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  • The Trouble-Makers (Alex Gaskarth Fan Fiction)
    33.4K 1.1K 31

    Stella's life is relatively normal until she befriends the High School's heart throb Zack Merrick and starts dating him. She is then welcomed until the most popular clique in her school, and with that she gains the resentment from The Trouble-Makers, whom make a point to show their distaste. Although she's never reall...

  • Painting Flowers (A Jack Barakat fanfic)
    85.6K 3K 26

    Kathryn Gaskarth is Alex Gaskarth's little cousin. When she and her family move to Baltimore, she is sent to the same school as Alex. Kathryn is introduced to Alex's band and finds herself infatuated by Jack Barakat, one of Alex's best friends. One day, disaster hits Kathryn and her family and she is left to face a pa...

  • Band Camp [All Time Low- Jack Barakat fanfic]
    62.3K 1.8K 10

    Aubrey Robertson is the lead guitarist in a band called Platinum Edition, and when her band decides to go to a band camp for the summer, they meet lots of great bands like Pierce The Veil and All Time Low. During the summer, she definitely does not expect to feel chemistry with the one and only, Jack Barakat. Will Jac...

  • Safe Little Thoughts To Keep You Safe
    1.6M 33.9K 51

    Completed December 29th 2012 Grace is the weird geeky girl that everyone picked on. She dresses differently and listens to the 'wrong' kind of music. What happens when she finds out a family secret and her whole life story gets flipped upside down by her favourite band? Also, all writing is in Grace's point of view...

  • Straight Up Hustlers?Jack Barakat and John O' Callaghan
    7.5K 237 21

    So guys this is part 2 of Would You Turn Me On, Jack Barakat :3 sorry for the long wait Ive been busy with school and my computer is trash but now I'm going to try and be as active as possible so stick tune.

  • Guts // Jack Barakat (FINISHED)
    62.8K 1.6K 18

    Her life changed once she met Jack Barakat, who was also her brother's best friend.

    Completed   Mature