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  • Against All Odds
    7.9K 162 6

    "I really like her. At first I thought I was just fond of her. I was just starstruck because I am such a big fan. But as time goes by I get to know her more and more. Before I get the chance to talk to her my impression for her was that she was the typical Hallyu Star who is very intimidating but she prove me wrong...

    33K 1.3K 40

    Hyuin-Min is a busy school girl who rarely spends time with her friends, Jeong-Ha, Heok-Joon and Kim-Myeong. During the school break, the four friends head to Busan from Seoul to relieve Hyuin-Min's stress of schoolwork and to spend more time with her. On the way there, they meet fund manager Seok-Woo, his daughter So...

  • Behind the Secrets
    16.8K 1.3K 90

    Love is full of secrets but when the right time comes, that secrets will reveal.

  • Our times [Song Joongki and Song Hye Kyo's fanfic]
    8.6K 208 11

    Hye Kyo's boyfriend, Joongki died in a war 10 years ago. Now, she found a time machine and she goes back in time, back to 10 years ago. Will she choose to change her past or will she let history repeats itself?

  • Second Chances
    1K 7 1

    Song Hye Kyo has a secret she's been keeping for 7 years. She was married to Song Joong Ki, son of the famous Song family, owners of the largest chain of 5 star hotels in the world. Due to personal reasons, Hye Kyo left Joong Ki and for the past 7 years, she worked hard in establishing her chain of bakeries in South K...

    20.4K 1.1K 9

    Zombie acopalypse happening in the whole world. But there is one place that is safe, it is BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA. *jin's laugh as BGM* A father named Kim Namjoon a.k.a Rapmonster and his child, named Kim Jungkook is in the train that can be also safe. Would they able to go to Busan? (It may have some kind of plot t...

  • Figment (Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo)
    7.3K 252 12

    I was used to living a comfortable orphaned life, or rather as comfortable as I could make it, until a stranger told me that I am the protagonist in his great great grandfather's story. A figment of an imagination. And before I know it, the hunt has begun. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to expe...

  • Descendants of the Sun Season 2
    188K 2.4K 22

    A volcano erupts just when Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Si Jin though they could have some peace for a change. New characters emerge, and will old friends become new enemies? Keep reading to find out what happens in the next installment of Descendants of The Sun. //This occurs after the final episode (Episode 16). This is wha...

  • Descendants of the Sun (ON-HOLD)
    10.5K 665 18

    RANDOM PRIVATE Love is us. I don't want to share it - Kang Moyeon & Yoo Shijin.

  • Marry Me || One Shot
    2.3K 67 3

    What will you do if you are keeping a huge secret from everyone at school? Will you runaway? Or face the consequences? Find out Jenny's life as she enters a world that she didn't expected to happen. Marrying someone was not on her list. Even though her future husband, Jacob Gonzales, a heartthrob in school tease and m...

  • I'm Sorry
    10.8K 179 8

    Just a doctor and soldier in love.

  • DOTS Quotes , Narration Profiles And Lyrics. 《 COMPLETED 》
    8.9K 108 38

    It is all about Descendants of the sun Quotes , Narration , Profiles and their soundtracks Lyrics with Romanization and English subtitles.

    11.9K 655 11

    Saat pertama melihat Hye kyo jantungku berdebar tak biasa dan aku begitu menyukainya ,namun cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan kau tak pernah menggangap ku ada...

  • Forgotten Past- Descendants Of The Sun
    11.7K 130 9

    Everything was perfect in the eyes of three childhood friends Shi jin, Mo yeon, and Dae young. They have now achieved their dreams that they have wished for since they were children. But their life took a turn when suddenly they were asked to train with people they were not familiar with. Unknown to two of them that t...

  • [Longfic] KiKyo Coulpe - Cô Gái Tôi Vẫn Luôn Theo Đuổi
    42.4K 2K 36

    " Yêu đôi khi là giấu kín, giấu đi tình cảm, giấu đi yêu thương để nhìn về ai đó duy nhất Có lúc đã buông xuôi để nhìn về phía trước, có lúc lại nắm giữ không chịu buông bởi dù làm gì cũng sẽ tổn thương ai đó " FANFIC KIKYO COUPLE Đây là Fic đầu tay của Bếu ^^ Hoàn toàn là ngôn tình , rất ít có liên quan tới showbiz...

  • Tough Love// Yoo Shi-Jin (Song Joong Ki) Fanfic
    31.5K 810 32

    Taemin is a rebellious teen who is forced to join the army for being a troublemaker. What happens when she and her father can't see eye to eye and she starts to catch feelings for her superior Captain Yoo Si-Jin. Will he feel the same or will he rekindle the love for Dr.Kang. Read and find out, Until then SALUTE. ©A...

  • Nice Girls
    3.9K 66 3

    Tiffany Young, a junior high schooler who lives in the slums with a single mother and troublesome brother Will meets a mysterious man who moves into the rich neighborhood and now goes to the same school as her. Tiffany was known as a nice girl, always doing as other people say, pleasing others instead of herself. No o...

    5.4K 79 10

    69.7K 4.2K 52

    " Có bao nhiêu người trên thế gian này, trái tim chung nhịp nhung không thể cầm tay đi chung trên một con đường? Nhân duyên này sẽ là khổ đau nhưng đó chính là thứ nhân duyên khiến con người ta trở nên mạnh mẽ ! " #SongHyeKyo #SongJoongKi #Fanfiction #Ambrose Silver

  • High School Love On (completed)
    30.5K 811 22

    Hi! School: Love On is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Kim Sae-ron, Nam Woo-hyun and Lee Sung-yeol of the band Infinite. It aired on KBS2 from July 11 to December 19, 2014 on Fridays at 20:55 for 20 episodes. Hi! School: Love On is a teen fantasy romance series about an angel who has no choice but to be...

  • Fate Love (ft Song Joong Ki )
    16.7K 326 13

    Who are you ? Why you make my heart flutters? - Song Hye Kyo Maybe i'm your angel who already falls in love with you - Song Joong Ki