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    A short book of many little stories since I don't see much Fan stories SO ILL MAKE ONE FOR YALL. Book would include: - Oneshots - maybe short stories [one - five chapters] - decision stories [you'll see once I make one] Not much and I can't promise I'll update everyday though, updates may be slow.

  • Sick Maknae
    197K 6.4K 46

    Jungkook is sick and his hyungs take care of him.. Until some certain things take a turn for the worst.

  • Marrying You(VIXX Hongbin)
    128K 4.7K 84

    Lina was told by her grandmother to come live in seoul with her potential fiancé. She doesn't know what love is. How will Hongbin(VIXX) react when suddenly his dad tell him he has a fiancée! Will he thinks the only thing she wants is money? Lina is a girl from a country side but........ Lina try to do everything so...

  • Do You Love Me [Minhyuk] [✓]
    39.9K 2K 11

    What happens when you love a guy who you think might not like you back? You and Lee Minhyuk have been friends since forever. And like most stereotypical girl and boy bestfriends you fell in love with him. But after all these years you feel like giving up on this one sided love and decided to find a new one. However...

  • Arranged Marriage with Hong Bin (VIXX) {Discontinued}
    22.3K 622 15

    Shadow is a high school student, she gets good grades, she has a loving brother who take care of her -- Hakyeon (N). Hong Bin is a high school student, he is in a group called VIXX which Shadow's brother is in. He is the pretty boy of the group and has a bunch of girls falling head over heels in love with him. But wh...

  • The Four Bad Boys And Me (Published)
    245M 4.6M 92

    [BAD BOY 1] Meet Candice Gonzales, isang dakilang nerd at nobody. Simple at tahimik lang ang buhay niya kaya sino bang mag aakala na makilala niya ang apat na gwapo, mayaman, maangas at sikat na bad boys ng school nila? Hindi niya inaasahan na sa isang iglap lang, magugulo at mababago ang buhay niya dahil sa Four Bad...

  • The Boy next door -Jimin BTS Fanfic-
    149K 5.9K 38

    A Girl names 'Choi Ye bin' is one of the biggest fan of 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Soyeondan) or BTS, a famous boygroup in Sopa school in Seoul. BTS are popular in the school because of their face, talent and charm. Yebin's bias in 'Kim Seok Jin' ,the oldest of the group. BTS is a 6-members group but one day a boy names 'Park Ji...