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  • Unright | Jaehyun
    31.4K 1.8K 78

    In which a girl texts her crush but instead turns out to be his friend. eunsseo : this is kun right? woojae : afraid not. eunsseo : damn it chittaphon leechaiyapornkul ten. this so unright. woojae : you mean...wrong...? woojae : and damn, how u memorize all that? eunsseo...

  • Ocean's Lotus [NCT Jaehyun]
    2.7K 140 18

    Haeyeon is a normal girl attending an art school, the initials of which are SOPA. She acts as an introvert and hides behind her perfectly sculpted facade until she interacts with a new classmate named Jaehyun. Through life's lessons and hardships, which at times they create themselves, they learn they're completely di...

  • [COMPLETED] Snowflakes (NCT Jaehyun Fanfiction) BOOK ONE
    42K 1.4K 32

    *Warning* This fanfiction contains graphic violence, mature language, and serious/mature subject matters. Readers discretion is advised. ~ This is a Christmas/Holidays Special Jaehyun fanfiction that I made just for fun! Even though the story itself is a bit more on the serious side, hence the warning. I wanted to cre...

  • The Story of Us // Jaehyun
    2.4K 170 20

    The saying "It's you and me against the world" couldn't have been more literal with us. A story in which two friends go through the worst that life has to offer.

  • blackmail ↻ jung jaehyun
    315K 27.7K 54

    ❝hey jaehyun? i kind of found a video of you having a conversation with yourself in english❞ 2017 © j-ones

  • december | day6 jaehyungparkian
    9.5K 982 7

    Younghyun was heartbroken. Jaehyung has always been lonely.

    280K 20.1K 71

    The new SM boy group decided to create a chatroom because, why not? ⸰ COMPLETED ⸰01/05/17 © DONGYEOLS

    Completed   Mature
  • Battle of the Schools (Jaeyong) || #Wattys2016
    51.1K 3.2K 30

    'I despise you, Lee Taeyong' - 'May the best school win.'

  • Jaeyong / Incomplete
    853 40 3

    I honestly don't know where I'm going with this. It's my first time. #WIP.

  • 1:02 ⇝ jaeyong
    858 57 2

    We start at 10 but End at one

  • youth ; jaeyong
    63.4K 4K 39

    because when we're young, we do stupid things. we all make mistakes. jaehyun makes the mistake of trusting taeyong, only to have his entire life flipped upside down in the matter of a couple months. but no matter what, jaehyun can't stop coming back to taeyong, even if he doubts that taeyong really cares. after all, i...

    Completed   Mature
  • without you || nct dojae
    19.4K 1.1K 55

    Young, naive and innocent. Both Kim Doyoung and Jung Jaehyun were like that. Considerably close, even closer than you think. What happens to both of them, a love story.

  • hate + lty
    147K 7.8K 21

    ❝- you hated me because . . . i'm me.❞ lee taeyong、 © saangyun

  • Need You (Jaeyong)
    44K 2.7K 25

    We were both alike. We didn't know how to tell the other so we kept it a secret. I missed you and you longed for me. But in the end we realized that I needed you and you needed me. *If your not okay with boyxboy then you do not have to read it*

  • love me, mister klutz (NCT/NCTU/DOJAE/JAEYOUNG)
    6K 442 6

    Doyoung is the clumsy senior who trips on everything, even his own feet. Each time it happens, Jaehyun wonders if he should help him up or leave him be to protect his pride. One day, he finally gets his answer. ►Credit to anonymous @nctprompts on twitter for the prompt! ►

  • Always/Jaeyong ff.
    8.7K 474 9

    "I always see you everyday but when will you notice me" -jaehyun

  • NCT U The Type
    285K 14.1K 198

    This is a fan book dedicated to humorously showcase NCT U members' unique personalities. Check it out! ♥

  • our text ; jaehyun
    2.9K 108 10

    a romance-comedy in a text form. cast: jaehyun (NCT), hani/choi yewon (you) | lowercase intended |

  • We Met On Kik~JaeYong
    224K 14.3K 53

    "Fuck off" "I'd rather fuck u." #324 in random 050916

    Completed   Mature
  • Enchanted
    102K 4.3K 48

    "Do not depend on someone, even your own shadow leaves you in darkness." -; nct | fantasy | angst | romance ;-

  • forbidden ✕ nct ⎮ jaehyun
    942 33 3

    it started as an act, but turned into love. © all rights belong to kindamebutnot

  • Destined || NCT Jaehyun and BLACKPINK Jisoo
    1.3K 83 5

    "It doesn't mean that I'm your bestfriend, that I can't fall in love with you." A short story starring NCT's Jung Jaehyun and BLACKPINK's Kim Jisoo. Destined BLACKPINK Series Book 1 Written by: jisoology Started: 2 0 1 6 Finished: Book Cover by: Ramen

  • ghost of you + jaehyun
    29 0 1

    "when did you die?"

  • nefarious | jaehyun
    19.5K 926 25

    nefarious [adj.] wicked, villainous, despicable [unedited]

  • Smells like Honey
    57 8 1

    "The boy was too perfect not to be admired,he was too perfect just to be another boy who he could just get over " So this is a little oneshot with doyong pondering about his feelings for jaehyung. Enjoy

  • Strange//Jaehyun (NCT)
    90 7 4

    I was just casually walking, looking down at my phone when the clouds started to get gray-dark gray. I started looking around and my eyes started to weaken, I felt dizzy, my head started moving too much and down I went. cover credit: youthfullashton

  • Full Moon [NCT-U Fanfiction]
    1.6K 78 6

    A boy born into a prestigious family and hazy memories ends up in prison after years of sleeping on the streets. A prince finds his friend from childhood, though it seems that he doesn't recognize him. The boy finds himself back into aristocratic society, paths clash. All chapters are subject to editing or rearranging...