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  • ||𝔸.𝕌.ℝ.𝔸||
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    "Something is coming Ashley," Ben said gravely. "Something so big and terrifying that I doubt anyone will survive it. It's something much more dangerous than anything you can imagine." "Something that will destroy New York, and ultimately," Ben took a deep breath as he continued. "The rest of the world." "So what do...

  • Hiding In The Shadows
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    Answers. That's what Hope Brower is searching for. Answers about how her older brother - a former policeman - mysteriously died during work hours. And the only way to find it is to go the crime scene where the homicide took place, to go to the end of the city - The Edge - which is separated from the rest of the city...

  • Berserk
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    The people of the small town of Milborough unknowingly become the test subjects for a drug that cures various ailments at the cost of ones humanity. Users eventually begin to develop varying degrees of insanity, accompanied by unpredictable and animalistic mutations. Some lose their minds completely, while others stru...

  • Soul Walker: #ONC Finalist
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    -⚔️Wattpad Official Contest Finalist: #314 in Paranormal⚗️ the Elementalist does not want the world to end. For, It is the world that gives him his power. He works from the shadows. He does not have dramatic soliloquies or countdown clocks. No, he lies in the shadows and manipulates the strings of the world in silence...

  • Bullets
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    Parker Hay is the head of an agency named Bullets. They have devoted their lives protecting the public from the terrorist organization The Black Cloaks. For some of them that's exactly what it would cost. Now Part of #WrittenInAtion Cover by: @Buhains on Twitter

  • Stronger [Completed]
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    *Highest rank: #7 in Action* *Featured in The Zone, an @action reading list* || A classic boxing story. || Bronx, New York A girl of 19. Orphan. Alone. Living in the hood. Maybe she can redeem herself once a former boxing legend takes her under his wing. Just maybe. || A Billy Hope FanFiction || *WARNING*: There is a...

  • Magnus Sekai
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    Earth is living a dystopia. Once humans discovered the might of the sphere that could reshape reality; greed took its way and caused chaos amongst the land. Said sphere gave birth to these new superhumans, species that has turned living into survival, as nations reorganize themselves to create a new paradise to prote...

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    WEEKLY UPDATES (Sunday Evenings) Ex-Navy Seal Alex Parker thinks his service for his country is a thing of the past. Little does he know that the Department of Homeland Security has plans to use him as a top secret weapon in the war on terror. His first mission takes him across the Atlantic Ocean to Marbella, Spain to...

  • Fate Project : Collision
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    "A blessing, a gift." "A gift?" I look towards them and smirk, "you mean-" "Gifted with a curse." There two things that matters. Regulars and irregulars. It's one or the other. The cor, the greatest evolution that humanity had achieved, made all the changes. Today, everyone's fate is decided when they reach their Age...

  • IRIDESCENT 💀 [Greek Mythology]
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    WHILE OTHERS BLUSH, THE COLOR OF HER EYES CHANGE. 19-year old Raven Knightly is just another teenage girl trying to live her life, only she has eyes that changes colors according to her inhibitions. She belong to a raise called 'Iridescent', they are the descendant of Eris, goddess of strife. When she first saw...

  • Gold Souls
    425 63 14

    "You've already sold your soul to the devil, you just don't know it yet." Highest Rank #463 in Science Fiction For ages, the Earth has lived together as one nation; Borders and passports are a thing of the ancient past. People are born together, work together, and die together under the One Flag of Earth. From a youn...

  • A Wicked Whisper Came
    1.3K 241 32

    A nameless evil presses upon Oceana's borders, its source unknown. Shadows spread from the south. Foul creatures have appeared in the wilds, some of which were thought to exist only in myth. As a decades-old peace crumbles, two men who knew one another a lifetime ago have a chance meeting that changes everything. Valo...

    700 63 33

    "Red is the ultimate cure for sadness." -William Blass *** Brooklyn Devereaux has endured tragedy after tragedy, rendering her to the mercies of the common citizens of New York. Where she used to be weak, she became strong and tough (sort of) through the painful lessons that life taught her from the age of only ten. ...

  • Bloodshed Island - The Carnage Chronicles
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    "What are you doing?" Nathaniel asked in a low voice. "Ending this once and for all," I mumbled as he let go of my wrist. Right after he did, I took a step back and took my gun out and aimed it at him. "I'm ending you. Something I should have done two years ago." ... You've heard her story. You've seen their history...

  • Project Purgatory - The Carnage Chronicles
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    The doorway to a place he calls Purgatory is made and she is known to have relations with the other side. But can she trust the ones who created it and kidnapped her? And will she be able to cooperate with her new founded team consisting of the Altered? ------- ||UNDER EXTREME EDIT AND ON HOLD|| This book is part of T...

