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  • P!ATD & FOB x reader (and MCR) If You Love Me Let Me Go
    1.9K 84 7

    (Y/n): your name (E/c): eye color (S/c): skin color (H/c): hair color (F/c): favorite color (M/n): mum's name (F/n): father's name (S/n): siblings name (even if you don't have one make it up, ok?) have fun

  • you clicked your heels & wished for me // r.r [✔️]
    28.8K 1.1K 12

    c o m p l e t e d

  • Ryan Ross Imagines [✔️]
    88.5K 2.8K 55

    This is just a book of Ryan Ross x Reader imagines Y/n = your name Y/l/n = your last name ***REQUESTS ARE CLOSED***

    Completed   Mature
  • There Are No Raindrops On Roses
    18.1K 740 23

    Sage Smith is a 20 year old girl, used to knowing her way around Miami, Florida. But when her parents decide to ship her off to Las Vegas to live with her cousin, Spencer, she can't stand it. But only for a little while. Her brothers band mate, Ryan Ross, has a thing for Sage and she doesn't mind it. She has the same...

  • corrupted lungs | d.w #Wattys2016
    34.7K 2.4K 35

    When Gabrielle Joseph moves town and starts a new school, she doesn't expect to feel such a strange connection to the boy that everyone avoids. Dallon Weekes AU. © panicaythedisco

  • We Must Reinvent Love -Ryan Ross Fan Fiction
    20.2K 633 32

    Bliss Bellevue is a rebellious foster kid, who turns teen Ryan Ross' world upside down.