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  • Flashbang
    902 62 11

    [Currently going through edits] Alastair Lansbury; ex-Royal Marines Commando sniper and ex-SBS. He is a mysterious figure, coming and going where trouble arises. Having been pronounced dead since 2012, Alastair has been a phantom, hard to track and hard to find once he decides to disappear. MI6 finds they need his...

  • Ultimatuum Book I - Dragonlords and Protectors
    1.4K 432 24

    "An urban-fantasy world trapped into impossible romance and innevitable action." #204 in action on 21.08. #338 in action on 14.10. *** SUMMARY ROSE is pretty sure she belongs nowhere. She might come from a long line of secret agents who have sworn to protect humans from the species who abuse their magical abilit...

  • Villianous
    45 6 6

    "You really are villianous, Tara, I should have known," Simon whispered to her, flirting. "Even more so than you know, Simon," she replied, blowing him off. Tara Slupin is your average high school good girl. At least when she's at school. When she leaves, she becomes the supervillian Pauline Prower. But when...

  • Iron Queen | Ongoing
    472 39 6

    Being third in line for the throne, and the only woman among her two siblings, meant that Everilda would never be able to see the view of the kingdom from the seat of the pyrite throne in her lifetime. She was constantly told growing up by her parents and brothers, that women could never be effective leaders. A Queen...

  • A Race Against Death
    527 73 7

    Previously Titled: Mafia's Witness I wanted to turn away but it was too late he pulled the trigger and I witnessed the bullet go straight through his head, splattering blood and ending the man's wailing. His eyes were cold and lifeless, and there was red liquid pouring out from the side of his gaping mouth and his he...

  • Ceaseless Flame
    2.6K 889 21

    He spun around, and growled. Without warning, another stinging and excruciating lash from the whip came into contact with my already raw and bleeding skin. The hiss echoed through the room, and I inhaled sharply through my gritted teeth. You bear the unbearable, and you learn to endure it. "Why? WHY? You have no idea...

  • Expiration Period
    2.9K 387 20

    In a world where Love is Forbidden and Sex is Illegal, Adina (Rihanna) must keep her feelings hidden because loving someone comes with a strong price to pay. And loving two men is deadly. Adina lives in an overly populated world where people can't die. The year is 2205, Earth's Population: 30.2 Billion and deaths th...

  • The Good Die Young
    12.5K 1.1K 13

    Highest rank: #1 in Action You don't grow on the wrong side of town without forgetting what safety feels like. When nineteen year old Sadie Young returns to a ransacked home and a missing father, she takes it up to herself to find him. Alone, armed only with her wits and her take-no-prisoners attitude her trail leads...

  • Heathens
    72 0 30

    The children of Havenbrook are missing and the only people left to turn to are two demon hunters, Dion and Apollo. They've come to help the small rural town and the traumatized citizens within. Their mission is simple, to investigate and put a stop to the recent outbreak of black magic and human sacrifice. But thing...

  • The City Of Symenthia
    146 29 5

    The country of Symenthia is caught up in the crossfire of a war between two altogether different countries. It is left in ruins, the people lost in confusion and passion as they try to make sense and a meal out of the unforgiving situation. Would this country be able to stand on its own feet or would it have to surviv...

  • Invisible Hunter
    50 0 2

    "Let me ask you, are you prepared for the worst of the worst?" He asked with a smirk. "Always" I answer with a hesitant voice. "Good, because here I am." He says in a dark voice. If you ever had the chance to make a change for the good, would you take it? Or would you turn it into something bad? In my case I chose t...

  • Centuries
    143 39 9

    Zed has always had a problem with authority figures and one wrong move against an Anubis Super turns her already messed up world into utter chaos. Opposing forces clash head on when she finally choose to fight for herself in a world that she sees as unjust, where money and power is what makes the filthy world go aroun...

  • Percy Jackson: The Defender of Olympus
    181K 5K 35

    He was betrayed by his own kin. He was shunned away,like a pile of trash. And when he was on the brink of death,Chaos took him in. Now he is the Commander of the Army of Chaos, protector of the universe. And when a certain planet in the Milky Way calls for help, his life is turned inside out. Now he is forced to save...

  • Riddles and Rampage
    1.2K 220 29

    #3rd place under Action/Adventure in the Hidden Gems Award #2nd place under Random in the Eminence Awards Favourite Plot in the Hopeful Awards The golden knight, a summoner of fire and self-proclaimed demon hunter takes the huge responsibility of cleansing the negativities that plague the city of Ravenhide. Join him...

  • Burned by the Past | Slowly Updating
    225 25 7

    "Some people are born with tragedy in their blood" --- Secrets is what holds Aaron's family together. With his mother going awol on him at birth, he is left with his father, a deceiving power hungry mafia leader. Serving at his dad's side he only knew what was right in his father's eyes. He grew up in the streets, bu...

