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  • You and Me❤
    311 111 11

    Well I don't think this set of poems has a description . All it has is Feelings And not every feeling could be described . So go on read it ?

  • My Lady
    270 87 6

    My Lady I love you, I miss you But you know nothing Cause you're not here by my side I need you. 💕

  • The soul's voice
    360 132 8

    Letting emotions escape through words, since 2016.

  • Poetic Times | Times #2
    349 81 23

    Book 2 in the Times Series This a collection of my poems. I hope you enjoy reading them and Keep Smiling ☺☺😊😊☺☺ Started- 9/01/17 Finished- 18 / 11/18

  • My Lifelines
    1.7K 407 20

    Ranked #108 on 11/02/17 "Sometimes people are beautiful, Not in looks and talks, but Just in what they are." This is a collection of poems I have been writing since I was 13. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are boring while some are deep. But ultimately, they're a part of me. So...Since you've read till here. Wh...

  • The Silent Spirit
    6.7K 3.9K 94

    A collection of short poems and quotes written by me during sudden outbursts of frustration, love, betrayal or joy. Highest rank: #38 in Poetry as of 8th April, 2017

  • Lead Me By The Hand #Wattys2015
    206 15 2

    This is the very first poem I ever wrote. I wrote 'Lead Me By The Hand' at a time when things looked bleak and I perceived life as more darkness than light. Thankfully, instead of spiralling out of control, my feelings and emotions manifested themselves into this poem. I would like to further add that a part of the in...

  • Echo Of My Thoughts
    5.7K 872 36

    'I watched it falling, dancing with the wind. A vivid green caught my eye. Why did it fall, had it sinned? The bold leaf floated by.' - A Lone Ranger. 'They say, you could rattle the stars in the sky, If you dared enough and Crown the glitter in you, If you had enough!' - Beautiful Sorrows. ...

  • c a r a v a n
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    ❝my body is a melody my wrist Is my violin to make it play I use a blade 12am❞ Ranked #30 Ranked #63

  • Haiku
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    seventeen syllables can say a lot. [ note : I started writing this when I was fifteen and going through this "phase", so be forewarned about the immense cringe that lies inside. ]