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  • Sing Us A Song, Mister Piano Man.
    222 13 3

    Talent show gays. Davejohn, mention of dirkjake, janeroxy, and rosemary. If youre looking for smut, head elsewhere. This story will focus on plot more than ships. Because I need to practice plot. Enjoy.

  • I Do Bite
    16K 812 11

    ( vampire Dave Strider an Dirk Strider Non vamp John Egbert and Jake English ) John works a night time shift at a local hospital. Him and his cousin live in a 3 bedroom apartment together. What happens when Jake a local gun range owner beloved cousin doesn't come home? Man Night jobs suck but not as bad as w...

  • Demonstuck
    99.8K 4K 36

    In a world where demon's run free. Hunter's plan to take away not only the freedom but the lives of the demon's But what happens when the myths about an unbeatable demon kind comes true? Hunters: Dirk Dave Demons; Jake John

  • I Think I'm In Love (a Dirkjake fanfic)
    37.1K 1.7K 27

    Alright. This sucks. Don't waste your time. Don't comment stupid stuff. I know how bad it is. Don't start please. You'll only waste brain cells.

  • Carrots and Pepsi
    15.9K 796 11

    (Homestuck) Jake and Dirk feel incomplete. So John, Jade, and Dave decide to set them up. But Jade seems to have secondary plans... partial credit for the title to fangirlbxtch. she calls DirkJake Carrotsticks, so that's where that comes from.

  • Young Volcanoes || DaveJohn AU
    3.8K 315 22

    ectobiologist and turntechgodhead have been best bros for years. Little did they know that they were actually next door neighbors and enemies. Enjoy this short and fluffy fic that features an entire chapter dedicated to that one tumblr meme where characters were assigned to an audition song. Warnings for this story i...

    Completed   Mature
  • demonstuck = Vacation To Hell
    49.2K 1.8K 20

    john is visiting his cousin jake who is a demon hunter ? jake tried to hide it but the thorns in his ass dirk and dave strider who are demons step in. will john ever get home to a normal life! (Dirk X Jake & dave x john ) ( this has a sequel now Its called Demonstuck= the vacation gone wrong )

  • Forbidden Love ((DirkJake))
    4.4K 212 15

    ((WARNING: contains strong language, scenes of violence and subjects of a sexual nature, may not be redeemed appropriate for some reader. Discretion of advised!))...

  • Criminal Love
    25.8K 968 21

    THIS IS A SEQUEL!!!! Dirk Strider joins the FBI and accidentally finds out about a new drug called Tricksters. The drug is transmitted through the drug itself or kisses. What happens when he runs into an old friends apartment on accident?

  • With open eyes//dirkjake.
    10K 370 5

    This is the world where everyone has two eye colors. Well, At Least everyone who has a soul mate gets two eye colors. Occasionally you'll see that one rare person who is destined to be alone, with their soulless grey eyes... But that's beyond the point! It all started one day when Jake English was born with a green an...

  • A Clingy Boy Sticking To Love For 15 Years - DirkJake
    8K 482 12

    Right so I had an english assessment due to write a story based on anything I wanted, so naturally i had to do some feelsy homestuck because why not. There isn't any language worse than bastard really because this was for school. And I'm not doing the thing where Dirk is Dave's genetical father or whatever because i...

  • 101 how to: make out with Satan.
    3.1K 111 3

    Jake has been hunting demons for as long as he can remember. Dirk has been sucking the life out of hunters for his entire existence. But then the two meet, sparks fly and Jake has a hard time pulling the trigger on this one... Even if it costs him never being able to see his cousin again.

  • Green isn't a Creative Colour
    5.2K 178 3

    After attempting suicide, Jake English finds himself in the hospital. TW: Suicide attempt

  • I'm The Quiet One
    62.8K 2.2K 31

    A quiet kid, Dirk Strider, has his life flipped around when he finally runs away from the life he once lived and goes to a new town.