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  • ~Undertale Tickle Shorts~
    141K 1.5K 45

    |Story Requests: Open (PM me) |~Cover created by @didibelieber3013~| |Highest Ranking: #768 in Fanfiction| A book filled with adorable and clever short stories, including people's Ocs and different Undertale characters, inlcuding the AUs. Most of the stories have been requested by a fellow reader, each with their o...

  • The Color Never Ends (Ink!sans X Reader BOOK 1)
    72.3K 2.1K 138

    UT sans asked a faver of you to bring some paint buckets up to his room you gladly except but you spill the paint on the floor to UTsans room it bubbles whats happening? (This book has a sequel and is now continuing to be a random book... U have been warned)

    Completed   Mature