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  • Love Me (a Star Wars Rebels, Kanezra story)
    12.3K 320 13

    Ezra has a secret. He's in love with Kanan. How will Kanan react when this secret comes out? And what will Ezra do when that secret causes something unexpected? Warning: Sex scenes, male pregnancy, violence, mature themes, sexual references, rape. M13+

  • ❤Master and Padawan❤
    25.5K 561 14

    Ezra has feelings for kanan, but not father/son feelings. He can't stay focused during training and is having a hard time trying to contain his feelings, because of it. When he go's to Hera, because she's the only one who knows that he's gay. Will he follow her advise or will he try and hide it. Kanan, Sabine, and Ze...

  • Just 9 months... (Star Wars Rebels One-Shots)
    11.6K 417 14

    Ezra Bridger is pregnant. Yeah, pregnant. And is Kanan's baby. But no angusty. Actually, both are too excited! Now, 11 charpters (OR MORE) of KanEzra mpreg fluffiness and cuteness (actually, both words have the same meaning). Embrance yourselfs, the cuteness KanEzra mpreg is coming. (AU where 'The Twilight of the Appr...