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  • The Best Mistake: Unacceptable Reasons (Book 2)
    125K 6.8K 61

    Book 2 of The Best Mistake Min Yoongi x Reader Currently working on translating all the Korean phrases and sentences!~

    Completed   Mature
  • The Best Mistake |Min Yoongi X Reader| (Eng Subs Now Available LOL)
    185K 9.2K 53

    Eng Subs now available! LOL Sometimes all we need is time to realize that one mistake we did is actually the best thing that ever happened to our lives. Why is this so dramatic?! LOL Min Yoongi may seem cold and uninterested sometimes, but he has a very kind heart that can melt hearts. Sometimes, it just takes a s...

  • [Namjoon X Reader ]You can't change the past.
    124 13 4

    A glance of Hope. Will an old pal of your long lost brother Kim Taehyung be able to help you find what you have lost or will he end up betraying you in the same way as he did with your brother? [First Fanfic,based on 'Highlight Reel']

  • Mr. Bunny
    348K 19.7K 60

    "How can you love someone that you couldn't see in person?" "You don't understand." 3K reads - Agust-D 6, 2017 (wow thank you!) 10K - Aug 25, 2017 yay! 🎉 19K & 20K & 21K - Sept 1, 2017 29K & 30K - Sept 6, 2017 40K - Sept 12, 2017 50K - Sept 17, 2017 60K - Sept 20, 2017 70K - Sept 22, 2017 80K - Sept 25, 2017 ❤ 90K...

  • lost bag » min yoongi
    542K 26.1K 39

    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST MY BAG?!" I turn my head to the side to see the guy who had said the same thing as me. Fucking airports....

  • Struggle (Yoongi x Reader)
    41.7K 1.2K 39

    I'm already going to apologize because this probably going to suck

  • Decay [M.YG]
    111K 4.4K 24

    "I think you've got the wrong Min Yoongi." or In which Yoongi doesn't want to fall in love

    717 77 20

    so hey this is MY SECOND STORY so if you want to suggest read the last part of my other story and message me for suggestions

  • bangtan high [Jiminx reader]
    2.1K 221 36

    so this is my first story so i hope you like it its y/n's first day at bangtan academy then she will meet 7 guys Then she meet her bff scence childhood. But one of his friends like her what will happen to them? who will she choose? will the guy she pick and her will have happy ending?, She will have a long journey s...

  • Devoted to Secrets {Jimin x Reader} (completed!)
    102K 4K 36

    "Fuck you Jimin" "I killed someone for you so fuck you too" {warning: this is probably the most extra af story you've ever read} COMPLETED: January 12, 2017 at 4:52 am

  • Teach Her ✔️
    9.7M 414K 51

    "Screw the rules. I want you, Kim Y/N." Highest Ranking : [#1 in Fanfiction] BTS Park Jimin x reader High school teacher AU Translations: Spanish

  • Kiss | RM
    74K 3.3K 20

    Everyone wanted Namjoon and Y/n to get into a relationship but the only problem is, they didn't see each other in that way..or did they?

  • Confession (Kim Taehyung x Reader) ✔️
    215K 7.2K 39

    "Boys only bully girls because they like them." [COMPLETE] [SEQUEL IS PUBLISHED: PROMISES] [HIT 100k ON 12.31.2017] [HIT 200k ON 5.5.2018] cover made by @ohsedumb

  • My StepBrother (Taehyungxyou)
    30.7K 997 16

    In which Taehyung's mother marries Park Lee heymin (your father )the CEO of a huge company in Korea. Your step brother Taehyung a guy with no care for anyone what so ever, try's to get to close to you acting like a good boy with everybody but changes like a werewolf when his with you. As rude as Taehyung can be, will...

  • The Real Side Of Him | J.JK
    19.1K 717 17

    (Y/n) is a very known artist. She has a band with her best friends and her band is one of the first American band to ever mix dance and music together. Just like K-POP. But, what will happen when BigHitEntertainment suddenly calls them offering to sign a contract and move to Korea?! Will they accept?! And what will ha...

  • Lost Brother | M.YG
    9K 348 15

    Y/n L/n was in a very rich family. She was happy, with her mother and sister. She was already an adult, wanting to get a house with her sister and live only the two of them. She landed a job at BigHit Entertaingment, working for a K-POP group called BTS. What she didn't know, was that both her mom and sister, were ke...

