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  • Role of the Reaper
    365 44 5

    It's the year 2035 and the world has changed drastically. Overpopulation of humans occur and supplies run low. To try and resolve this issue, the government of Winchester has created a test of life and death where high schoolers must assassinate an assigned subject, otherwise, they will be executed. Fifteen members fa...

    423 40 21

    "Never underestimate desperate people. You never know how far them will go to get what they want." *** Disaster strikes and leaves her homeless. Can she pick up the pieces while being a demanding spy in New York? *** I looked up at him earnestly, seeing all of our experiences and hardships in his eyes. All that it too...

  • Bloodshed Island - The Carnage Chronicles
    204 28 10

    "Familia ante Omnia," He told me with the finishing words of the oath, "Family above all." "Familia ante Omnia." I swore. I was now part of the Family Business, a choice I'd never be able to take back. ~~~~##~~~~ To most, I am known as Detective Claire Hoskins but there's one who calls me Veleno, Italian for venom. It...

  • Project Purgatory - The Carnage Chronicles
    380 37 14

    He was a mad scientist, youngest of four brothers and a sister, eager to finish his experiments and also ran an organization. She was an FBI agent who grew up listening to a different world of another dimension as well as isolating herself from her own world, not trusting a soul. She was the key to finishing his plan...

  • World In Flames - The Wildfire Trilogy
    119 4 4

    If anyone is reading this, my name is Chloe Johnson of Earth but I go by a different name where I am now. I woke up on another world; Kyrazin, a twin of my beloved home planet. I must have fallen through a grave stone... I'm gone from the face of the earth along with my brother, best friend and her boyfriend. The only...

    48 7 10

    ❝How do you guys feel about jumping on a train?❞ ⁓•⁓ Alexis Storm was only 13 when she got dragged into a conspiracy-theory world by her aunt after her parents died. Now she's 15, and has a lot less things on her bucket list. She's robbed banks, stolen from museums, and even broke into the Hancock Building once. He...

    137 16 14

    oblivion- (n.) the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. ~~~ Supers are all the rage right now in Jacobston, Colorado. Nicknamed the Super Capital of the world, you can't last a day without seeing something super related. But when Maddelena Knight gets thrown into the world of Supers head first...

  • The Rejected Ones (Needs MAJOR Editing)
    744 93 32

    She's called Angel She has no memories of her past There are 5 other people that are just like her called Stormy, Crimson, Doll, Lullaby, and Luck They all but one seem to be around her age One of them looks like a child Their boss is called, "Father" and they are his "children" Their organization is called, "The Reje...

  • The Kissers
    61 7 7

    "If kissing someone makes even fantasies come true, then, what would you do?" "Magic happens when two lips meet each other passionately." "One's world can change with just one kiss, that's how powerful a single kiss is." "No one knows the true meaning of a kiss." "A kiss doesn't just give pure bliss, it also throws so...

  • Bachelor King #22: Beginning of Pangs of Distress
    109 77 37

    Book #22 in the Bachelor King series. "The day had finally arrived. The day that prophets and kings had spoken about since the dawn of humanity. And it now, it was finally happening. It finally started. The darkest period of human history had commenced. Humans were going to pay for their arrogance, greed, and their im...

  • The Broken Man (Mason Cain #1)
    63 4 6

    Most of his family killed in a terrorist attack while the rest disown him. Mason Cain is a broken man with a malice thirst for revenge. He tracks the organization responsible known as The Zî Tù to a train in the Kunlun mountains. After a failed attempt to destroy the train he is rescued by the CIA which recruits him i...

  • Flashbang
    1K 69 13

    [Currently going through edits] Alastair Lansbury; ex-Royal Marines Commando sniper and ex-SBS. He is a mysterious figure, coming and going where trouble arises. Having been pronounced dead since 2012, Alastair has been a phantom, hard to track and hard to find once he decides to disappear. MI6 finds they need his...

  • Ultimatuum Book I - Dragonlords and Protectors
    2.1K 556 28

    "An urban-fantasy world trapped into impossible romance and innevitable action." Highest rank #204 in action **** "Heroes and Villains live among us and secretly plan to destroy us! Don't believe the lies people in power have told. When you expect less... they will end our world! Villains are the Heroes' doing. And...

  • Villianous
    46 6 6

    "You really are villianous, Tara, I should have known," Simon whispered to her, flirting. "Even more so than you know, Simon," she replied, blowing him off. Tara Slupin is your average high school good girl. At least when she's at school. When she leaves, she becomes the supervillian Pauline Prower. But when...

  • Iron Queen | On Hold Temporarily
    693 61 6

    Being third in line for the throne, and the only woman among her two siblings, meant that Everilda would never be able to see the view of the kingdom from the seat of the pyrite throne in her lifetime. She was constantly told growing up by her parents and brothers, that women could never be effective leaders. A Queen...

