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  • The Night Sky
    16.2K 503 11

    All his life Kurt Wagner has been judged, shunned, and discriminated against because of the way he looks. "Demon" "Monster" "Freak" But when he meets a girl with eyes that can see much further than his outward appearance, will he finally find someone who can accept him for all that he truly is?

  • Demons (Nightcrawler X Reader X Quicksilver)
    30.2K 764 8

    You were the best cage fighter this place had ever seen, but such a profession can lead to unexpected occurrences. What turn will your life take when you're enrolled in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters after fighting a young blue boy in the ring? I do not own X-men or you ✧

  • Secret Ghost [Fanfiction Version]
    496K 35K 23

    »Mister Malfoy, Sie befinden sich am Scheidepunkt Ihres Lebens.« Draco liegt seit der großen Schlacht um Hogwarts im Koma. Nicht richtig tot aber auch nicht richtig lebendig. Als Geist muss er beweisen, ob er es wert ist weiter zu leben. Und dafür muss er der Person helfen, die er am meisten verletzt hat, Herm...