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  • Wrong Guy
    742 37 13

    "Well I'm sure we can do a lot of fun things together." he wiggles his eyebrows like he tried to make it worse but I'm already trying not to choke on my water. "You are a bad influence on me." I say to him as if I'm corruptible. "Only if you let me be." he points out. Kira has nothing tying her to where she grew up...

    2.4M 108K 33

    "Nice car. This yours?" "Huh? Oh um... yES. Y-yes, this is my... Car..." I announce the words awkwardly, leaning against the hood to better sell the lie. "I see." The ridiculously handsome man plants a hand in his pocket and draws out a set of car keys, pressing the button so that the car under me flashes its purple h...

  • She Belongs To The King | ✓
    34.1M 1M 47

    "She's hot." "Yeah, I know. I'm kinda jealous..." "I'm gonna ask her out." "Are you crazy? You're asking for a death wish." "What's so wrong with me asking her out?" "Everything! You just can't." "Why!?" "Because she belongs to the king." - Mia White was just an ordinary girl that walked the face of earth. She was who...

  • Amnesia [Book One]
    36.5K 2.6K 27

    "I've always been curious about that. When you're on stage in front of thousands of people that adore you, do you ever look at those people and wonder? Wonder about who they are? Do you think about their names, their ages? What their place is in their family, or if they even have a family? Are they children, do they h...

  • Yakuza | K.TH ✅
    4.7M 232K 54

    Winner at @thefictionawards 2020! Rule 1: Don't piss off a Yakuza. You can easily identify them as only Yakuzas have tattoos covering their bodies. Rule 2: If a Yakuza claims you as his, you are his. Don't fight or argue against it. They do not accept rejection. Rule 3: Do whatever a Yakuza orders you to do and unl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wingman
    2.3M 132K 38

    «Kim Taehyung helps your boyfriend cheat» au «"You shouldn't be with him!" Taehyung says, chest heaving from screams. "Then who should I be with?" You ask. With a soft breath and painful smile, he says, "Me. You should be with me."» «He helps the man get the girl, not himself. He wipes away the girl's tears once the...

  • Take Me to the Sky | BTS+
    163K 11.4K 82

    She finally learns why they call it falling. It'll take Shae, Ava and the Era crew discovering their true friends and foes in order to fly again--and to survive the murderers in their space world midst. | All-BTS Fantasy AU | "Fam. This ain't your mama's bulgogi." -@_CallMeQueenV "I am in love with your writing and th...

    9.6M 251K 96

    You're bonded to him... at least until he's done with you BTS Taehyung x Reader (Mature content and themes)

  • You're not my bias: Jeon Jungkook x reader
    1.4M 52.9K 55

    [Complete] "So I'm not your bias?" When you land a job as a staff for BigHit, it's a dream come true, but things go downhill when one of your crushes reveals he's dating. Worse still, you rubbed Jungkook the wrong way the first thing you do. "I can already see one of the maknaes' news breaking next that they're da...

  • Busan || jjk
    127K 5.5K 26

    "Home is where the heart is." But for her Busan is midnight hair and doe eyes. Busan is Jeon Jeongguk. Her home. . . . . bestfriend!jungkook, idol!jungkook, idol!bts, friends to lovers au.

  • starstruck || jeon jungkook
    25.4K 891 12

    Beneath all the fame, expensive clothes, and perfected smiles, they were still human, and still had insecurities and imperfections. [mature content and themes] ____________________________ Kim Jaeseo has always been good at ignoring her problems, but what happens when they threaten to destroy everything she's put her...

  • Bad For You | Jungkook (Stripper Series #1) ✓
    216K 6.9K 12

    His whole presence emits sin and danger, and you are not supposed to be attracted to him on the first glance. Genre: Stripper au, bachelorette au, angst, smut Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x reader ➽ Warning | involving infidelity, male stripper, striptease, oral sex, explicit sex scene, usage of dirty language, mentions...

