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  • Scarlett || Thomas Müller
    265 12 2

    Scarlett. She was like her name put her out to be; red, hot and fiery. Thomas thought it would be easy taking care of his sixteen year old goddaughter after her parents decided to join the army. Little did he know that she wasn't in her sweet sixteens, she was in her triple sixes. Which meant that one Thomas, with...

  • Julian Draxler And Daley Blind || Heartbreak ||
    1.6K 86 12

    Julian Draxler breaks up with his girlfriend. She's left heartbroken. When she meets a new guy, she soon learns to abandon all feelings for her previous lover. But how will she cope with life when her over-controlling friend won't leave her nose out of her personal life? What measures will she take to protect her new...

  • Home (A Manuel Neuer Fanfiction)
    1.1K 78 11

    in which a girl finds her true, safe home in a German goalkeeper

  • Groupchat|Bayern Munich|
    35.7K 2.1K 39

    The boys were having a good chat until someone randomly came into their chat.

  • Lolita || müller
    18.2K 1.2K 22

    "i'm your undoing, i'll break your heart."

  • Rebel(A Thomas Muller Fanfiction)
    1.3K 78 11

    In which Thomas Muller stumbles upon a badass leather-wearing, foul-mouthed girl

  • groupchat | max meyer
    5.4K 267 9


  • breathe | r lewandowski
    30K 951 25

    "you love her, don't you?" "no, don't be stupid."

  • Groupchat 2|BVB09|
    50.9K 2.9K 76

    After Candace and Marco have a baby things change quickly while shinji kagawa breaks the news of "dating Marco's sister".

  • sweet surrender | pulisic ✓
    25.1K 1.1K 23

    christian pulisic -- gave myself up in sweet surrender.

  • Enchanted || C. Pulisic
    7.1K 236 14

    In which an event planner intern falls for a young uprising footballer.

  • Impact | Reus
    21.8K 851 15

    "Perhaps I miss your body against mine the most; the hugs, the kisses, the sex." [completed]

  • begin again // marco reus
    50.6K 2.1K 18

    "you be the moon I'll be the earth, and when we burst, we start over, oh darling, we begin again." sequel to settle down

  • The President's Daughter || pulisic
    2.8K 150 3

    he fell in love with the president's daughter.

  • Identically Different || bender
    1.8K 154 3

    "its your fault i fell for him."

  • Groupchat 3|BVB09|
    63.9K 4.4K 121

    Borussia Dortmund has some changes coming their way making them have a stronger bond than before.

  • Best friends?|E. Durm|
    20.4K 956 38

    "If you could see that I'm the one who understands you Been here all along, so why can't you see me? You belong with me."

  • Instagram » erik durm (en)
    35.5K 1K 9

    _erik37durm just followed you.

  • Taken By The Fall || Marco Reus
    5.9K 238 21

    Sandrá Maritimo was not only the most brightest girl in her university, she had a degree in business and physics. Everyone said that she had a whole world ahead of her... until the day her student funds got cut and she was left in the University of Munich with no money. And a Godchild to take care of. That was until...

  • blind » m. reus
    17.4K 652 16

    in which two people don't acknowledge the love they have for each other

  • snapchat » marco reus «en»
    17.7K 596 6

    xlebrooks added you © leongoretzka 2016

  • Falling Apart»Marco Reus.
    77 7 1

    "To heel a wound you need to stop touching it" An Invisible girl keeps an eye at Marco to be his perfect girl.

  • Stuck on a feeling. |Marco Reus|
    27.8K 845 54

    [completed] "We are all just stuck in the memories of what has been" A Marco Reus fanfiction. You see a problem? Contact me @cliffordgirly on twitter thanks! Sequel- mine

    Completed   Mature
  • stalker | durm
    22.5K 1.2K 17

    In which she stalked him and he pushed her away. But now, he craves for her.

  • It's you || Sven + Lars Bender
    2.8K 460 38

    Was it me or him? | Short story |