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  • Just The Benefits (PUBLISHED)
    48.9M 897K 77

    #JustTheBenefits Because strings mean more hurting... so you just want the benefits.

  • The Heiress (Completed)
    3.4M 78.9K 58

    Behind a cliché title is a not so cliché story. Open and start witnessing what a magical world really looks like! NO SOFTCOPIES. ON GOING. READ THE PROLOGUE. :) Ang istoryang ito ay pawang galing lamang sa imahinasyon ko at wala nang iba. Kung may kagaya man sa ibang story yung mga scenes, well, it's purely coincident...

    3.7M 119K 62

    Hera Dominguez. Typical college girl. She grew up with wealth, fame and perfect family. She is smart, the kindest in her circle of friends and a total nerd in disguise. Everything seems perfect. She is perfect, her life is perfect. But then, she found out that everything was a lie. Lies that she thought was true. He...

  • My Substitute Bride and Wife (Completed)
    1.6M 28.6K 66

    Blackmail and Lies. iyan ang special flavor ng kasalang Maxene Hidalgo-Enzo Mondragon. Pero sa halip na si babae ang mamikot ay si lalaki ang gumawa noon pero hindi daw dahil sa love kundi sa "friendship". weehhh di nga?!