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  • Chasing Cassandra ✓
    12.2K 5K 25

    ❝The truth hurts, but sometimes it can kill too.❞ Tyler Tyson just can't help it. He has the looks, the influence and the power to get everything he wants. Except for one, a girl. A girl with an alias 'C' who waltzed in his life with guns and a string of enemies along the way. When Cassandra gained his trust she has t...

  • She is Pistola
    748 7 7

    #98 in Dystopian - 05/22/2018 In a future where the world is one large city connected together by a titanic network, the one who controls that network holds all the power. Cyrotech, a leading robotic corporation, is on the cusp of gaining ownership and will break any rule necessary to achieve that goal. Mind-control...

  • Loyalty
    179 19 6

    Cover created by:@theDEsnow A young girl named Ashanti was living a lie. She thinks she has this perfect beautiful life until she meets her biological father first time then the havoc begins. But what will it take to save her a gang leader or time it's self. READ TO FIND OUT

  • Average Joe
    1.4K 235 34

    Life is hard when your Dad is a superhero and your Mom is a super villain..... Norman Knight is a teenager with a plan: live a normal life. Of course it's hard with a super villain Mom and superhero Dad. Of course the parental fighting is rough, but now things only get worse when Norman gets abilities of his own. Hid...

  • Street Facade (Completed)
    1.2K 367 31

    "A starving peasant can become a taxi driver, A taxi driver can become a Hitman, A Hitman can become a Mafia Lord, But, the feared Mafia Lord can never afford to become a father." Aaron Vercetti and Eva Kent had two distinct worlds bridged by an unnamed relationship. A relationship whose prime factors were lies and d...

  • The Phantom Fox
    45 6 1

    "Welcome to a new world of spies and espionage." A Swiss nuclear missile has gone missing and it endangers the world, a new terror is making its name through warfare. And a hundred year old military program has been brought back to life to see an end to this problem.

  • The Unturned: STING
    141 1 5

    "Don't you get it, Henry? The 'hostile foreign nation' that hired us was your own government." Henry Cutter is a JTF2 counter terrorist operative who has just failed a mission on his own home turf. Now stranded on Prince Edward Island, he waits for extraction, but none comes. The island is hit with a pandemic like not...

  • Keep Running
    591 135 15

    Zach Gratton was a normal teenage boy, living a normal life. Until his world was turned upside down by a violent terrorist gang. Alone, and traumatized, he heads north, in search of help. But life is a long road, filled with twists and turns. Can he make it out alive? Cover by @StormyTheZebra

  • Regeneration
    27.5K 8.7K 32

    #13 In Action (03/04/2018) . . . Hailey Rivera is plunged into a world of chaos, she is confused and scared until she crosses paths with a handsome and mysterious stranger with an enigmatic past. As they fight to stay alive they uncover dark secrets that were not meant to be uncovered. . . . No one saw what was c...

  • Who Killed Mayra? ✔ {COMPLETED}
    1.7K 318 28

    Highest rank #21 in Mystery/Thriller A Mystery/Thriller from the writer of #1 Science Fiction Gravity Falls ____________ Do give this book a read and play the KILLER GAME. :) _____________ LOVE. BETRAYAL. REVENGE One night. One murder. One murderer. Many suspects. One mystery unfolding others. Mayra cheated on Aron f...

    480K 32.6K 40

    #1 HUMOR | #1 ACTION | ROMANCE ❝Octavia Snow, you're going to have to come with me,❞ the stranger said with an amused look. ❝No thanks, I'm really not a big fan of kidnapping.❞ ❝Sorry Cupcake. You don't have a choice.❞ --- OCTAVIA SNOW is a sassy, sarcastic, and perpetually hungry college student who is kidnapped by...

  • 1956 : The Red Dawn
    102 3 1

    Highest in action : #10 ×-----× The world looks on in horror, as it sets itself on the path to destruction. ×-----× Guns cocking, Engines starting, Bombs exploding, and the unmistakable sound of men screaming for mercy, the world is at war. Hitler's Nazi Regime rolls out, merciless monsters of war upon the unsuspectin...

  • Team SRDS (Stardust)
    1.3K 39 15

    Highest Rank: #32 in Action This is a RWBY Fanfiction Unlike most other Hunter teams which begin their training at the minimum age of 17, Team SRDS was picked up by the headmaster of Beacon Academy, Professor Ozpin, at less than half the minimum age. Why? No one but Ozpin himself knows, and the Team would like nothing...

  • HEROIC: The New Heroes (Season 1)
    1.7K 217 21

    HEROIC SEASON 1 Updates Every Friday... In a world where half of the population is blessed with superpowers and being a superhero is a real job, a black, teenage boy in Westward City (USA) with no powers wants to be a superhero. It's hard to become a hero already because you need to go to a good hero school and Eli ha...

  • a.u.r.a
    1.5K 201 19

    {FIRST DRAFT} Heroes. Nobody believes in them anymore. It's the year 2032, and in New York, the word has no meaning. Merciless gangs armed with deadly weapons run wild in the streets, causing havoc and chaos. A rich company holds dark secrets that hide in every shadow. The city is on its way to becoming corrupted and...