  • A Race Against Death
    729 100 9

    Previously Titled: Mafia's Witness I wanted to turn away but it was too late he pulled the trigger and I witnessed the bullet go straight through his head, splattering blood and ending the man's wailing. His eyes were cold and lifeless, and there was red liquid pouring out from the side of his gaping mouth and his he...

  • Ceaseless Flame | ✓
    3.5K 1.1K 29

    Her parents died on that day. Screaming and horrified, she had ran forward to find their bodies, already rotting and unrecognizable. She had seen their corpse with her own eyes. Even a month after their deaths, she had stayed strong, for her sister, the only family she had left. Her flame was ceaseless. But as it tur...

  • Expiration Period
    3.8K 508 24

    In a world where Love is Forbidden and Sex is Illegal, Adina (Rihanna) must keep her feelings hidden because loving someone comes with a strong price to pay. And loving two men is deadly. Adina lives in an overly populated world where people can't die. The year is 2205, Earth's Population: 30.2 Billion and deaths th...

  • Heathens
    100 0 54

    Apollo and Dion, a dysfunctional rag-tag pair of demon hunters have been sent to investigate the city of Havenbrook and its inhabitants. The mission is simple: to find the cultists responsible for a recent string of murders and to bring them to justice. Even if it takes killing dozens of demons on the way there. But t...

  • The City Of Symenthia
    147 29 5

    The country of Symenthia is caught up in the crossfire of a war between two altogether different countries. It is left in ruins, the people lost in confusion and passion as they try to make sense and a meal out of the unforgiving situation. Would this country be able to stand on its own feet or would it have to surviv...

  • Invisible Hunter
    56 0 2

    "Let me ask you, are you prepared for the worst of the worst?" He asked with a smirk. "Always" I answer with a hesitant voice. "Good, because here I am." He says in a dark voice. If you ever had the chance to make a change for the good, would you take it? Or would you turn it into something bad? In my case I chose t...

  • Centuries
    162 42 9

    Zed has always had a problem with authority figures and one wrong move against an Anubis Super turns her already messed up world into utter chaos. Opposing forces clash head on when she finally choose to fight for herself in a world that she sees as unjust, where money and power is what makes the filthy world go aroun...

  • Percy Jackson: The Defender of Olympus
    189K 5.1K 39

    Highest Rank : #98 in FanFiction. He was betrayed by his own kin. He was shunned away,like a pile of trash. And when he was on the brink of death,Chaos took him in. Now he is the Commander of the Army of Chaos, protector of the universe. And when a certain planet in the Milky Way calls for help, his life is turned in...

  • Riddles and Rampage
    1.2K 230 1

    #3rd place under Action/Adventure in the Hidden Gems Award #2nd place under Random in the Eminence Awards Favourite Plot in the Hopeful Awards The golden knight, a summoner of fire and self-proclaimed demon hunter takes the huge responsibility of cleansing the negativities that plague the city of Ravenhide. Join him...

  • Burned by the Past | Slowly Updating
    263 25 7

    "Some people are born with tragedy in their blood" --- Secrets is what holds Aaron's family together. With his mother going awol on him at birth, he is left with his father, a deceiving power hungry mafia leader. Serving at his dad's side he only knew what was right in his father's eyes. He grew up in the streets, bu...

  • CooperBlack Invasion
    155 35 18

    NYC is being destroyed by a raging alien race. This time they are backed up by zombies and crazy terrorists. Time and life is running out. Only one person can save America now: the hombre o' the hills, Cooper Black, the post-American cowboy. If you really wanna read this book, prepare for an awesome invasion to def...

  • Ascension of the Phoenix (Book One)
    24K 2.6K 52

    |A Featured story| She is being pulled to her destruction but a part of her needs it. Detective Leila Wells has apprehended every criminal to cross her path, except for one. And when Bryan Foster returns, he devastates her world. To cope, she finds release in street fighting. Successes with her fighting partner grant...

  • Dueling with Snakes (Book Three)
    5.4K 1K 49

    If a phoenix's fire is extinguished, it can't burn. Leila Wells couldn't fight against the Phoenix any longer: Bryan Foster had to die - no more would die by his hands. She would return to the Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament with Dragunov by her side to kill him. And if found just as guilty, Amadeus Xande...

  • Walk by the Shadows
    2.8K 279 28

    Macayla wanted to die, only to wake up in the company of Brynjolf, a fellow thief. He recruits her to join Riften's Thieves Guild; even though they've had some trouble, she does. But she could never have imagined why the trouble started and her part in all of it. If you keep to the shadows, you won't be seen.