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  • I Think I'm In Love (Steroline Fanfic)
    9K 203 7

    Stefan and Caroline, they're friends. Best friends. But that's it. Or at least that's what they keep telling themselves as they hold back their real feelings. A simple kiss can change a friendship, for better or for worse.

  • Changes...
    1.6K 54 3

    Stefan and Caroline were best friends Stefan was dating Elena one of Caroline's best friends and Caroline was on her own which she was fine with as she was just in high school but will one night of self pity and alcohol change that, when Stefan and Caroline have sex and she ends up pregnant.... Will Caroline tell Ste...

  • The Vampire Diaries : Game Nights
    27.4K 761 15

    Elijah notices that the gang and the Mikaelsons are getting distant. So, he plans Game Nights on Fridays to bring them closer together. Little did he know that it was paying off real well. Contains; Klaroline, Stelena, Delena, Kennet, Kelijah, Mabekah. Kissing, Sleepovers and much more.

  • Discovering Love (Vampire Diaries )
    1.3K 29 1

    Stefan Salvatore realizes that he's over Elena and inlove with Caroline. Caroline visits Stefan for a pick me up party and things develop from there. Will it be happily ever after for them or will caroline's family history, Silas or even Elena stop them from being happy?

  • Won't leave without you
    54.1K 872 20

    When Klaus, Stefan, and Damon try but fail to take down Alaric. Klaus wants to leave town and wants more hybrids but he doesn't want to leave Caroline behind. Klaus ends up taking Elena and Caroline but he can't handle two girls by himself so he calls in help from his little brother Kol. With their time away bring the...

  • Epic
    2.6K 69 5

    Caroline and Stefan are both wrecked from the death of Damon and Bonnie. Their friendship is tested when they bond over their loss. But will they start to develop feelings?

  • Sired
    57.2K 2K 50

    Caroline (human) had a car accident and when Klaus hears about that he runs to the hospital and gives her his blood to cure her but what he or anyone wasn't expecting was that a enemy took advantage of Caroline and killed her, turning her into a vampire. But something is changed, it's not just her being a vampire but...

  • "I'm the wrong guy for you"
    11.4K 310 15

    Set in season one Caroline is human and Stefan is a vampire and with Elena but when the class is split up in to pairs Stefan and Caroline start to bond but will Stefan soon realize he is starting to fall for the blonde and will he start to push her away because he knows his life is to dangerous but will it be to late...

  • Mark My Words - Caroline/klaus fanfiction.
    15.5K 227 9

    After Prom Caroline decides it's time for her to leave Mystic Falls, just as Klaus plans to leave for New Orleans so they part ways. However, time will teach Caroline just how right Klaus was about her and who she is. First chapter set just after graduation, following chapters will be set 50 years later.

  • Klaus or Stefan: Caroline's Choice
    3.7K 131 12

    This is a fan-fiction about The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I don't own any of the characters or places within this book! It is not after a specific episode its just the way I see Caroline and who she should be with. MANY KLAROLINE AND STEROLINE MOMENTS When Tyler breaks up with Caroline her heart is left shatt...

  • Walls{Klaroline}
    8.6K 246 6

    Caroline quickly recovered from her shock, closing her gaping mouth. "Well you aren't welcome here," crossing her arms and standing a little taller. "Oh Caroline," Klaus muttered, "you will need me soon enough. Just you wait," Caroline froze as she noticed Klaus leaning in towards her face. "Just you wait," his lip...

  • The Vampire Diaries: Fallng In
    3.1K 82 6

    Caroline and Stefan have been best friends since before anyone could remember. Caroline has had unresolved feelings for Stefan since she was a little kid, but Stefan has never noticed. But once a hot new guy arrives to Mystic Falls, Caroline falls head over heels for him. Little does she know that he's not what he see...

  • Fireproof - Steroline.
    8.5K 164 10

    Caught up in the love of Steroline. Caroline is madly in love with stefan, she has no idea how to tell him and she's not even sure she wants to. Stefan knows that theres something going on between them, but if it wasn't for all the others, Stefan would have never noticed. Their friendship is fireproof, but will their...

  • Never The One (A Steroline and Delena fanfic)
    5K 124 6

    Caroline Forbes is an extraordinary, beautiful and strong woman. She is a generous friend and a bright light in the sea of dark. She has come a long way since the time she became a vampire. She has grown up, she has loved and she has lost. But even after all these years she feels one thing hasn't changed, She is never...

  • An Untold Romance: Steroline
    4.6K 66 2

    Stefan and Caroline had always had a strong friendship in The Vampire Diaries. But this story explores what happens when they take their friendship to the next level. Read all about the untold events that unravel after one night of passion and the consequences that the pair must deal with.

  • Life After Love -- A Steroline Fanfic
    6.9K 96 1

    What if, instead of having vampire's blood in her system, Elena dies? All Caroline knows, Tyler is so far dead. Stefan and Caroline both lose their beloved ones. Through grief and despair, they united in friendship. Or perhaps, so much more? PS: It's a one shot. But if after reading it you want more, tell me by postin...

  • Best Friends
    20.1K 735 29

    Niklaus Mikaelson meets Caroline Forbes in the 20's and they become best friends

  • Klaus and Caroline: One Day
    17.8K 354 6

    A short fan fiction about Klaus and Caroline. It's based on the night after the ball at the Mikealson's. Caroline has come home to a 'romantic drawing' from Klaus and fallen asleep. The next day, when she wakes up, she's not in Mystic Falls anymore, she's in Rome! And you'll never guess who's going to come knocking on...

  • My Angel
    3.2K 117 3

    When Caroline was 4, she slightly remembers someone named Klaus who always played with her at night. He was her angel, until one day he left her 2 years later with a gift. Now 17 in her senior year, Caroline Forbes is living her life almost at her fullest with her new boyfriend Tyler and her two best friends, Elena an...

  • Stefan and Caroline ( The Vampire Diaries )
    1.3K 69 27

    This is a story about the vampire diaries, it starts with Caroline and Damon who meet each other at a bar in 1956., they slowly become best friends. They live a life outside of Mystic Falls until they decide they want to go back to high school .When they return to Mystic Falls, all hell breaks loose relationships brea...

  • What I Would Do For You (Steroline Fanfic)
    4.2K 79 13

    Caroline Forbes has two best friends, Bonnie and Elena, what happens when the Salvatore's come to town and Caroline falls I love with Stefan, will he love her back?

  • Intoxicated (Klaroline Love Story)
    15.6K 495 8

    Klaus, original hybrid secretly in love with Caroline Forbes. One day Caroline finds Tyler cheating on her with Hayley. A she wolf that is in town. Searching for comfort Caroline ends up at the Grill, bumping into a british original. Not knowing what she is doing, Caroline ends up in Klaus arms. Slowly she starts to f...