    Completed   Mature
  • Play With Me | myg
    8.7M 309K 42

    In which a girl accidentally sends nudes to the hottest boy in school - Min Yoongi cover done by the amazing @taemptaejeon 💕

    Completed   Mature
  • adult
    427K 15.3K 32

    ❝what tastes good in busan?❞ © balgeum for jungkook. featuring jimin.

  • Twitter Gays ➳ [taekook]
    6.1M 312K 61

    [COMPLETED] In which Jungkook runs a Twitter stan account and stumbles upon Taehyung: a flirty, not-so-straight fuckboy. top!taehyung bottom!jungkook *Texting format with writing in some chapters!*

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Maze
    3.5M 197K 71

    A risky game of chance throws a broke college student into the arms of his billionaire bad boy boss. But can a relationship built on secrets and lust ever become something more? ***** Nolan Kim and Jung Jae-In live completely different lives. While N...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lustful Desires | JJK [18+]
    500K 15K 36

    - Love is full of bullshit. When you wake up one day and decided not to feel that kind of crap anymore. Why do love when you can just fuck? WARNING : THIS STORY CONTAINS SMUT [HIGHEST RANKING #7 IN JUNGKOOK FF AND #2 IN RATED]

    Completed   Mature
  • 4.6 | Dark Ages ✓
    605K 53.8K 71

    Taehyung wakes up in the Dark Ages. Trapped in a town filled with the undead and haunted by dreams of a girl, he must set forth on a journey through time to find her and save the world before it ends. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 by Noelle N.

  • FATE // vminkook
    6M 334K 134

    Taehyung gets abused. Jungkook is poor. Jimin is rich. Fate brings them together, and they seem to find comfort in each other.

    Completed   Mature
  • Texting Tae. || Text 1 || ✔
    3.6M 158K 43

    You are texting a fuck boy who you have no idea of his true identity. will contain adult language © chimchimicorn

  • Silk Sheets | Jimin
    4.9M 160K 64

    "You bought me for a night, you don't own me." "Then why did you scream my name like I was yours?" Silk Sheets -a novel about a girl who sees herself only as worthy as the pleasure she can give someone else- p.j.m. Sugar Daddy a.u. by @callmebyyourname97 The story is actually only 49 parts the rest is extra chapters...

    Completed   Mature
  • Indigo // BTS Mafia AU
    3.7M 164K 61

    "Why do they call you Indigo?" "It's the last color they see before they die." Cover by @hoseqx Some rankings: #13 Fanfiction #14 BTS #1 Yoongi #67 Taehyung #2 Jungkook #1 Namjoon #4 btsfanfiction

  • every breath you take | jjk (m.)
    25.5K 738 3

    everything was going great when you first met jeon jungkook. he was a new light in your life with soft smiles and tinkling laughs; but then you noticed a lurking presence that seemed to follow you wherever you went. jungkook/reader - stalker au warnings: explicit sexual content, abusive/unhealthy relationships, stalki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moonchild ∞ pjm
    6.5K 466 20

    they are made of stardust and come from the sky only the gods know why

  • Epiphany - Namjoon au
    8.8K 507 32

    pictures can't capture everything. especially when you're young, too much happens in a blink of an eye to be captured by a press of a button. Namjoon x Girl au

  • Sinners
    2.1M 101K 40

    Desecrating the purest of hearts. They toy with women to watch them squirm, pollinate the seeds of despair, to satiate their Seven Deadly Sins. -Ellen Hopkins

  • groupie / vk.
    678K 36.6K 27

    in which Jeongguk gets to know his favorite idol a little better than he ever imagined. "T-Tae-" he moaned as the older one placed another hickey on his neck. "Baby be quiet or do you want the fans to hear and ruin my image?" Top!Taehyung Bottom!Jungkook ♡cover by @peachkoo♡ ► no translations 💫051018 - 160319 ; ©fair...

  • tempting || kth
    21.6K 1K 9

    You are an angel and a good one at that. You steer clear of the seven deadly sins, especially lust. One day you are performing your duties when you run into a demon. Luckily for you, that demon, Taehyung, doesn't seem to buy into that whole "Angels and Demons are sworn enemies" idea. But unluckily for you, Taehyung ju...