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  • Captorvating Mituna x Reader
    18.3K 604 19

    Mituna was out skating one day when he met (Y/N). It wasn't long before the two picked up skating together. But little did (Y/N) know the bee boy they had befriended would soon become their matesprit.

  • The Soul Within Us (Sans X Reader)
    68.4K 2.1K 28

    (Sans x Reader Slow burn. Cover drawn by me :D) They made it to the surface. Again. But how long will it last? Frisk made a promise.... But how long will they keep it? Sans is unsure, and anxious; depressed. A smile with sad eyes as usual. Then he meets y o u. Heh.. Did you really think you would change anything...

  • South Park x Reader
    1M 11.2K 28

    Reader x Various. To anyone who wants to read my one shots but are unable to access it, please go to my Quotev account and read them there since Wattpad is a jerk. Near a small little mountain there is a town known as South Park, where all sorts of strange things happen. There, a young girl begins her journey of mak...

  • Bittersweet (Honey X Reader)
    176K 5.6K 46

    [CANCELLED] "I used to care about cake and cute things more than my brother..." He looks up, his facial expression serious, with a light tint of red across his cheeks. "And then I met you." ~ The Host Club mattered to [B/F/N], not [Y/N]. Boys weren't needed in her future plan- where she was going, she needed an educat...