  • Hiding In The Shadows
    139 9 6

    Answers. That's what Hope Brower is searching for. Answers about how her older brother - a former policeman - mysteriously died during work hours. And the only way to find it is to go to the crime scene where the homicide took place. Go to the end of the city - The Edge - which is separated from the rest of the c...

  • Soul Walker: #ONC Finalist
    1K 196 30

    -⚔️Wattpad Official Contest Finalist: Completed ⚗️ Life is not about light or dark. It is messy, it is grey, and it is powerful. A Hero does not have to be an Adonis that glistens in the sun with muscles crafted by the gods. Heroes do not have to save the world on their lunch break, kiss babies, and bed incredible wom...

  • Bullets
    1.4K 90 47

    Parker Hay is the head of an agency named Bullets. They have devoted their lives protecting the public from the terrorist organization The Black Cloaks. For some of them that's exactly what it would cost. Now Part of #WrittenInAtion #870 in #battle #53 in #antihero Cover by: @Buhains on Twitter

  • Stronger [Completed]
    3.5K 256 26

    *Highest rank: #7 in Action* *Featured in The Zone, an @action reading list* || A classic boxing story. || Bronx, New York A girl of 19. Orphan. Alone. Living in the hood. Maybe she can redeem herself once a former boxing legend takes her under his wing. Just maybe. || A Billy Hope FanFiction || *WARNING*: There is a...

  • Magnus Sekai
    117 6 6

    The sphere of creation, a societal and scientific breakthrough that aspired to bring humanity the utopic scenario they've all wished for in centuries. Except it keeps falling into the wrong hands. This is the story of the ones who lived to see earth in its worst state. The myths, legends, heroes and criminals who sha...

    12.3K 876 71

    WATTPAD PICK's: Hot Off The Press - Ex-Navy Seal Alex Parker thinks his service for his country is a thing of the past. Little does he know that the Department of Homeland Security has plans to use him as a top secret weapon in the war on terror. His first mission takes him across the Atlantic Ocean to Marbella, Spain...

  • Fate Project : Collision
    1.5K 55 57

    "A blessing, a gift." "A gift?" I look towards them and smirk, "you mean-" "Gifted with a curse." There two things that matters. Regulars and irregulars. It's one or the other. The cor, the greatest evolution that humanity had achieved, made all the changes. Today, everyone's fate is decided when they reach their Age...

  • IRIDESCENT 💀 [Greek Mythology] 🚩#WATTYS2018
    697 67 21

    Currently #2 in twisted fate category 😊😊😊 WHILE OTHERS BLUSH, THE COLOR OF HER EYES CHANGE. 19-year old Raven Knightly is just another teenage girl trying to live her life, only she has eyes that changes colors according to her inhibitions. When she first saw him, the connection was instant. He was like gra...

  • A Wicked Whisper Came
    2.6K 408 37

    A nameless evil presses upon Oceana's borders, its source unknown. Shadows spread from the south. Foul creatures have appeared in the wilds, some of which were thought to exist only in myth. As a decades-old peace crumbles, two men who knew one another a lifetime ago have a chance meeting that changes everything. Valo...

    742 63 34

    "Red is the ultimate cure for sadness." -William Blass *** Brooklyn Devereaux has endured tragedy after tragedy, rendering her to the mercies of the common citizens of New York. Where she used to be weak, she became strong and tough (sort of) through the painful lessons that life taught her from the age of only ten. ...

  • Bloodshed Island - The Lehezan Chronicles
    545 76 20

    "He used to call me poison; his Venom." ... You've heard her story. You've seen their history. Was two years enough time to prepare Detective Claire Hoskins and her new team? Who will survive and who will not? Will she get her revenge? Find out on their adventures throughout Pala Island, an Island with a dirty secret...

  • Project Purgatory - The Lehezan Chronicles
    543 53 25

    "I could be a hero. I could be a villain. It doesn't really matter. The whole world at my feet, and your life in my hands, my finger on the trigger. I have the power." The doorway to a place he calls Purgatory is made and she is known to have powerful relations with the other side. But can she trust the ones who creat...

  • World In Flames - The Wildfire Trilogy
    1.3K 184 43

    Introductions usually start with the name, but what do you do when you have two of them? Or two identities in general? Chloe Johnson of Earth has always isolated herself from the world around her, apart from her small circle of friends and family. Since she was young, she always had visions of a cabin and a silhouette...

  • Code Red|✔
    167 25 16

    ❝How do you guys feel about jumping on a train?❞ ⁓•⁓ Alexis Storm was only 13 when she got dragged into a conspiracy-theory world by her aunt after her parents died. Now she's 15, and has a lot less things on her bucket list. She's robbed banks, stolen from museums, and even broke into the Hancock Building once. He...

    801 89 25

    oblivion- (n.) the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. ~~~ Supers are all the rage right now in Jacobston, Colorado. Nicknamed the Super Capital of the world, you can't last a day without seeing something super related. But when Maddelena Knight gets thrown into the world of Supers head first...