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  • Spark (Ereri)
    169K 9K 21

    It's known through out the world that everyone was meant to have a soul mate; however, you'd only know who when you've finally met them by touch. From the slightest contact, you go from colour blind to seeing the world vividly for the first time. Eren, a worker at a café, always had an odd feeling about his regular cu...

  • captain | levi x reader
    1.4M 60.4K 49

    ❝I would definitely meet her again.❞ // Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Attack on Titan Fanfiction reading list // [[ONGOING]] lowercase intended for title (a levi x reader romance)

  • Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction)
    1M 55.6K 35

    Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibly the most negative guy in the school, Levi Rivialle, for the upcoming art project, art classes may just start getting interesting. Shingeki No Kyojin...

  • Blue Wings || an ereri fanfiction
    16.6K 1.3K 10

    Levi is a music producer who is looking for a singer. When he finds one, he didn't expect this singer to hide his face on stage, deny any request for contact information and be the most mysterious person he has ever met. Trying to find out who this stranger is might be the hardest task of his life.

  • I Think I'm Falling For You (Eren X Levi)
    169K 5.9K 26

    A Eren x Levi Love Story Eren Jaeger is a boy who attends school, works, and just so happens to fall for a certain someone. Whoever is going to read this story you should probably know that this is my first fanfic I have ever wrote, so if its bad I'm so sorry. Other than that I hope you enjoy it! Also I'm sorry if I m...

  • Tattooed Flowers ~ Ereri
    83.7K 5.2K 10

    Modern AU!! Levi is the owner of a small flower ship that happens to be located next to a tattoo parlor where, you guessed it, Eren Jeager happens to work. The two meet when Levi tried to get a drunken breakup tattoo. What will happen of these polar opposites when they fall in love? Disclaimer: I don't own these chara...

  • You're Different (Levi X Reader) Fanfic
    3M 91.1K 71

    This is a Levi x Reader. Yes there will be Lemon <3 Story Intro in the story. Enjoy!!! Disclaimer: I do not any of the AOT characters!!!!!! I only own mine! Thanks! *Warning: There is cursing!!!!*

    Completed   Mature
  • 【SnK AU】Camera Lens【Ereri/RiRen】
    56.8K 151 5

    *Rewriting High school AU Eren and Levi make an agreement in return of a favor done caused by a sudden problem at the beginning of the school year. Eren must aide Levi by using his photography skills. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, but which words are the right words? Formerly Titled : Collab

  • Suicide Hotline (Ereri/Riren/Eren x Levi AU)
    387K 26K 28

    "Hello?" "I feel like killing myself again," "Don't." {No characters mentioned or pictures used are mine.}