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    4.4K 65 1

    The preppy kid from uptown named Stiles goes on a trip to downtown to find a auto mechanic named Derek whose known for being the best in over 100 miles around. What will happen when this jock and cheerleader whose sassy and sarcastic attitude meets up withe the brooding and sexy werewolf from the wrong side of the t...

  • What Pain It May Bring
    14.7K 433 11

    Every month ...twice a month ...for the six months they have been dating.... Derek pushes Stiles away....telling him to leave.... not come back....he wants him safe... he loves Stiles more than anything...but his safety always burns in his mind... and how many more times can Derek push him away till he doesn't come ba...

  • Shelter [Sterek] BoyxBoy
    183K 6.8K 12

    ✓ {completed} [Sequel to Face Down] After the major drama that occurred three months ago, Stiles is determined to have a fresh new start. But not without Derek Hale. But that is going to prove difficult when the sourwolf avoids him.

  • Give Your Heart a Break [Sterek]
    42.7K 1.4K 16

    In which Stiles is a seer and gets prophets, information or future events while he's sleep, through his dreams. The pack needs him, but so does Derek.

  • Brute
    109K 3.4K 12

    When Stiles trespasses on Hale land to collect rare herbs, he is attacked by the Alpha who doesn’t take kindly to intruders. Before Stiles knows it, he’s been thrown over the man’s shoulder and taken as the mate of the Alpha. But Stiles soon discovers that Derek is not only an Alpha but first and foremost a brute.

    Completed   Mature
  • Gone to Blazes [Sterek]
    2.5K 67 1

    (You're eight years old and your first kiss is with a demon who is going to come for your soul in ten years.) or, you can't run, you can't hide, the hounds are going to eat you alive.

  • Things We Never Saw Coming
    114K 5.3K 25

    [FINISHED] There's nothing more fun than making Derek Hale uncomfortable. Just ask Stiles, a bartender at the strip club The Onyx. Though coarse and grim to everyone else, something about Stiles just makes Derek squirm. Meanwhile, a series of murders have occurred throughout Beacon Hills. All the victims are somehow c...

  • Just For Sex (Sterek/boyXboy)
    180K 3K 19

    (may 29, 2015: this story is currently being fixed because it has suckish 12 year old grammar errors.) (January 15, 2017: once again updating. I'm lazy asf) WARNING THIS STORY IS VERY SMUTTY! Stiles was a bit strange to others in his school. Always being teased and having to be protected by his best friend, Scott. ...

  • Stuck In The Shadows (Teen Wolf- Sterek)
    63.9K 2.1K 12

    Stiles Stilinski has had a bad year. His best friend, Scott McCall, turned into a werewolf, finding dead bodies in the woods, a rude jock, Jackson Whittemore, turning into a reptilian thing called a Kanima that killed a lot of people, not being over the death of his mother, and the list goes on. But one thing he was n...

  • Things Could Be a Hale of a lot Worse (STEREK)
    2.1K 44 3

    This is a STEREK fiction story

  • Stiles' Inner Demon[Sterek Fanfic]
    30.5K 1.2K 10

    “I watched you for nights and all you and that voice talked about was you loving me,” Derek said. “Why are you in love with me? I’m overbearing, hurtful, angry all the time . . . what attracts you to me? The better we find what it is, the faster I can change it.”

    Completed   Mature
  • Sunshine (Sterek) (boyxboy)
    8K 170 1

    Married AU. Absolutely beautiful. From

  • Sour wolf and Sarcasm (Sterek)
    34.7K 688 14

    A Sterek fanfiction based in season 3 with the alphas, and romance between Stiles and derek. The alphas are not only powerful, but sly and cunning. When they play mind games, battles will arise, but the one you love gets in the way... (boyxboy)

  • Alpha. Beta. Bitch.
    12.9K 242 1

    Fandom: Teen Wolf Pairing: Stiles/Derek (Sterek) Rating: Mature (some non-descriptive sex scenes and violence) Summary: Stiles has been with Derek for a while now, but things aren't exactly a dream come true. [FINISHED]

  • Face Down [Sterek]
    315K 11.4K 9

    ✓ {completed} Stiles is stuck in an abusive relationship and seeks a savior. Can a certain brooding werewolf be the one that saves him? [series]

  • Falling-sterek (BoyxBoy)
    89.7K 3.6K 14

    Stiles is Scotts companion, friend and loyal helper. One day, after Stiles completes a detention, Derek asks for Stiles's help. This romantic thriller is sure to feed your teen wolf fan fiction addiction. A good story, with short and easy to read chapters! Finally, a Sterek fanfiction where Stiles has backbone!

  • Falling | Sterek
    7K 117 1

    Enjoy. Because I did ;)

  • Summer Fever.
    5.3K 192 3

    Stiles is forced to take a trip with the pack to Lydia's beach house for the week. His shred of excitement disintegrates when he realizes that Jackson has decided to make him his personal punching bag, and that the person he dislikes the most...decides to tag along. new love and new enemies are discovered. but the que...

  • Practice Makes Perfect
    10.4K 204 1

    Sterek One-Shot (Stiles/Derek) One shot between Stiles and Derek from teen wolf. In which Derek confronts Stiles about what happened to him at the car repair shop(S02E04). These charcters arent mine, i just wrote this fan fic. Contains some boyxboy action.

  • As Long As It Takes [A Sterek Fanfiction]
    4.2K 88 1

    Derek has done something terrible. Stiles tries to comfort him. (Takes place shortly after the events of 3x07 so if you haven't seen it, then DO NOT read this.)

  • Open To Me
    96.4K 2.7K 10

    What a sexy body he possessed and I wanted it to be mine. After all this time and now I was finally noticing. I wanted to kick myself for being so stupid and oblivous. He would be mine even if the only obsticle was me and if someone or something tried to take him from me, well that would be the end of them.

  • Open Wounds (Sterek) (OLD VERSION)
    18.4K 772 24

    CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN AND UPLOADED SEPARATELY. Stiles Stilinski is forced to return to Beacon Hills when his father is injured on the job. Soon after his arrival, he discovers that his relationships are more fractured than he'd thought. And after one of his friends disappears, he uncovers a darker secret that thr...

  • For His Protection [A Sterek Fanfiction]
    36.6K 919 4

    The alpha pack is brutally murdering people in Beacon Hills, namely virgins. Stiles worries he might be next. Derek offers to help him out.

    Completed   Mature