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  • Sex With EX Friends Dad
    143K 938 3

    Short Story, just off an experience i had Sleeping with a girl i knew at school's dad.... once i started college (UK)

  • An accident, but no mistake. EDITING
    301K 7.5K 32

    Becoming pregnant with a guy who was soon to become leader of a gang, Lauren goes through more than a young teenage mother should. Her brother had just come out of prison too, and he wasn't happy when he finds out his little sister was pregnant with his best mate, Sebastian. However, all goes well, if you call bein...

  • My Step-Dad Is My Mate?
    4.7M 36.9K 9

    Book One From the first time she met him, Danica has felt an uncontrollable pull towards her mother's husband aka her new step-dad, Richard Blaize. But being too young to understand the actual cause of the attraction, she played it off as a simple "school's girl crush" But two years down the road the feelings have nev...

  • My Step-Fathers Slut [An Incest Story]
    9.4M 98.4K 92

    Violet has had a rough life with having lost her father at the age of 3 amd her mother at the age of 12, but it all gets worse on her 18th birthday and after catching her in bed with her boyfriend, Violets step-father decides makes her his slut. Will Violet really be her step-fathers Submmisive?

  • Pregnant With Triplets At 13
    20K 326 4

    This young teenager live her life worring and caring for her and she would figure that if she could stay with him longer all she coud give him is sex. One day later she kept throwing up and and call her boy friend to buy her a pregnancy test and he and she snuck and took and she found out that she was pregnant. She we...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pregnant By My Adoptive Dad
    236K 3.6K 19

    This is a very twisted story about a 17 year old girl name Ally. She had parents that loved her so much even though they never had much they were tighter than ever. Until one day they were driving to Los Angeles to celebrate Ally's, birthday. Her parents finally saved up enough money. She has always been wanting to go...

  • 14, pregnant and rejected.
    26.6K 776 7

    Nancy Wilde has an ordinary life, until one day its turned upside down. She is 14, pregnant and rejected by not only the baby's father, but also her parents. Now updating!

  • I'm Having The Alpha's Baby ✔️
    2.4M 48.5K 20

    Aubrey has been with Mark for over three years. She's human, he's the almighty powerful alpha werewolf. She finds out she's pregnant, and it isn't such a blissful pregnancy.

  • The Gang Leader's Kid
    3.8M 97.3K 74

    The Beginning of The Capobanda Series 24 year old Kihanna Jones find out she got knocked up in a one night stand. She has searched a long time for the father to be and finds him 6 1/2 in during her pregnancy, now she's come knocking on his door....literally. Tristan has one the most dangerous gangs in America and you'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Class 3-C Has A Secret: The White Rabbit Is Back (FF)
    10.8K 194 3

    haha.. medyo baduy lang po sana magenjoy kayo sa pagbabasa.. neto.. :)

  • Bliss
    24.2K 1.1K 1

    Siya si Bliss. Sa pangalan palang niya, alam mong masayahin na siya.

  • Lolo Mauricio
    19.5K 1.2K 1

    "Sumakay ako ng bus at tanaw ko agad ang matandang lalaki na lagi kong nakakasabay."

  • Let Me Tell You About Lucas
    938K 40.5K 46

    Evil. Manipulative. Mysterious. Will you fall for him? -- DARAGON FANFIC x YG FAM FANFIC | Photo used on the book cover is not mine. All rights reserved to the original owner

  • Hanggang dito na lang ba?
    56.7K 1.7K 1

    May gusto kasi ako sayo eh. Matagal na.

  • Siya Nga Pala si C.K.
    91.7K 3.5K 2

    May nakilala akong babae, minahal niya ako nang sobra pero ginago ko lang siya.

  • From Stripper to Exo's Sex Slave
    234K 2.7K 18

    I had a mom. . .a mom that didn't care if I got hurt, who cared for money, she didn't like Amy. Her mom wanted money instead of health, love, or happiness. That's why when a man comes and offers a compromise that her mom just can't decline, her life turns upside down! From a stripper to Exo's sex slave

  • EXO sex Slave: My Alpha Mate
    47.1K 359 10

    Blood, Chaos and at the end happiness Yet why this all of my sorrow was change into all my depths of happiness He who loved me He who liked me like no other He who protected me like I'm he's universe and life and He who is my savior from danger His Kim Jon Gin a member of EXO standing as Kai the dancing...

    5.6K 37 2

    WARNING!!! R18 contains SEX scenes. ONLY A FANFIC!

  • Exo sex slave!
    91.9K 1.1K 14

  • Exo Sex Slave
    27.3K 203 4

    What to do. this is unexpected turn of events

  • Exo Sex Slave
    67.9K 977 10

    Here's another one of those Sex Slave books, this one featuring Exo! But wait! There's a twist. It has plot and actually good characters and development. And also it's better written than most trash you find on the internet.

    Completed   Mature
  • EXO Sex Slave
    29.3K 424 13

    A story about a girl living in her normal life as a high student in Korea until one day, her life have change. These 12 boys have ruin her life, as their sex slave or did they. What would she do? Will she die? Will she find love?

  • Sinclaire Academy
    15M 375K 71

    Sinclaire Academy is the most Elite School in Hangrove; A school where your dreams become your worst nightmare; A school where Social Status, Rank, and Blood are everything. To make it short, Sinclaire Academy is an Elite School for Humans and Vampires Do you dare to enter? Adrianna Walter never knew what she was in f...

  • Something Spectacular
    5.4M 267K 37

    Isabelle Dizon was perfect. A straight A business course student, a sensible lady, a responsible daughter any parent would wished for. But she felt something lacking. She often felt she was living to her parents idea of what she should be, and she started to doubt if that was what she really wanted. As her uncertainty...

  • Picture of You (season 1 and 2) (FIN)
    3.8M 40.5K 60

    noong bata pa si Aldrin... may napulot siyang litrato ng isang babae. then he fell in love..... sinubukan niyang hanapin ito ngunit nabigo siya.... then after 5 years...

  • A Screen Away
    425K 10.1K 1

    just an old thought (reposting)

  • Hindi Ko Sinasadya
    401K 10.5K 1

  • The Blue Book: At Your Service
    18.2M 434K 54


  • Pride
    1.5M 53.1K 13

    Pride comes before the fall. The Seven Deadly Sinners

  • The Pregnant Virgin
    22.1M 580K 49

    She's pregnant and... a virgin.