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  • Where Reality Ends
    647 32 11

    A ribbon of energy in space, in which time doesn't seem to pass. James T. Kirk, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-A, disappears into this phenomenon during the christening of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B. Captain Spock, following his death in the alternate timeline he entered after being lost in a blac...

  • Why Wattpad Drives Me Crazy - Part II
    43.6K 5.4K 65

    (lord knows why I still love it). ©genie_us :: Unedited, unfiltered, and damn filthy. This is the second book of Why Wattpad Drives Me Crazy. If you haven't read the first then maybe you should read the first :)

  • Transformers Fanfiction Writing Guide
    5.6K 271 16

    This is for all who seek guide in writing a good Transformers Fanfiction. This guide is also for everyone who wants to start a fanfiction, along with some ranting. Warning: I am still learning how to reach my ultimate writing level, and for that this guide is also to help me. And yes, I am still an amateur. I do not...

  • Stuck {A Transformers Bayverse Fanfiction}
    6.1K 230 8

    When Max gets lost in the woods during a storm, she finds herself zapped to the world of Transformers. Nothing is familiar at the least and she feels awkward around everyone. Will N.E.S.T. treat her as one of their own? Disclaimer: I DONT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT THE STORY AND MY OC, EVEN THOUGH I WISH I DID SOMETIMES

  • The Gallifreyan Bloodline
    1.3K 131 30

    Foreman feels alone in the universe - he was snatched out of Gallifrey more years ago than he cared to count, his family ended up slipping through his fingers, he has no true friends. But it all it takes is a man with a blue box and the promise of adventure and family to change everything. SEQUEL TO THE OTHER DEFINITI...

  • Wattpad's Finest
    7.1K 294 3

    The very BEST Private Exchanges I have had with some of the finest young minds on Wattpad. No really. Check your brains at the door, ladies and gentlemen, and just sit back, relax, and drop your IQs by several hundred points. Have Fun!

  • Why Wattpad Drives Me Crazy | ✔️
    1.9M 75.5K 144

    (and yet, I still love it). ©genie_us :: Unedited, unfiltered, and damn filthy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Cracking the Wattpad Code: Insider Secrets the Pros don't want you to know!
    633K 30.7K 26

    Warning: This book WILL make you successful on Wattpad! Are you an unknown author wanting to gain success on Wattpad? Tried everything and you're still unnoticed? Hi, I'm Mike Limjoco and I've done it all on Wattpad. I have hit a million reads on two of my books, and I've made it to the first page of the Hot List in f...

  • Transformers Prime: Not Quite Fiction
    3K 202 8

    I've seen a few people do this, so it's not my original idea (aka @TFALokiwriter) but they write a story where their fandom is real and mostly, utterly random, and me, being the bored and anti social potato that I am, decided to do one myself. It's going to be completely Transformers Prime, though, but I may include p...