunkenness may have the following symptoms: lightheaded feeling, emotional bliss, copyright © 2018 by scrapes all rights reserved.

  • Cliché [COMPLETE]
    2.5M 163K 59

    "Take it! Just take it!" I demanded in annoyance, springing my whole body out as I tackled Harry from behind. "For the tenth time I don't want your stupid virginity!"

    Completed   Mature
  • Clichéd [COMPLETE]
    526K 37.5K 26

    Sequel to Cliché. In which two familiar people never really want whatever relationship they have left to end. And the other younger two don't know how to start.