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  • Vampire Academy: a different ending
    13.1K 262 5

    A fanfiction that starts where the film ends. Dimitri convinces Rose that his love has faded, not only because of Lissa, but also because of other sinister things... This is not the only problem Rose faces, as a strigoi attack takes Lissa away from her. Even stranger is the fact that the bond seems to be blocked. Tog...

  • 50 Shades Of Grayson Dolan : A Realistic, Dramatic Imagine <DISCONTINUED>
    26.4K 392 28

    Sabrina and Grayson are the perfect couple... Do they stay like that forever? "Everything good comes to an end, I guess."

  • Soft sides
    42K 319 37

    This story is about how a petite innocent girl changes the life and heart of a perverted fuckboy when they met at the last semester in college , as the story goes through they're last college year and they're summer together each day they get to know each other more and realize they love each other so much , and I won...

  • The 12 EXO Wolves and the Vampire
    18.2K 654 7

    Yunhee is a pure-blood vampire who had met a car accident with her family when she was a kid but was the only survivor and had lost her parents' lives. After a decade, weird dreams started happening and she would always have nightmares every night that has something to do with the car accident that happened 10 years a...

  • Monster Academy [ EXO fanfic ]
    56.8K 2.5K 32

    For as long as you could remember, you have lived a fairly normal [and boring] life. But nothing could have prepared you for your 17th birthday, when your life takes on an unexpected turn which could change your life forever. Adjusting to your new life doesn't prove to be easy. But perhaps your greatest challenge yet...