  • My Rich Stepbrother | J.JK
    23.5K 860 16

    "You never cared for me!! I hated you ever since I was young!" "You never knew the secret that kept us away from each other" _________________________________________________________________________________ Y/N, A sweet, cute, delicate, and adorable girl that lives her life properly and filled with happiness. Sh...

  • Contract Love | BTS
    4.2K 169 12

    Y/n works on Big Hit as a solo artist. She is close to the BTS members. So close, that sometimes you might think they are family. One thing leads to the other and Big Hit's CEO makes her marry one of the BTS members out of her choice. She has to choose one of the 7 members. Who will she choose? Will they fall in love...

  • Fools 🕊 | Park Jimin x Reader
    55.4K 1.9K 32

    When I watching over u , my heart fluttering . Before I let u go , I didnt know that the world I am in was this lonely . I started to become greedy , I wanted to live with u , grow old with u . Hold ur wrinkled hands & say how warm my life was with u . But , I cant 😔 - Me Sometimes ... its hurt for loving someone . S...

  • We Are Stranger ||btsXreader||-2-
    98.1K 4.1K 42

    we are strangers ||book2|| Kidnapped by bts?!?||book1|| //COMPLETED// It been 3 years since you met them. Yet no text nor contact from them. For three weeks you tried called and text them yet no replied from them before. You've gave up eventually and keep moving. Now you are able to stand back on your own feet. When e...

  • Idol x Idols ( BTS x Idol! Reader) #WATTYS2017
    98.9K 2.4K 30

    With them being an idol, dating or even loving someone can be considered a crime. But no one can stop himself/herself from loving anyone. With 7 idols being inlove with another idol, things can get out of hand. Yet they don't seem to understand why can't they keep themselves from loving you. ♡ Highest:#176 in Fanfi...

  • [BTS FF] Dancing Girl
    57.5K 1.8K 41

    "fuck you guys" "love you too, Y/N" Start: January 22nd, 2017 Finished: ???

  • Your Oppa. | x reader
    72 5 3

    (NSFW IN THE FUTURE) a world in which Kim Taehyung has to make her fall for him by doing something very unusual for her.. ~ "i want to be your oppa." i breathe out as i kept my stance. "m-my o-oppa?" she stutters out, barely blushing at my statement. ~ © dongsaennie Creation : (originally on 6/11/17, Sund...

  • Saved (Suga X Reader)
    56.7K 2.1K 46

    You are running away, from your home, friend, responsibility and your past. A guy helps you out. Will he be able to change your fate? READ MORE TO KNOW!!! (^_^)/ This book contain the Sequel too!!!

  • Befreinded|| JiminXReader
    39.5K 1.7K 27

    He pulled you into the coat room behind you and pinned you on the door, making sure to lock the door "W-What are y-you doing J-Jimin?" You tried to push him off "What I should have done a long time ago" All of a sudden, Jimin started to attack you neck making sure to leave hickeys *Doorbell* "Jimin the d-door" You mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Freak! || TaehyungXReader *UNDER EDITING*
    17.9K 567 15

    People find you as a freak? Is that even normal? Taehyung? After all this, you did this to me... All I wanted was a new start, but it's true when people say the past comes back to haunt you

  • Roses Are Red|| JiminXReader
    63.2K 2.9K 19

    Jimin, school hottie, your crush, but what happens when you and Jimin make your first encounter? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first ever fanfic hope you'll enjoy! Started: 3/11/16 Finished: 23/11/16

  • Never Let Go | 2 | Jungkook
    35.7K 934 34

    Book 2. Trust. It isn't easy to give, yet its easy to break. PLAGIARIZE AND YOUR DEAD.

  • The Breakup|Park Jimin FF [Completed]
    58.7K 1.8K 25

    [Completed] When (Y/N) breaks up with her boyfriend Namjoon she realizes she has absolutely no one to turn to. She only had Namjoon, but now she has no one. She decides to go to a bar and meets someone incredibly familiar. Includes: Smut, angst, fluff

    Completed   Mature
  • My Special Love For You (Jimin x Reader!) [FF] {Complete}
    64.6K 1.8K 51

    I am strong..sometimes.. But one person always helps me no matter what. I trust him. He is my friend. Of course I have my brother with me but he seems to be there for me. His name is.... "Park Jimin"