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  • Prom (kyman)
    13.2K 440 9

    In this story the boys are 18. Its prom week, will Cartman confess to Kyle or not? !!BOYxBOY!!

  • Kyman love <3
    34.6K 1.4K 15

    kyman~ they are in high school. kyle and Stan are 16 and cartman and Kenny are 17. After Cartman falls and hurts his leg kyle helps him.. cartmans book, that holds all his personal information, is found and his friends must stop the other kids from reading to everyone. ~~~SURPRISE AT END~~~ enjoy :D

  • Restraint and Complaints
    181 6 1

    The Jewish, redhead was locked in the closet while hosting a small party. And the person he is locked in the closet with is his enemy, Eric fucking Carman. As a way for Kenny to persuade Kyle to face the facts about how he felt, the blond decided to lock Kyle in the closet, of his own fucking home. Lovely. What will b...

  • Fluffiness of Stanman
    3.7K 136 11

    Fluffy oneshots of Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh as a couple.