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  • Max and Ruby
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    last christmas...

  • 50 Facts About JoJo
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    "I'm even wearing Miley Cyrus socks." ~JoJo Siwa «««»»» We all know and love JoJo Siwa, but let's face it, how much do you really know about the one and only JoJo Siwa? JoJo has been labeled as annoying, loud and rude, but she's actually a sweet, fun, caring girl! Read now to uncover JoJo Siwa's true personality!

  • Abused - a Maddie Ziegler Dancemoms / Dance Moms Fanfiction
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    Maddie Ziegler has been abused by her parents for over 8 years, after the passing of her little sister Mackenzie. When Maddie finds herself falling for the popular boy, Josh Hyland, she tries to stop herself from a tragic mistake. However, when Maddie's family's secret is in jeopardy, she finds herself drowning in tro...

  • I need your love (a dance moms fan fiction )
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    A Dancemoms Fan Fiction. Madison Ziegler is diagnosed with cancer and doesn't get a lot of attention from anybody which makes her depressed. Her dad is in the army. Her mom pays a lot of attention to Kenzie because Kenzie is the baby in the family.

  • Horror Stories (short)
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    These are a collection of short horror stories. Hope you enjoy them..And dont get scared

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  • Short Horror Stories #Wattys2017
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    This is a book of Short stories :) Happy reading

  • Kidnapped by slenderman
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    **‼️COMPLETED‼️** My name is Jessi Dale and I have a story to tell. Slenderman kidnapped me at the age of 7. I finally escaped at the age of 12. Now I am 16. And here's my story of how I escaped.

  • Horror stories
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    Hope you like these stories Let me know if y'all want me to do a book or something. (10 little sailor boys is not mine!!!)

  • Scary Or Weird? True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You!
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    Welcome to scary or weird, TRUE stories that will scare the crap out of you! You will read a chapter, and comment rather it's weird or scary. If the said chapter scares you, then comment scary, if it doesn't, then type weird. This is a book of TRUE terrifying scary stories that will make you look behind you at night...

  • Scary Stories #Wattys2016
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    hey guys and galls. I realized that the description for this said that I made these up, No I did not. my mum messed me up by confusing me. but these aren't mine, All Credit goes to the Authors who Wrote these. hope y'all like it. comment, vote, favorite. Thanks for all the Support, My Little Cubs. <3 ~ Leo Cover by @...

  • Short Horror Stories And Ledgends
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    You've started to read this book. There's no way you'll get out alive now...

  • Horror Stories
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    The title is pretty self explanatory. Its just horror stories. (Which most of them I do not own.) Please leave a vote to show support and check out Conclusion. The final part of the Horror series that I will be doing.

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  • The Haunting
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    Strange things have been occuring in the Miller house lately. Writing on walls, children's laughter and footsteps throughout the house, doors opening and slamming shut by themselves and even the record player which hasn't worked in years found itself playing strange music. Who or what is haunting the Miller's house? A...

  • #YouPayForWhatYouPost
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    Lori, Miranda, and Tess were best friends since first grade. Thick as thieves. Then one tragic night, Miranda goes missing. The sleepy little town of Maplewood is beside themselves as months pass with no word of the missing girl. Life goes on though and Lora and Tess are determined to move on as well. But can they?