  • CooperBlack Invasion
    137 18 18

    NYC is being destroyed by a raging alien race. This time they are backed up by zombies and crazy terrorists. Time and life is running out. Only one person can save America now: the hombre o' the hills, Cooper Black, the post-American cowboy. If you really wanna read this book, prepare for an awesome invasion to def...

  • Ascension of the Phoenix (Book One)
    19.9K 2.2K 52

    |A Featured story| She is being pulled to her destruction but a part of her needs it. Detective Leila Wells has apprehended every criminal to cross her path, except for one. And when Bryan Foster returns, he devastates her world. To cope, she finds release in street fighting. Successes with her fighting partner grant...

  • Dueling with Snakes (Book Three)
    4.1K 751 49

    If a phoenix's fire is extinguished, it can't burn. Leila Wells couldn't fight against the Phoenix any longer: Bryan Foster had to die - no more would die by his hands. She would return to the Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament with Dragunov by her side to kill him. And if found just as guilty, Amadeus Xande...

  • Walk by the Shadows
    2.5K 246 28

    Macayla wanted to die, only to wake up in the company of Brynjolf, a fellow thief. He recruits her to join Riften's Thieves Guild; even though they've had some trouble, she does. But she could never have imagined why the trouble started and her part in all of it. If you keep to the shadows, you won't be seen.

  • Venus
    182 23 10

    Her name is Venus. She is one of the most feared woman of the underworld. Even criminals fear her. She has everyone sealed in the clutch of her hands, so if you try something she knows how to tear you apart. Being the most powerful woman of the underworld has earned her rivals, who are ready to steal her place, but wi...

  • Inertia Drift
    51 7 4

    Engines drifting...can you feel it? The force that is pushing you forward; the adrenaline that it pumping through your blood; the energy... They need to win...they need to drive...they need to be the best street racer alive... And the tonnes of cops are chasing after Rexor Tyler and K...

  • Anarchy - "The Legends of Xoria" Trilogy - Book I
    1.1K 138 5

    - Book 1 of "The Legends of Xoria" Trilogy - On an island nation that no one's ever heard of, war is brewing. Fast. The inhabitants of Xoria lived a happy, peaceful life on their tiny island for hundreds of years-- until now. An up and coming fascist regime has gained momentum and polarizes the nation into two...

  • That Thing Between You and Me
    20.4K 3.2K 36

    *A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY* ❝There are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out.❞ -Ally Carter •°•°•° When fourteen year old Mallory disappeared, no one knew where she went and why. Now, three years later, old Melly is back. Andrew, an elusive young man, is on his o...

  • The Perfect Summer ✓
    329 45 1

    ❝Can you love a monster? Maybe you can. Maybe, the monster would love you back too. But would that change his nature? Can the kiss of beauty really transform the beast into a prince?❞ What happens when a summer fling goes horribly wrong? When the man you love turns out to be a killer? Read and find out in 'The Perfect...

  • The Protégé
    147 14 3

    {On hold} "The apple tried to cut itself from the tree - and so, it fell. However, no matter what it did, the apple was still not far from the tree." The Rowland family is very well-known for the unique and enviable talents each of the members has. This family has raised generals, detectives, leaders, assassins, strat...

  • Evolve
    414 133 20

    First of all, everyone in this world was not created exactly the same. I for one was made in a lab, not born like everyone else is. I had somehow forgotten who created me and for what purpose, but I am sure about a few things. My designation is EV-01, it is tattooed on my wrist. I go by Eve Primera when a name is need...

  • Hybrid: The Deadhead's Ruler
    997 160 14

    A lethal virus is spreading through a single scratch and bite, turning people into something ferocious and feral. As the epidemic threatens to consume humanity, everything quickly erupts into havoc. Canaryss Trajano, a girl who developed a special ability band together with a group of gangsters on a journey to fight...

  • Running Lies
    422 136 19

    The name's Angelina. A CAA agent on the loose, currently running from the programme. That's just the beginning. Teamed up with 2 super powered people, a hacker, 2 friends and an assassin. Wait, there's more. Something fishy is going on no doubt but the truth... the truth is beyond unbearable. WARNING: NOT SUIT...

  • Tangled Fate [SOON]
    47 1 1

    She was fire; He's a killer. One wants to see the world burn to ashes. The other wants to drown it in blood. She was a ghost; He was the hunter. They are alike but they are not. They were sworn enemies, first by blood second by fate. Both will stop at nothing to get the revenge they desire. One will succeed. The...

  • She's The Heartless Queen
    55.2K 2.7K 43

    Highest Rank: #30 in Action 4 female gangsters played a game called 'find me if you can' to find their suited gang leader in the school named 'Gangster Lair Academy'. What would happened to them inside the foreign school full of delinquents? Specially when their rival also study in the same school. Will they succeed...