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  • TBITLG 2:The Lost Gangster Brat
    59.9K 1.5K 21

    Book 2 of This Brat,is The LEGENDARY GANGSTER __________________ I look at my own reflection in the mirror in a place whereas only the darkness surrounds me. She was there,looking at me too with her crimson eyes. We have the same face but her aura is much darker than mine "Just how many times do you plan to re...

  • His Fangirl Became His Mafia Queen♔
    157K 6.4K 95

    Currently: #23 in action (030618) Previous Rank:#25(030418) #29(020318) SD: April 20, 2016. ED: --/--/---- Action| Humor | Romance | Mystery/Thriller ❤ © MHIAMB (the story inspired me make this)