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  • To Wait For You- Komaeda Nagito X Reader
    3.7K 173 16

    He had no existence. And she had no hearing. Yet, his voice was the only thing she could hear.

  • Servant Of Solitude ((Nagito X Reader One Shot))
    219 7 1

    Please read "Tame Us" first so you understand more!! Is this the end of the world? How can we possibly fight the evil? The evil... Within our hearts. I can't remember anything, but these strange kids claimed I killed a great many people, and now they want to kill me too, because i'm almost 'a demon' I begged for my li...

  • My One and Only True Hope (Nagito Komaeda x reader)
    27.2K 761 33

    Hey guys! Komaeda'sDick here, and welcome to an actually legit fanfiction! I really hope you enjoy this and stick around for it all! This will be really long so get ready! Basically this is a story following all of the events in the game just with a good amount of scenarios mixed in that make it an "x reader" Yes, I k...

  • Nagito Komaeda X Reader: Be my hope
    11.7K 425 23

    You'd never thought that becoming friends with a certain male would completely change your life. Still it was your decision to help him and now there is no way back...However there's hope that the situation might end well but if not, you might end up as another victim of despair... The pic is not mine!

  • Nagito x Reader
    520 6 1

    Nagito x Reader lemon Credit: Anonymous.

  • Nullify ~ Komaeda x Reader
    351 9 3

    ~ Warning: Spoilers for all Danganronpa content prior to the new game: Danganronpa V3 ~ Who can protect the unlucky but the lucky? A year has passed since Hope's Peak Academy was revived under the leadership of Makoto Naegi. The world's hope was restored, but hope simply cannot exist without despair. It lurks still...

  • DanganRonpa Reader One Shots
    462K 8.3K 58

    DanganRonpa One Shots is a collection of various songfics, remakes, AUs, limes, and lemons. Enjoy! UPDATE: GUESS WHO'S BACK? TIME TO RECONNECT!! .::Notes::. •This is a Character x Reader book after all, I think I'll make the ship book soon :D •Credits to the LOVELY @Nana_neko for the beautiful cover <3 •These are for...

  • Dangan Ronpa x Reader
    73.1K 1.2K 15

    Dangan Ronpa One-Shots! <('0'<)

  • Becoming Despair (Nagito x Reader) [Hiatus]
    13.4K 466 10

    [Book 2 of the Despair Series] Despair spreads like wildfire. To a group of freshman in high school, they're surrounded by it. They just don't know it yet, of course. And they also don't know that it starts from two strange girls in the 77th class. Whatever the reason, (Name) got brought to Hope's Peak as the Ultimate...

  • Alone Together
    2.9K 128 2

    say yeah, let's be alone together, we could stay young forever, we'll stay young, young, young. [hajime hinata x reader x nagito komaeda]

  • Nagito X Reader Oneshots
    10.5K 252 8

    Just because everyone loves this Bagel loving Psycho. ° I do not own the art used in this book nor the cover picture I just simply edited it ° I also don't own danganronpa or komaeda

  • Dangan Ronpa One-shots (Requests open)
    18.9K 143 14

    Dangan Ronpa one-shots. Requests are open.

    Completed   Mature
  • Nagito X Reader: Creating A New Hope (Sequel!)
    10.9K 363 30

    This is a Sequel to my story : Nagito/Hajime X Reader: Is this Ultimate Love or Desperation? Nagito and I both escape into the real world. The destruction that we, the ultimate despairs caused was almost unbearable but we set out on a mission together to create a new future for the world, a new type of hope. Together...

  • Kill The Lights (Yandere! Nagito Komaeda X Fem! Reader)
    59.4K 1.7K 13

    He wanted you. More than he wanted depsair, more than he wanted hope. The second he saw you, he knew there was something different about you. You had a certain... aura about you. What will he do to make sure you become his and his alone? ((Cover by the lovely @lunanoodlelove))

  • Random Danganronpa Oneshots
    159K 3.2K 82

    (Description made January 5, 2019) Hello! This type of summary in the publishing world is unprofessional as shit, but then again, so am I. This book was probably the worst thing I've ever done, but I'm already here. Here I write poorly planned Danganronpa oneshots requested by you, including fluff, angst, limes, song...

  • Dangan Ronpa x Reader
    188K 2.9K 23

    Gender neutral one-shots, drabbles, imagines. Details on first page.

  • Danganronpa x Reader - It's PUNISHMENT TIIME!
    104K 2.1K 19

    Originally just a one-shot of a Byakuya punishment time but now I will take requests. Thats right. . .if you want to kill off your favourite characters this is the place to do it. WARNING: Intended feels!

  • Flickering Hope (One-shots)
    309 6 2

    Komaeda suffering. These are very short Komaeda x Reader stories - writing exercises, really. Brief moments of violence. *hides*

  • Nagito Komaeda One Shots
    9.3K 125 6

    A one shots book for Nagito :) Komaeda x Reader Enjoy!

  • Still My Friend - Nagito Komaeda X Reader
    749 36 1

    Insane? Not insane, just misunderstood. One shot.

  • Gone
    204 16 2

    You never had the best life, but you liked to think it wasn't the worst. You tried to keep going, hoping things would get better. Then it happened. You knew it was over. Komaeda x Reader~ WARNING! Rating may change. Also there are mentions of abuse and suicide. Reader discretion advised!!

  • Komaeda x reader
    27.4K 776 18

    This is a bunch of ko x reader stories put together in here as I had too many ideas and I'm just gonna make a big book of it. :3 enjoy!

  • Defining Hope ( Nagito x Reader )
    47.2K 1.5K 18

    [Book 1 of the Despair Series] He thought he knew what hope was. He thought that he worshiped it as much as he could, and that no one could change his opinion on it. That's the way he thought before he met her. After she entered his life, she became his definition of hope. She became his will to move on. And all beca...

  • Losing Monaka (LOSINGHOPE Komaeda x Reader sequel)
    37K 1.3K 19

    A sequel to the infamous piece of crap literature that a lot of people loved for some reason called Losing Hope XD No I ain't spoiling the storyline but this is after the first story and you have a 'child' with Komaeda Ko Ko-puffs But what things are ahead of you?? What disturbing secrets will you find!? MUHAHAHAHA

  • ( Komaeda x reader ) hot summers day
    1.9K 60 1

    It's probably the hottest day of the summer so you decide to spend it with Komaeda eating ice cream

  • He might love me☆ Komaeda x reader☆
    1.5K 70 3

    AU where you and the other danganronpa characters go to college together

  • Imagine ; Dangan Ronpa x Reader
    34.4K 813 4

    An untouched heart will slowly open its doors for you. Feel free to leave requests, I'll gladly take them!