  • World In Flames - The Wildfire Trilogy
    216 17 9

    When the sword strikes... When Royals are annihilated... And when the crown falls... And the knight screams mercy; A drop of blood will be shed. And the words will be said. The fire will ignite. And she will rise. The prince isn't the only one after her, her friends, and her family. Seventeen-year-old Chloe Jo...

  • Code Red|✔
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    ❝How do you guys feel about jumping on a train?❞ ⁓•⁓ Alexis Storm was only 13 when she got dragged into a conspiracy-theory world by her aunt after her parents died. Now she's 15, and has a lot less things on her bucket list. She's robbed banks, stolen from museums, and even broke into the Hancock Building once. He...

    456 43 24

    oblivion- (n.) the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. ~~~ Supers are all the rage right now in Jacobston, Colorado. Nicknamed the Super Capital of the world, you can't last a day without seeing something super related. But when Maddelena Knight gets thrown into the world of Supers head first...

  • The Rejected Ones (Needs MAJOR Editing)
    1.3K 215 50

    She's called Angel She has no memories of her past There are 5 other people that are just like her called Stormy, Crimson, Doll, Lullaby, and Luck They all but one seem to be around her age One of them looks like a child Their boss is called, "Father" and they are his "children" Their organization is called, "The Reje...

  • Bachelor King #22: Beginning of Pangs of Distress
    214 91 44

    Book #22 in the Bachelor King series. "The day had finally arrived. The day that prophets and kings had spoken about since the dawn of humanity. And it now, it was finally happening. It finally started. The darkest period of human history had commenced. Humans were going to pay for their arrogance, greed, and their im...

  • Flashbang
    1.2K 70 13

    [Currently going through edits] Alastair Lansbury; ex-Royal Marines Commando sniper and ex-SBS. He is a mysterious figure, coming and going where trouble arises. Having been pronounced dead since 2012, Alastair has been a phantom, hard to track and hard to find once he decides to disappear. MI6 finds they need his...

  • Ultimatuum Book I - Signs of Magic
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    "Heroes and Villains live among us and secretly plan to destroy us! Don't believe the lies people in power have told. When you expect less... they will end our world! Villains are the Heroes' doing. And Heroes are a mistake. You have been warned." ~concerned citizen *** SUMMARY*** ROSE is pretty sure she be...

  • Villianous
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    "You really are villianous, Tara, I should have known," Simon whispered to her, flirting. "Even more so than you know, Simon," she replied, blowing him off. Tara Slupin is your average high school good girl. At least when she's at school. When she leaves, she becomes the supervillian Pauline Prower. But when...

  • Iron Queen | Ongoing
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    Being third in line for the throne, and the only woman among her two siblings, meant that Everilda would never be able to see the view of the kingdom from the seat of the pyrite throne in her lifetime. She was constantly told growing up by her parents and brothers, that women could never be effective leaders. A Queen...

  • A Race Against Death
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    Previously Titled: Mafia's Witness I wanted to turn away but it was too late he pulled the trigger and I witnessed the bullet go straight through his head, splattering blood and ending the man's wailing. His eyes were cold and lifeless, and there was red liquid pouring out from the side of his gaping mouth and his he...

  • Ceaseless Flame | ✓
    4K 1.2K 29

    Her parents died on that day. Screaming and horrified, she had ran forward to find their bodies, which were already rotting and unrecognizable. She had seen their corpse with her own eyes. Even a month after their deaths, she stayed strong for her sister, for the only family she had left. Her flame was ceaseless. But...

  • Heathens
    279 15 84

    Apollo and Dion, a dysfunctional rag-tag pair of demon hunters have been sent to investigate the city of Havenbrook and its inhabitants. The mission is simple: to find the cultists responsible for a recent string of murders and to bring them to justice. Even if it takes killing dozens of demons on the way there. But t...

  • The City Of Symenthia
    150 29 5

    The country of Symenthia is caught up in the crossfire of a war between two altogether different countries. It is left in ruins, the people lost in confusion and passion as they try to make sense and a meal out of the unforgiving situation. Would this country be able to stand on its own feet or would it have to surviv...

  • Invisible Hunter
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    "Let me ask you, are you prepared for the worst of the worst?" He asked with a smirk. "Always" I answer with a hesitant voice. "Good, because here I am." He says in a dark voice. If you ever had the chance to make a change for the good, would you take it? Or would you turn it into something bad? In my case I chose t...

  • Centuries(On Hold)
    206 42 9

    Zed has always had a problem with authority figures and one wrong move against an Anubis Super turns her already messed up world into utter chaos. Opposing forces clash head on when she finally choose to fight for herself in a world that she sees as unjust, where money and power is what makes the filthy world go aroun...